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Resources for Keto and Low Carb Dieters

Resources for Keto and low carb dieters

Resources for Keto and Low Carb Dieters

I get so many emails from people asking me various questions about where can they get this item or that food. I thought I would make a nice easy list for you all!

And please don’t take this a sign that I don’t want you to email me anymore, I do! 

I love hearing from the people who visit my blog! You just keep right on telling me how you are doing and what you need!

These resources are in no particular order, just as I think about them!

Best Way to Measure Ketones and Ketosis on Keto?

Yes, you can buy the Keto sticks that you pee on and if that’s what you can afford, it’s better than nothing. Just don’t put a lot of weight in the results because all they measure is excess ketones in your urine and no, dark is not better!

If you want accurate results and plan to be keto for the long haul, get the Keto Mojo kit.

It is accurate, FDA approved and comes with everything you need.

Keto Mojo KitKeto Mojo KitKeto Mojo Kit

What are the Best Sweeteners for Keto? 

So I fully admit that my pantry has quite a wide variety of various sweeteners! It’s just that I prefer different sweeteners for different uses! 

So here’s what I use for sweeteners most often and when:

Keto 90 Day Tracking Journal

We created this 90 day tracking journal for you! 

You can track weight, measurements, food, macros, exercise, moods, the whole thing!

I’ve got 8×10 size for lots of room to write, or 6×9 size for those who like to carry it around in their purses. 

90 Day Keto Tracker (8x10)90 Day Keto Tracker (8×10)90 Day Keto Tracker (8x10)90 Day Keto Tracker (8x10)90 Day Keto Tracker (8×10)90 Day Keto Tracker (8x10)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 - purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 – purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 - purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 - purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 – purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 - purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 - purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 – purse sized)90 Day Keto Tracker (6 x 9 - purse sized)


Bacon Lover's Keto 90 Day Planner (8x10)Bacon Lover’s Keto 90 Day Planner (8×10)Bacon Lover's Keto 90 Day Planner (8x10)


Or try a custom Keto plan based on YOUR stats (age/weight/activity) and YOUR food preferences. It’s not free but reasonably priced. Try this Custom Keto plan here.

My favorite Kitchen tools for Keto recipes

This pan is what you call a muffin top pan. I have never made muffin tops in it but it is hands down my favorite baking pan for Keto recipes! It can be used for Cloud bread, Keto egg puffs, mini pizzas and many more yummy things!

Muffin Top PanMuffin Top PanMuffin Top Pan


 This is the little mini waffle maker that everyone loves! It is a must have both for Keto Waffles and now those Keto Chaffles that are all the rage!

I LOVE mine and use it all the time, I even bought one for the office! Apparently you can sometimes get them super cheap from Walmart or places like TJ Maxx. Because of where I live, I get everything online, here is the link for the waffle maker.

My favorite waffle makerMy favorite waffle makerMy favorite waffle maker


You can try my other favorite kitchen tools for low carb and keto here.

Must have items for Doing Keto!

Looking for MCT Powders and other Keto supplements? Perfect Keto is my recommendation for that. I love the chocolate ketone base in my coffee! They have some great starter kits and bundles with cool savings! Check those bundles out here.


Miscellaneous things I love

Bone Broth from Kettle & Fire

True Lemon Packets. These have ended up in many of my recipes for good reason. True Lemon is 100% crystallized lemon and has no carbs or sweeteners or other ingredients. You do have to be careful which ones you buy because they also have a drink mix that has carbs in it. This is the True Lemon that you want.

True LemonTrue LemonTrue Lemon


Those cool variety boxes you can order to try things out:  Keto Subscription boxes!

My favorite keto cookbook deal: These cookbooks have Keto recipes with only 5 net carbs, 5 ingredients and 5 steps! Genius! Keto in Five book bundle

Getting Your Keto stuff from Amazon cheaper and faster!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trialresources for keto and low carb dieters

Amazon Coupons all in one place! There are over 3000 coupons just in the Grocery category alone! Here is the Amazon Coupon page.  Happy Savings!

More is Coming soon, I promise!

I will add to this as things come up! In the meantime, if you have a ‘Where can I get’ or a ‘What do you recommend’ questions, please leave me a comment or send me an email at anita at ketogenicwoman.com and I will see if I can help!

resources for keto and low carb dieters

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