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Egg Fast Cooking Utensils, Tools and Gadgets That Will Make Your Heart Sing!

Egg Cooking Utensils

Egg Cooking Utensils, Tools and Gadgets for the Egg Fast!

One of the things that make my heart flutter is kitchen gadgets!  So of course if I’m going to do the egg fast, then I want egg cooking utensils!

I have lost a great deal of weight by doing keto with egg fasts sprinkled in as needed to break my plateaus.  If you haven’t already, you can read about my Egg Fast results right here.

Here are my favorite egg cookers and poachers and gadgets and gizmos!

Any of these would make not only a great tool for doing the egg fast, they are also quite useful for so many low carb and keto recipes.

Share this post with your significant other so they know what to buy you for Christmas!  Lots of gift ideas for low carbers!

Ok, let’s round up these great tools for success on the Egg Fast! Find out why you want them and where to buy!

  1. A good blender. This is a staple item for any low carber.  For the Egg Fast, you need this to make your Egg Fast version of Bullet Proof Coffees and Egg Fast shakes.

 2. Measuring spoons. This should really be a no brainer for any kitchen.  Really it should.  But I can’t tell you how many times I get the question about how to measure the fat.  It’s 1 tablespoon per egg. Read the rules here.

3. Mini waffle maker. Waffles on the Egg Fast you say!?  Oh yes, here’s the recipe!

4. Muffin top pan for Oopsie rolls. Some people call them cloud bread.  If you wonder how people get them to look so pretty in their pictures, this pan is the secret. For the Egg Fast, think fried egg sandwiches.  Yummy!

5. Electric Egg Cookers and Poachers. I cannot live without my Dash Egg Cooker!  Perfect eggs the way I like them every single time.  Mine is black, they now come in red, aqua and white.

Silicone muffin pans. I have quite an assortment of silicon bakeware by now.  My muffin pans get used a LOT.  Egg Fast muffins are a staple and you can add other ingredients to them when doing regular Keto.

Silicon egg rings and molds. These are round and you can also get some other very creative shapes!  These make the perfect round eggs to put inside your perfect Oopsie rolls to make perfect fried egg sammies.

Mini loaf pans. These are perfect for making mini muffins.  Also, the Egg Fast lemon bars look amazingly pretty in these!  You also use them for other Keto recipes and fat bombs.

A good non stick frying pan. Whether you like your eggs fried, scrambled or an omelet, this is the perfect pan!

If I have forgotten to mention one of YOUR favorite egg cooking utensils, leave me a comment so I can include it.  I’m always open to trying something new and I can never have too many gadgets in my kitchen!

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