Get Into Ketosis Fast with Coconut Oil on the Ketogenic Diet

A cup of coffee, with Coconut oilGet Into Ketosis with Coconut Oil on the Ketogenic Diet

One of my favorite discoveries when I went Keto was coconut oil!

Not only does it help us keep our fat ratio high enough for nutritional ketosis, it also has some pretty amazing health benefits.

I first became aware of coconut oil when I heard about ketones and their benefits for Alzheimers patients. My Mom is living with Alzheimers so of course this interested me.

From everything I’ve studied, I don’t believe that coconut oil is a cure for this horrible disease, but I do think it is very healthy and we should incorporate it into our keto plan of eating.

What are the benefits of Coconut Oil on the Ketogenic Diet?

  • Healthy hair and skin
  • stress relief
  • raises HDL cholesterol (the good kind)
  • helps weight loss
  • boosts immune system
  • regulates metabolism

If you would like to read the whole explanation of the above, I got the information here from Organic Facts.

How to Use Coconut Oil on the Keto Diet

So, the question is, how do we use coconut oil on a practical daily basis?

I have to admit that a couple of days ago I was at the end of the day and MyFitnessPal told me that I was still way short on my fat but I was all out of carbs and protein.

Yes, I did it. I ate a tablespoon of coconut oil straight up! So that’s one way.

Coconut oil also has a very high smoking point. This means that you can fry stuff in it and it doesn’t break down and oxidize. Remember we want anti-oxidants.  Keto Coffee with Coconut Oil

One of my favorite ways to use coconut oil on Keto is to make Keto Coffee. Basically, you take a cup of coffee and put it in the blender with 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter or cream and whip it up in a blender. I just love it!

The great thing about it for me is that I don’t usually eat my first meal until 3-4 hours after I wake up.

So this gives me a little high-fat boost to get me through that first part of the day where I am rushing to get ready and getting to my office job.

Other ways to use coconut oil on the keto diet:

    • Fry your eggs in it, in fact, cook anything with it!
    • Eat it straight up
    • Keto Coffee
    • Shakes and Smoothies
    • Make keto treats and fat bombs (see recipes at bottom of post)
Coconuts, butter and oil on wood background
Coconuts, butter and oil

What Kind of Coconut Oil is best on the Keto Diet?

In the markets, you will now see many brands and price points but unfortunately, some of them are not that great.

The most important consideration is refined or unrefined.

Refined coconut oil is made from dried coconut. It does not have the coconut smell or taste and can be used for high heat cooking. It has a long shelf life. If refined is your preference then be sure to look for one that is refined by cold pressed extraction.

Unrefined coconut oil, also called virgin coconut oil is pressed from fresh coconut meat. It has the aroma and taste of coconut and retains all the nutrition and health benefits of the coconut’s MCFAs (Medium Chain Fatty Acids).

My own preference is for unrefined organic virgin cold pressed oil. I love the fresh aroma and taste of coconut so it’s great for some of my favorite recipes that use raw coconut oil (see below) and it is still great for higher heat cooking.

Many stores now carry it at hugely inflated prices. I have found that some Costco’s have the organic unrefined coconut oil for a great price but if that is not an option, check them out on Amazon

They have incredible prices and carry several different brands.


Keto Treats Using Coconut Oil

These delicious fat bombs and treats make good use of healthy Coconut Oil to get you into ketosis fast!

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A close up of coconut

A jar on a table, with Coconut and Oil

102 thoughts on “Get Into Ketosis Fast with Coconut Oil on the Ketogenic Diet”

  1. Hi! Is it okay for me to have my BPC with 1tbsp of ghee and 1tbsp of coconut oil 30 mins before working out? And then have my meal 6/8 hours later as I’m also following IF.
    I feel like I’d utilize the energy that the coconut oil gives me during the workout. What do you think? And won’t drinking bcp actually break your fast?

  2. Hello Keto Woman. I have just started on a keto diet. But I am struggling with the amount of butter in some recipes -I think probably because it’s animal based fat. Can butter and ghee be replaced with coconut oil and have the same high fat effect?
    For some reason plant based fat seems less rich and healthier to me – probably all in my head, but I’ve been using coconut oil as a butter subsitute in cooking for years. Thank you in advance.

    1. Coconut oil can absolutely be used as your fat and it has many health benefits. I would encourage you to research more about coconut oil, especially in the areas of brain health. I’m increasing my own use of it. Good luck!

  3. Wil the coconut oil add any sweetness? I like a lil sweetness. If it doesn’t, what would you recommend that keeps you within the keto diet?

    1. I don’t think it adds any sweetness really. I would look at Stevia, xylitol, erythritol. There are a few sweeteners that people use on keto.

    2. Coconut oil wont give any sweetness. You can try eating copra ( dehydrated coconut ) . It gives a satisfaction like chewing meat & a is a good replacement of sugar for sweet toothed people like me

  4. Hi

    I am on Keto and just recently replaced butter and ghee with coconut oil. Waiting for results to show up. I am 57 right now and planning to be 54 for a fitness competition due in next 2 weeks. Do you think i would be able to go 54 in next 10 days?? Also could i add add coconut oil to green tea?? Black coffee just becomes too strong for me.

    1. Yes you can certainly add coconut oil to green tea! When you say you are waiting for results to show up are you talking about weight loss? As for how much weight you want to lose I really can’t make guesses or guarantees. Keto is a way of eating, replacing butter with coconut oil won’t make you lose faster. If you are wanting to lose 3 kg in 10 days, then you need to restrict your food intake from where you are now. (I am making a lot of assumptions here because I have nothing to go on!) Good luck!

  5. Hello, I am giving the Keto diet a go as well, I was advised to take the coconut Oil softgels as I am one of those “texture” eaters… So my question is if I am taking the extra virgin 1000mg per, the directions say take 4 each day with food. Is 4000mg a day going to benefit me, or should I take more capsules a day? I am trying to get healthy and loose weight.

    1. I can’t really say as I don’t take supplements like this, and so I don’t know anything about them and I prefer to use the real actual food. I am sure there will be some benefit, just how much is hard to say. Maybe one of the readers here will see this and be able to help you.

  6. I am new to this but giving it a go. Been on it two weeks but in a morning I’m rough, shattered bañing head ache feels like iv been on booze all night. I can’t seem to find out why I’m like this first thing. Wud love some advice. Thanks. Gonna try the keto coffee this morning x

    1. You are most likely dehydrated. Increase your water and sodium intake. Try chicken/beef stock, it’s like low carb gatorade. I have been on this diet under the care of a physician for a year now, and that feeling is absolutely NOT something you should suffer though, like much of the bad advice you read on the internet. The keto “flu” is a myth created by a bunch of people listening to bad advice. More water and broth will get your system back in balance. Find a doctor in your area who will help you follow this diet properly. it’s worth it.

    2. You need Salt. Keto demises salt in your body every time you urinate. I take a about every hour or so a pinch of salt on my tongue.

  7. Have you read anything by Patricia Daly? I just bought her ebook Practical Ketogenic Meal Plans for Endurance Athletes It has 14 days of eating Ketogenic. Pretty good stuff

  8. Have you read Bruce Fife’s The Coconut Ketogenic Diet. I really liked it. He says eating xylitol and sweetener of such cause you to go out of ketosis

    1. I think the refined coconut oils have little or no taste. Just not sure if that means they also don’t have as much benefit or not.

  9. Can anyone comment on the difference between the coconut butter and the coconut oil. I just bought a jar of the nutiva coconut manna, otherwise known as butter, and I want to make sure that it will have the same effect as the oil to assist with weight loss.

    1. Coconut oil and Coconut butter are definitely NOT the same thing. Coconut butter includes the meat of the coconut and is about 60% fat compared to 100% fat for the coconut oil. Here is an analogy, think of peanut oil and peanut butter. Myself, I don’t see much use for coconut butter except maybe using it like I would use peanut butter and it’s super expensive (here where I live).

  10. You don’t even need to get the blender dirty to have Keto coffee in the morning. Just drop a tablespoon full in your hot brew and let it melt on the top. Gives it the flavor of a premium coffee and leaves your lips hydrated ( but not over oily ) as a bonus. When you think about it, many people put half and half or cream in their coffee without thinking it strange. Coconut oil is just a safer form of “cream”.

  11. Coconut is saturated fat mostly. Is this safe to eat? I just bought a tub, and ate a scoop. Need verification please. Thank you.

    1. It is not only safe it is extremely healthy, containing medium chain triglycerides. Do a bit of research on this as you never want to rely on one person’s word on the Internet on any matter!

  12. Deborah Little

    I’ve been trying the Coconut Ketogenic way of eating for 17 days now. The hardest part for me is cutting down on carbs. I admit I am a “carboholic. ” The book I’m reading suggests 30 cabs daily until you get used to the coconut oil and begin losing weight and belly fat. It also suggests you work up to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil for every meal. What? This is giving me fits. As a 67 year old 5 ft 2 woman with heart disease (two heart attacks and a quintuple bypass) and thyroid disease I was hoping this way of eating would help. But the recommended number of calories for me is 1200. IF I eat a total of 9 tablespoons of coconut oil a day, that will be 1170 calories all from fat. So I get tho have 30 other calories? I’m discouraged. If anyone is out there I’d appreciate a response soon. Thanks.

    1. First of all I think 30 carbs is too high. I am 57 and I cannot lose an ounce if I eat over 10 carbs per day. I don’t know who told you to eat only 1200 calories. Eliminate all carbs except for incidental carbs, you don’t need them. Look into zero carb eating, you can do a google search or read my zero carb article here. Eat meat, eggs, butter, coconut oil. Your body will heal. I hope you find the answers you are looking for.

      1. Be careful with zero carb eating with thyroid disease. It’s not recommended & can actually damage the thyroid. Do some research on this before you go zero carb!

        I have been doing what I call a modified keto diet where I’m reducing carbs, but not completely eliminating them. I’ve essentially eliminated simple carbs. I sort of use the Keto diet as my guide when choosing foods. If there are more carbs in a serving than would be allowed in a day of a keto diet, it’s clearly too much!

        I have still lost weight, albiet more slowly than if I were doing the true keto diet. My cholesterol, triglycerides & glucose are all down, so I’m clearly still reaping the benefits of a healthier diet. I’d rather lose weight more slowly – being healthy is the goal!

        1. Thanks for this, it’s an excellent reminder that people absolutely need to research their medical conditions and seek medical advice and stay on top of getting their bloodwork and other testing when they have conditions.

  13. Shannon Sherman

    I love your site, and I love coconut oil I am fairly new at this but loving the whole experience!

  14. makeupbymallery

    Add it to water also. It’s great that way, much easier (in my opinion) to take that way than straight up spoonfuls. It’s great for skin and hair too! Coconut oil is amaziiiiing

    1. Do you blend it then? Where I live Coconut oil is solid at room temp. But I agree, it’s amazing stuff!

  15. Here is one of my favorite ways to eat unrefined coconut oil; it’s from In order to lower the carbs and up the coconut, I make this with equal portions of oil and sunbutter, add a spoonful of butter for flavor, instead of honey I use Nature’s Hollow honey (liquid xylitol), and 1/8th cup Swerve. Instead of chocolate, I add a healthy pinch of cinnamon. Sometimes I’ll throw in a few tablespoons of whey protein powder, and I can use this as a snack or meal substitute when I’m rushed.

      1. It’s a very adaptable recipe. When I made it the first time exactly as the recipes instructs, it was too rich for me. I just warmed it up, added a little more coconut oil, and a few cashew pieces on top for crunch. I think you’ll be able to work it to your liking; enjoy!

  16. I’ve heard more and more about the benefits of coconut oil. I have been thinking more and more about my health, and this just seems like a great reason to add it to my diet.

    1. Definitely check out coconut oil. i love the taste and the fact that it is so high in those medium chain triglycerides (MCTs).

  17. I love using Coconut Oil but it’s very expensive. I clicked on the link of the Nutiva Coconut Oil and on Amazon it’s pretty cheap, so I’ll have to start buying it there, very good to know.

    I love all the health benefits of using coconut oil, I could use help in all those areas especially the stress relief.

    Haven’t heard of a Ketogenic diet before though.

  18. Coconut oil seems like an amazing addition to any diet – I haven’t had it forever but it keeps popping up so many the world is trying to tell me I need to add some to my diet. x

  19. I grew up in the Caribbean before moving to the US in my teens and coconut oil was a staple in my country. It was used for almost everything! There was a coconut oil factory so we got our oil fresh. I knew of some of the benefits but didn’t know of them all. It’s good to know. I guess I might have to start reusing it.

    1. Yes,it seems that coconut oil was much taken for granted for all those years. Now people are discovering how healthy it is.

  20. We love using coconut oil. We cook with it, use on salads etc. We have also used it on my sons scalp who still at the age of 5 has something like cradle cap and it helps tons!

  21. Coconut oil sure is the trend these days, isn’t it? I use it on my hair as a conditioner and my in-laws gargle with it every morning. If I was a coffee drinker, this drink idea would definitely be on my list.

  22. I really need to invest in some of this stuff as I have heard so many great things about coconut oil. I never heard of this diet before though. Keto coffee sounds interesting.

  23. We use a lot of olive oil…never thought about coconut. We don’t frey our food, but I can imagine it would be good as a marinade with different veggies and meats on the grill or broiler. Definitely something worth looking into.

  24. I love using coconut oil, I’m making my own deodorant with coconut oil and baking soda (and corn starch). Smells so good you feel like wanna eat it :)

  25. I just bought some the other day. My sister was telling me that she has started using it after seeing in on Dr. Oz. I will have to go make sure that the kind I bough is unrefined, virgin, cold pressed oil.

    1. That is definitely the best way to go. If it’s not you can still use it, it’s still better than canola oil and all those other refined oils. Just buy the good stuff next time.

      1. Have you done the coconut pulling. Swish a spoon full for 20 minutes. Then spit out. Whitens teeth and takes out all The impurities

    1. I am so pleased with this Keto Coffee! I get up at 5 to be at work by 6am and I just don’t want to eat that early. The Keto coffee takes me all the way to about 9am which I think is a better time for me to have a small breakfast then.

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