How to Transition from Egg Fast back to Keto LCHF

How to Transition from Egg Fast back to Keto and LCHF

While the egg fast plan is great for breaking a stall, it seems that people really struggle with how to then carry on with their LCHF plan. 

And they are scared and frustrated about immediate weight gain once they end the egg fast.

I am one of the admins in the Egg Fast Stall Breaker facebook group and with over 3,000 members at the time of writing this (and now we have 42,000!), I have seen a lot of successes and failures in the transition from egg fast back to low carb and keto.

Some people will follow the egg fast for as long as they can, say anywhere from 5 days to about a month. 

Others will cycle back and forth, following the egg fast during the week for example and going back to Keto on the weekends. 

This is how I chose to do it and I recorded 4 weeks of egg fast cycling here.

Pan with eggs and pork

Either way, I think there is a right way and a wrong way to transition from egg fast to Keto or LCHF.

Now remember, everyone is different and I am simply sharing what I have seen in the group as well as my own experience. Your mileage may vary!

One of the things that really helps your mind set with the transition is to treat it like you would an allergy elimination.

What is a Keto Weight Loss Stall?

You are not losing weight or inches.

If you are looking at the egg fast, it is likely because you have been following a low carb or keto plan for awhile, lost weight in the beginning and now the scale has not budged in weeks or even months.

The egg fast takes low carb down to the bare bones basics and eliminates all those things that might have contributed to your stall in the first place.  So once you have done the fast, broken through the stall, it makes sense to be careful and mindful of what you are allowing back into your daily eating. 

Things like dairy (as in heavy cream), certain sweeteners, and certainly any highly processed low carb foods are well known to keep people from losing weight on keto. If you bring all those foods back in on Day one of your transition, then frankly you are going to undo all your hard work!

What to Eat During the Egg Fast Transition Back to Keto

As you know all egg fast meals and snacks involve eggs, fat and maybe some cheese. So here are my suggestions for transition based on what I have seen in the group:

  • First two days (minimum) after egg fast:  Eat regular egg fast breakfast, lunch and snacks. For dinner add a different protein. Note:  I used to recommend veggies on Day 1 of transition and that is up to you. If you have them, have maximum 1/2 cup.
  • Third day and maybe longer: Eat regular egg fast breakfast and snacks. For lunch and dinner have salad or veggies and protein and fat. Keep it light and simple. Again, keep the veggies at 1/2 cup max.
  • For best results, repeat Day 3 for however many days that you did the Egg Fast!
  • Join the Egg Fast transition group so that you can share what you are eating since you can’t do that in the regular group. Other people who have transitioned successfully can help you spot pitfalls and problems.

Why am I now suggesting that you limit vegetables or even eliminate veggies on transition? 

After experimenting on myself and from what others have written in the Egg Fast group, it’s the daily weight fluctuations that seem to drive people to think they have failed. 

I have suggested to people that they don’t weigh every day or if they do they should ignore daily weight fluctuations.

 Of course, that never happens! It is the vegetables that will add that bit of weight while you are transitioning

It is not fat that you will gain, it is simply some water weight and will go away if you stay the course. 

But this weight fluctuation certainly messes with people’s minds. 

So maybe try adding proteins first, then gradually add a bit of veggies to see where your carb threshold is. For myself, I cannot do more than 10 carbs a day. 

That’s almost no veggies and in fact I now aim for zero carbs every day. You might be able to tolerate more carbs but you will have to find that number by experimenting.

Will I Gain Weight Back After the Egg Fast?

If you have weighed yourself at this point, you may had stayed the same weight, lost weight, or even had a small gain. 

If you continued to lose weight, then carry on with the transition by slowly introducing more meats and vegetables.

Egg Fast Transition Meal

If you gained weight or stayed the same, stay on the transition a few days longer. Some people have come to realize that if they want to keep losing weight, the simplicity and lack of ‘extras’  offered by the egg fast transition are what they need to continue to lose and so there is no reason why you cannot cycle on and off indefinitely. 

In fact, I recently followed the egg fast transition for a week and lost another 3 pounds!

The wrong way to do the egg fast is to stay on the egg fast for a few days or even weeks, and then either go back to eating SAD (Standard American Diet) or even full blown Keto right off the bat. 

On Day one of transition, if you eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, AND coffee with heavy cream AND make your self a low carb cheesecake AND eat all the other low carb goodies we love to have, well I hate to tell you this but you’re going to be in for a nasty surprise at the scale!

If you think of this as allergy elimination, and add your favorites back in one day at a time, you will be able to see exactly what stalled you in the first place. 

And at least then you can make an informed decision as to what you allow back in and how much.

I hope this has been helpful and by all means if you need some extra support in this, leave a comment to ask me a question!

How to Transition from Egg Fast to Keto without gaining back the weight!

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  1. Thank you for the information u provided, especially how to transition back into keto. I was doing keto and intermittent fasting 20:4 and have lost 15 lbs. i just finished doing a 3 day egg fast and lost another 4 lbs. my question is, can i continue keto+ intermittent fasting on my strict keto days? Or do you suggest i Continue eating every 3 hours like the egg fast ? I actually like doing intermittent fasting.

    1. Yes, you can do intermittent fasting on the keto days! Some people even do it on egg fast days, so entirely up to you!

      1. Hi. So glad to find your page! How can I do 18/6 Intermittent on an Egg Fast? Is it really ok to start eating at noon or 1pm or will that blow it since most directions say to eat within 1 hour of waking up?

  2. I’m doing again a egg fast, but for the transition ohase back to keto I would like your help! I became lacto-vegetarian few months ago, but I some that you recommend min veggies on the initial transition days, any suggestion how to handle the transition without meat? Thanks!

    1. I honestly don’t know how to do this without meat as I eat mostly meat. I’m thinking there might be some vegetarian keto people out there, but I am not one of them nor do I recommend it even. Check out people like Dr. Ken Berry, Dr. Cyves, Steak & Butter Gal, Shawn Baker, Dr. Natasha and Dr. Chaffee on the toxins in plants. Good luck!

    1. Maybe the first day or so but by day 3 most people report no appetite. Which indicates they are likely in ketosis!

  3. So i just finished a month of cycling between 3 day egg fasts and keto and had a net loss 15.2 pounds (total egg fast loss was 16-so gained .8 total during all the transitions). Going to continue the egg fast/keto for another month and see what happens. I have 18 more to lose. Thanks again for all your advice on your website. I have always struggled w weight loss and feel so capable on this plan! The careful part will maintenance of course once i reach my goal weight.

  4. Thank you for the helpful tips on the egg fast transition. I have maintained a 63lb loss with Keto for 15 months and just recently started to feel like I kicked myself out of ketosis. This week’s egg fast I lost 6lbs and finally went past my stall weight. I am hoping I am back on track! Any keto tips to continue weight loss/stomach bloat? My goal weight is still 10lbs away.

  5. I just finished the 3 day egg fast and lost 7 pounds! It is motivating to see the scale move and i also felt really energized. Thanks for all your guidance. I am going to try the cycling between the egg fast and keto. I have never done keto. My diet before was high protein low carb/fat and wine!! Thanks again!

    1. haha, the wine part I like! BUT, it can stall weight loss as your body has to burn off the alcohol first before it can work on the rest, so something to keep in mind. Good luck!

    1. If the label has no sugar then I’m sure the seasoning is fine. I wouldn’t use the keto bread until after transitioning back to keto and even then it depends on what keto bread you are talking about. Many of the store bought keto breads are way higher in carbs than what you think, going by net carbs can really stall your weight loss.

  6. I just came off a 5 day egg fast today because I was seeing my weight slowly go up. I followed it to the letter and lost just under 3 pounds. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed. Today, the first day of transition, I had a 4 egg scrambled egg with 4 egg yolks (left over from a previous recipe), an ounce of cream cheese and 2 Tbsp of butter, fried in2 more Tbsp of butter. (I wasn’t too impressed with this). For lunch I had a skillet egg fast pizza and for dinner I made some sheet pan garlic butter shrimp. I did not have any veggies. I plan on having an egg fast coffee keto custard for dessert. Does this sound okay? And do I continue on the 2 egg fast meals for as long as I want to?
    I’m really worried about going back to keto.

    1. You can continue with 2 egg fast meals as long as you want to. I know some people do that and eat a clean keto meal for dinner. This exercise is meant to break a stall which is technically no weight loss for several weeks. So I think the 3 pounds you lost is good! As you slowly transition back you can and should cut back on the fat in those 2 egg fast meals.

  7. Hi!! Thanks for all the great info!! just wondering what your thoughts are about carbquick(keto friendly) baking mix? Or the live smart keto bread(1 carb per slice) I know keto is supposed to be mostly high (healthy) fat and protein with healthy carbs(vegetables) but I’m wondering what your thoughts and advice is when it comes to these “keto friendly” breads or snacks…? I know I really messed up thinking the sugar free and the chips and crackers(keto friendly) would be ok but I definitely feel like they hurt more than helped. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,Jenn

    1. I don’t use those foods myself at all. But I would never judge anyone who does because my own journey started out as low carb and I used whatever it took to get me through! For me this has been an evolution in my eating habits and while I used those sorts of products in the beginning, slowly they lost their taste and appeal to me. These days I’m pretty much carnivore! But I’ve lost well over 100lbs to this point (123!). Treat them as emergency and once in a while items would be my advice if you are not seeing the results you want.

      1. Jamie Helen Ferraro

        I just started an egg fast where I ate 6 white eggs and a granny smoth apple and flavored green tea and I gained 3lbs in one day. How do I get the weightloss results?

        1. I can’t advise you as you are including carbs (the apple) along with your fast. The egg fast is for people who are doing low carb or keto and have hit a plateau. Also weight loss is not exactly linear. What you ate on the day before the eggs and apple can certainly impact your loss or gain after 1 day.

  8. i just finished egg diet and i want to keep losing weight because i didnt reach my goal yet.. i dont follow any specific diet i just dont overeat, do u have any recommendations on how to transition from egg diet, i want to do IF

    1. For doing IF, I would just transition by eating one egg fast meal each day and another low carb regular meal. I honestly don’t know what will happen when you return to your normal way of eating if it’s not a type of low carb. This is a keto/low carb stall breaker so your mileage may vary. As far as not following a specific diet, it never hurts to lower your carb intake. You might find that alone will help you maintain your weight loss.

  9. I am on my last day of a 5 day egg fast. For transition I plan to continue the egg fast breakfast and have protein only for both lunch and dinner for at least 5 days. What do you think about this plan?

  10. I normally drink electrolytes first thing in the morning (2 T lemon, 1/4 tsp pink salt, 1 c water), is it ok to continue drinking this on an egg fast?

    1. I personally think it’s a good idea to keep up your electrolytes during any type of fast. I don’t see this making a difference in the results, but some who follow strict egg fast might have an issue with it.

  11. Hello again I was wondering as my day 1 transition. I did the eggfast waffles for breakfast and for dinner i had 1/2 cup of salad with one scrambled eggs and 2-3 ounce of shredded chicken and one slice of american cheese cut. and nothing else! is that a good start? Im trying to figure out what to have. and im full as well after eating it and drinking a lot of water. I also drink green tea once a day after dinner.
    hope you respond! thanks for this!!

  12. Hello. i did 4 day egg fast and lost about 5 pounds i want to transition back to keto. but im a bit confused on how to continue it without gaining any weight. How did your transition days go ?
    like what on day 1-4 what did you eat to lose more weight. i dont want to gain back the weight i lost as im doing so well. trying to get back into keto again. and can i do Egg fast again as a monthly thing too? thanks!

    1. Your weight WILL fluctuate up and down as soon as you start adding in veggies and any other foods with carbs but it is not fat, it is just water weight. You just have to expect that this will happen, and not panic! Because if you follow the 2 egg fast meals and 1 clean keto meal guideline then within a few days your weight will stabilize. It takes an awful lot of extra calories to gain an actual pound of fat, so just keep that in mind. And yes, absolutely, you can do the egg fast from time to time or even monthly, think of it as a keto tool in your toolbox.

  13. IF stands for Intermittent Fasting. Many keto people do that and what it looks like is 12-16 hours of fasting and an eating window of 6-12 hours. Most people will sleep through their fasting time and that makes it more doable. So in other words, first meal could be at noon and another meal at 6 or 7, then no eating again until noon the next day.

  14. Hello, today is day 5 of my egg fast, planning on transitioning 3-5 days. I do IF and omad how do you recommend me to have my meals and how many eggs and fats? Also no veggies to very little veggies with protein? Thanks

    1. The transition suggestions are not rules, they are just guidelines. There is no requirement for minimum number of eggs and fat. The #1 most important thing about transition is that you add things back to your keto plan slowly over time. Remember, the true goal of egg fast is not weight loss (that’s a nice bonus), it is to find out what causes your weight loss to stall. If you are doing IF or OMAD, simply eat as clean as possible for those 3-5 days during your 1-2 meals using whatever amount of eggs you want. The veggies are a personal choice. Most people add them back and don’t understand how much water veggies hold. Their weight goes up a pound and they think it is fat and they become distressed, but it is simply water and will come back off if they stay the course. So if you can handle these ups and downs add back veggies. If not, then don’t or stick to very small amounts and gradually increase them.

  15. Hi! I yesterday I finished ten days EF. Today is day one transition. I. The FB transition group I am in, they suggest to cut the fat in half. One egg to 1/2 T fat. (I like your way better :) since discipline and breaking the stall (which I did) are my goals, I don’t want to mess this up.

    So, my question is what is the difference as I go forward, 1 fat/egg vs 1/2 fat/egg? Thanks! I made several of your recipes! The egg puffs are awesome!

    1. Hi Sue, congrats on finishing 10 days! You know, the transition part of the fast is very experimental and it’s really up to you! I like that the fat keeps you full as you add other foods. Really the most important thing is to to add back non egg fast foods slowly and take note of those that seem to trigger cravings. For me it was dairy and sweeteners, those are kind of a rare thing for me now. Good luck!

      1. Thanks! I was sitting here hungry, after my lunch thinking about the issue. I might try a halfway point between the two for my first few days of transition, then for the last week try the half tablespoon. I do not plan to add “veggies” til day 5. It is going to be spinach sautéed in bacon grease with the bacon and fresh parm added. (With a small portion of garlic and onion.) One of my families favs. It will still be a small portion, since carbs go up when it is cooked due to shrinkage of spinach (per cup. Mentioned in case anyone is wondering.)

        The last severL days of my EF, I spent a lot time thinking about transition.

        I too have to watch the sweetness and HWC. Terrible habit of too much BPC!

        Looming forward to your emails with recipes!

        1. That sounds like a great compromise! And I’m thrilled that you are taking the transition so seriously. I truly believe the battle is won or lost there. And just so you know, I lost a few times before I got it right!

          Thanks for joining my list! I’ll be sharing new recipes and other news bi-weekly!

  16. Hi
    When doing the Egg Fast transition, how many eggs should I eat on the first 2 days after the EF and the next 3 days when I’m having veggies and proteins for 2 meals? Also, if doing IF, how would that change? Thanks! (So glad you’re here – you’ve really helped me on this new journey!

    1. This would be more about eating to your level of hunger rather than a certain number of eggs. Especially since it sounds like you are also doing IF. On the egg fast and going forward in your regular keto, eat until comfortable but never stuffed. On the IF transition, you could do one meal as egg fast meal (to your hunger) and then another meal as clean keto.

      1. Thanks – that helps, especially when I read you suggested 1400 calories was your tipping point. No way was that going to happen with 6 eggs!

  17. Hi,
    Just finished 3 day egg fast did well lost 3 lbs and 1 1/2 inches on my waist.messed up on transition did eggs on day one and second day I had homemade fried pork very fatty but so good ,only meal that day was not hungry till late following day, so far no wait gain.
    I feel great lots of energy don’t know why but I do. Thanks for all your help love your site!

    1. yes you can but you’ll have to keep in mind it’s a very extreme form of keto and you’ll need to be sure to keep up your electrolytes! But it does get you into ketosis quickly and you can start keto off on the right foot.

  18. I know we need to eat 6+ eggs a day. My question is…..can I Space these eggs out however I wish? Like….maybe two hours apart….or one…..randomly throughout the day? Or do I have to wait three hours min. Each time.

    1. You can have them whenever you like! Some have one meal a day (OMAD) and eat them all in one sitting, or IF (intermittent fasting) and eat them between 2 meals while others eat their eggs and fats all day long.

      1. Sheila J Donnelly

        I did the egg fast for 3 days, and after 2 days I had diarrhea for 24 hours. I’m not sure why, but I was thinking of just doing the slow transition now. I lost no weight, despite following the fast religiously. Please help!

        1. wow I’m sorry to hear that! The only thing I can think of is MCT oil and coconut oil, both those things have a laxative effect if you are not used to them. Personally I cannot tolerate much of either of those things so that’s the first thing to look at.

          1. I also get severe diarrhea every time I do an egg fast. I use butter and Mayo as my main source of fat with an occasional olive oil if a recipe calls for it. I’m wondering if the increased dairy isn’t the culprit in my case- I have lots of cream cheese during fast.
            What do you think?

  19. I was just curious, other than a sudden weight gain what are the other side effects or effects one should expect if they go back to straight basic keto?

    1. The egg fast is extreme Keto, almost like a fat fast. I had no ill effects from going straight back to keto and I wouldn’t have really expected any. The other way yes, going from keto to egg fast can mess with your electrolytes and you can get some keto flu symptoms for sure.

    1. Many people follow OMAD or IF during the egg fast as well as after. You can fit this to whatever eating schedule you are using. The main point is to clean up the carb creep and restrict the common stalling foods.

  20. Man you are a God send! This is day 5 of my EF and this is just the information I needed to hear. I had questions, but through other inquisitive ladies, I’ve gotten the answers + things I needed to know,but didn’t know to ask them. You rock girlie! Well, one other thing I didn’t see, it might be there, kinda embarrassing, what can be helpful during transitioning with ….ummm, not being regular? Thanks

    1. hmmm, well I have not had an issue with this, the high fat of the egg fast seems to make me go, ahem. :-) However, there is this tea called Smooth Move tea and you can get it at most drug stores as well as on Amazon! It works very well!

  21. Gloria W Williams

    Man you are a God send! This is day 5 of my EF and this is just the information I needed to hear. I had questions, but through other inquisitive ladies, I’ve gotten the answers + things I needed to know,but didn’t know to ask them. You rock girlie!

  22. I’ve been following the keto plan since Feb and have lost 20 lbs. I’ve been stuck there for about a month so I tried the egg fast for the last three days to see if it’d kick start the weight loss again. I’ve only lost 2lbs and I followed your plan almost exactly except made sure that my egg to fat ratios were correct everyday. Could I have done something wrong?

    1. Do you lose 2 lbs in 3 days doing regular Keto? If so, stick with that! The Egg fast is not supposed to be a crash diet, it’s supposed to help people break through their stall. Use it to figure out what changes you need to make in your every day keto plan to keep your weight loss moving forward. 20 lbs since February on Keto is great, that is not a stall! Sometimes your body needs a break from weight loss. I would continue with Keto and watch for hidden carbs, that is the thing that gets most people. For me it was heavy cream in my coffee and packets of sweeteners. Both those things are full of hidden carbs. So short answer, you did nothing wrong, you are doing great and keep moving forward!

      1. michelle maureen bleicher

        How can something have ‘hidden carbs’ when the labels and scanning my foods say otherwise.?

        1. haha, and there is the issue! Legally, the food people can label something as zero carbs if a serving has under half carb. Then we come along and think it’s zero carbs and have it all day long not realizing that all those items with .2 and .3 and .49 carbs are adding up. Make sense?

  23. hey.. I totally buy your point on not jumping from egg fast to normal kept all in one go but the issue is I already am in office and I just finished my 3 day egg fast and I thought I can eat normal so didn’t get anything ‘egg’ oriented. now im going out to eat and im so concerned as to what I can eat cz I just lost 8 pounds!! m going frantic!

    1. The problem is that I don’t know what you mean by ‘normal’. Is it keto? Then have a salad with chicken, you can get that in any restaurant. You just want to keep it clean and light.

      1. Newbie on egg fast.. Good day! Is it allowed to drink black coffee with butter and mct oil, tea or Apple cider vinegar while doing this egg fast? If yes, may I ask when is the best time to take those mentioned drinks?

        1. Yes, you can make use of those things. The best time is up to you, especially with the caffeine. I cannot drink coffee after noon because then I don’t get a good asleep, but that is me. So this is really up to you and your needs. Good luck!

  24. I started the ef and first day I’ve lost 3 lbs.i know it’s water weight but at least this is working. And I don’t feel hungry either. Thank you for being so informative. I’ll be letting you know total loss after my 5 day ef.

  25. Thank goodness for the egg fast! After 4 days, I’ve lost 8.5 pounds! I’m having even more success on this fast than the first one, which I did two months ago. I think I’d like to do a 5-day EF once per month until I reach my goal weight, and then again whenever my weight starts to creep up again. Thank you so much for your advice!!

  26. For me I just stick to eggfast breakfast and lunch and then a simple keto dinner. Absolutely you can do 2 meals a day, I am now doing more IF days and find it very easy and effective.

    1. Patti Rothschild

      I got so excited I lost my head there for a few I got stuck up in the all is well. I am on both sites now THX U !! Sanity and calm have returned, well, at least calm has!! Next week I will do 3 days, week after next 4 days of EF, both with proper transition back..and see how it goes.. I am loving seeing the numbers go down, more down than up.. I will keep your Mom in my prayers. Stay well my friend.

    2. LaRhonda Torrence

      Hi KetoWoman. I did the egg fast for four days and today, I only had two meals today. I had a three egg omelette for breakfast with a slice of mozzarella cheese and a cup of black coffee. Later today, for dinner I had a baked chicken-leg quarter. That’s it. Plain water and sparkling water (made sure the sparkling water has no sodium) During my four days of egg fast, I lost a total of 7 pounds. Wanna make sure I don’t regain any of the weight back. Am I doing this right? Should I go back to the egg fast for four more days to maintain? Thank you so much?

      1. For me the goal is to not have to keep doing egg fast! I prefer to follow the transition days for as long as possible because I think transition menu days are much easier to follow. THis is really something that you can tweak and play with until you find that sweet spot.

    3. I’m new to the egg fast. I’m trying to break a stall. I have been keto for a year. Can I use my keto Collagen powder or keto powdered.collagen coffee creamer

      1. You’ll have to ultimately decide this, but the whole idea of the egg fast is to eliminate all but the bare bones basics, break through the stall, then slowly add things back while figuring out what is stalling your progress. I would encourage you to try it without any extra items that are not on the egg fast.

    4. First of all I want to say I love your site you are very very helpful so ty. Question as of Saturday I am going to start my 5-day transition I already know what to do on day 1 and 2 eggs for both breakfast and lunch, but don’t
      know what I can eat for dinner and the size amount…. then on day 3 to 5 should I still continue having my eggs in the morning and the lunch time and then do a keto meal for dinner for day 3 and 5 do I stop the eggs and if so what kind of breakfast, lunch, and dinner can it be and what would be the size amount I’m really new to this and I do not want to gain weight
      back thank you so much.

      1. for dinner on those first couple days, start with 3-4 ounces of another protein like chicken or salmon. If you are still hungry then you can always eat an egg or more protein. The transition part is very flexible in amounts, the idea is to eat enough to be satisfied. Moving onto day 3, you can slowly cut back on the eggs and fat and have whatever protein you like and some low carb veggies. Just stay very clean in your transition back to keto. Keep in mind that if did the egg fast because your weight loss was stalled then suddenly add back everything you were having before, it will be hard to figure out what it was that was stalling you. So go slow!

  27. Patti Rothschild

    I have just found your site. I started and could not stop reading! Reading your story was as if I had written it myself, down to the knee issues. I will soon be having surgery for that soon and getting on with the getting on..YEAH!.. I am so interested, even excited and motivated with wanting to do the 4 week cycle.. WOW! Two words I haven’t used much lately..I just wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for inspiring others and supporting them-us on our keto journey. I have noticed old post going back yes, and yet still find you here in 2018. I am impressed. My only regret is not finding you on day one! It’s never too late!!

    1. Comments like this is what keeps me going! And thank you for reading the old posts, I do try to at least keep them updated! The reason I have not been able to do new posts is that I am caring for my Mom who has Alzheimers. And as if I didn’t like keto enough already, it is the best diet for dementia prevention as well!
      So you are right, it’s never too late! Thanks for your comment!

  28. Thank you, I will. I was going to end my egg fast today and start transitioning, bit I feel so good, I may extend it another 3 or 4 days. Would a complete 7 days be too long? I only lost 2lbs since last Friday, and feel like I’ve lost more, but was disappointed to only see a 2lb loss that is why I’m wanting to continue a few more days. Maybe thru this Friday making it a complete week. When I do transition, how many calories per day should I stick to on those transition days. I THINK I ALREADY FOUND MY ANSWER ON HOW MANY DAYS TO EF.

  29. I would love to do the egg fast but can you only do it if your stalled I’m on keto and losing a little every couple of weeks will I get the same results as people who do it because they have stalled?

    1. It’s not about that, it’s just very extreme and an act of desperation :-) I would never have done it if I hadn’t been stalled for months. So really up to you, your results might be just fine.

  30. So, no 2 eggs, 2 fat bombs made with coconut oil for a meal, but I can have this on transition day. Also I wanted to know I just finished 5 days of eggs fast, want to transition only 3 days, then do another egg fast 3 to 5 days, is that advisable or should I wait to see if I’m stable with weighloss.

    1. You can certainly try that. I do like the protocol of 5 days EF, then 5 days transition as it seems to lock in the weight loss. But every body is different and 3 days could be fine.

  31. How many Cream Cheese Pancakes can we have in a serving? I apologize if you’ve already answered this question somewhere else.

    1. It’s entirely up to you and your hunger. Eat until you are satisfied but never stuffed. So let’s say you made the cream cheese pancakes with 2 eggs and 2 ounces of cream cheese and ate all of them. That would count as 2 eggs and 2 ounces of cream cheese. You would also need 2 tbsp fat because of the 2 eggs, so either add them at the time or use them later in the day. Remember, you are not counting macros or servings, you are counting eggs and then making sure you maintain a 1 to 1 ratio of 1 fat for every egg.

      1. Would the two tbsp of cream cheese not count as the fat in this dish? Sorry. Happy to have more fat if that’s right! Thank you for everything. The app is brilliant xx

        1. On regular keto that would be correct, but for the purpose of the egg fast, cream cheese counts toward your cheese allowance, not the fat allowance. Also, experience has shown that if you limit your cheese intake to maximum 4 ounces a day (and that includes cream cheese as well as hard cheese) you will have better results. Good luck!

  32. Thank you so much for all this information. I have struggled with my weight for a long time now and have been losing on Keto, but slowly. I needed some motivation. I did a 3 day egg fast and lost 5 pounds and got motivated again. however, I was worried about transitioning back. Not anymore! I decided to do two more days on the egg fast and will transition off per your recommendations. You have this girl a lot of hope and some good motivation to keep going! Thank you.

    1. Carmella charlesworth

      Hi. I’ve just finished day 2 or egg fast, and hoping to get to 5 but this transition thing is terrifying me. I’ve read a lot of info. But I still don’t get what I’m going to eat for the 5 days of transition. I wish I hadn’t started the egg fast now.

      1. If you’re not sure then just eat an egg fast meal for breakfast and lunch and have a different protein at dinner. Basically you are just slowly easing yourself back into regular keto foods.

  33. Thxs for the article!

    Quick question. You had mentioned that possibly heavy cream can stall weight loss. But if you can have butter on the egg fast, why would heavy cream stall? Is it because it’s a different form of dairy?

    1. Butter and heavy cream are a different composition. Butter is 100% fat, cream is not.
      If you get yourself one of those jars that make butter, you put cream in it and shake it until it’s butter. All that stuff that you pour off in the end is no longer in your butter. I hope that made sense.
      People also treat low carb foods like they are a free for all. It’s hard to really go overboard on protein, veggies and butter. But heavy cream? It goes in coffee all day long and then there are the fat bombs. We all love a good fat bomb. But for those that cannot eat just one this can be a real issue. And along with most of this goes sugar free syrups and sweeteners. It’s almost impossible to get past food cravings while using foods like these. These should be once in a blue moon or for a special occasion, make a low carb cheesecake. Not an every single day eat a tray of fat bombs and drink cream all day long.
      Ooops sorry, didn’t mean to climb up on that soap box! It’s just that figuring out that dairy (and for me it was specifically HWC) was keeping me where I was, well that was a very freeing thing.
      Anyways, I am the boss of nobody except my kids. People are going to do what they do, but if they at least remember what I said here sometime in the future when they are about to give up, it will give them one more thing to try.
      haha, you probably weren’t expecting all this! I just feel very passionate about this topic. I hope you have the best day!

  34. I am day 2 of the transition and I am not sure what measurements on the salad should be for tomorrow? If it’s only half a cup of veggies does that mean I should only have lettuce for the salad? I admit I am really missing my veggies

    1. You can actually have a big salad if you want. The reason we say 1/2 cup is that adding veggies after the egg fast sucks up water and the scale goes up. So as long as you understand that it’s just water weight and will come back off in a couple days then go for it! Temporary water weight messes with some people’s heads and they panic and think they have gained fat and the egg fast didn’t work and they get upset.

  35. Hi, I was on the EF for 5 days and lost 7lbs?. I didn’t find this site til today after I broke my egg fast (a day late?). But I’m still so glad I did. The knowledge and info you provide is priceless. Ty so much for talking the time out. There are plenty of people, like myself that do appreciate what your doing. Again ty from the bottom of my heart.

  36. I was blessed with a love for eggs so the 5 days of fast went relatively easy but I had very bad headaches. After transition day 1 of a new protein (g beef) it cleared. In 5 days I’m down 8.8lbs and 2 days transition later, down another .40 lbs. 7 day total 9.2lbs. I was strict to the rules and weighed everything but the eggs. Transition was clean like you suggested, no veggies for me at all. Meals are mostly plain, didn’t need the special recipes but thankful they are there as reference. Amazing results, I’ll cycle this often for sure.

  37. Hi

    Will egg fast be effective if I’m only eating 4 eggs / day ? I interval fast til midday then 2 boiled eggs for lunch and 2 egg Parmesan and basil omelette for dinner

    Also any good frittata recipes for egg fast , ?

    1. Well you will likely lose weight but you are also going to lose muscle because that just isn’t enough protein with only 4 eggs, that is why there is a 6 egg minimum. Also don’t forget the fats! 1 tbsp per egg. How about trying to eat 3 eggs at lunch and 3 at dinner? Any recipe can only contain the eggs, fats, and some cheese so your frittatta would only have those plus maybe a small amount of herbs.

  38. Thank you so much for the advice on your website. All my life I have had problems losing weight. I am losing weight with the EF diet and getting ready to transition back to low card eating. I am so glad I found your site. Thank you again for all your help!

  39. Debby Gokey Konecny

    So…I’m new to EF and am wondering … do I add the 2 fats used in my BPC to the EF tracker (in the “1T butter for every egg” section) then eliminate that fat when actually eating my next egg meal? (Hoping I’m making my question clear enuf to understand ?) And does the plan allow for more than 1 BPC per day?

    1. Yes! That is exactly correct! You can have as many BPC’s as you like as long as you count the fats and match them up with some eggs someplace.

  40. This is very helpful. Found you through IBIH. Beginning EF tomorrow and will follow the transition plan after 5 days. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for all of your hard work!

    1. wow! That is very aggressive and I have to say probably not likely. The egg fast is not a crash diet, it’s really just a reset for people already doing keto. I wish you luck!

  41. Question: When you refer to “cheese” does that term apply to cream cheese or just cheese. I see posts that state no more than 4 oz a day but the egg fast has both cheese and cream cheese. Can you clarify? Thanks

    1. Cheese for the purpose of the egg fast includes cream cheese and all ‘real’ cheese, meaning no cheeze whiz or velveeta type cheeses.

  42. Hi, first off thank you so much for your information. I did the egg fast for 5 days and lost weight! I’m wondering how long can I safely stay on the egg fast? I would like to do it long term.

  43. I am transition like suggested but is it normal to get very sick when doing so? I haven’t been able to leave my restroom since dinner and all I had was a pork burger with cheese

      1. You said that it’s important to have a transition period from EF to LCHF and to treat it as introducing allergens.

        What are some of the most common foods/ingredients that when re-introduced may stall weight loss?

        You mentioned sweeteners, processed LC foods, HWC. Anything else?

        Is it common erythritol to stall weight loss?

        1. Personally I have been ok using erythritol. I was for sure abusing the sweetener packets and was up to 12 or more a day. I’m talking the single dose packets that have the sucralose in them, most of them have fillers and they are basically 1 carb per packet! So that sure adds up. The other big one is nuts, including things like almond flour. I love a good treat now and then just like everyone else, but if we on a daily basis have foods like this, our weight WILL stall. I’ve can go weeks being 100% keto and not lose a single ounce. So I guess what I was trying to say in this article is that there should be a place somewhere between ‘strict egg fast’ and ‘keto with all the trimmings’ that a person can do keto and still lose the weight they need to lose.

  44. Hello. I just came across your page and decided to try the Egg Fast. I ate 10 eggs with fat on the first day and lost 1lb. I ate only 6 eggs with fat the second day and didn’t lose at all. I actually gained 6 ounces. Is this normal? Maybe I did not eat enough eggs on day 2?

    1. We had a big discussion about this in the EF group the other day. It seems that people lose better with 8 or more eggs/fats. You need that protein!

  45. Hi there,

    I want to find out , I am on day 2 of the Egg Fast. I have not been eating according to the LCHF prior to the fast.
    I want to go back onto the LCHF lifestyle after the fast. Should I continue the Egg Fast or rather just eat according to the LCHF?

    1. You can do either. The egg fast is an extreme form of LCHF and used for busting through a plateau. Some people will feel very sick on the EF because they are not already used to eating low carb, high fat. So it is really up to you and how you are feeling.

  46. Thank you for sharing your experience and advice. I’m currently day 3 of my first egg fast after following the keto way of eating for 3 months. I’ve now planned to follow your suggestions for the transition back to LCHF. Lost 3.5lbs so far, hoping I’ll keep that off.


    Thank you for all your wonderful tips. This is my fourth day and this morning I weighed myself and was down 5 lbs. Worked great for me. I hope others will find success as well!

    1. Yes, for the first couple days and then gradually taper it down. The egg fast is 85% fat and so the idea is to gradually get to the ratio where you are still losing. Some people might find that they have to maintain the 85/10/5 ratio and some may need to be way less fat than that.

  48. Hello keto woman. Than you for taking the time to respond to people’s question and providing the information. It’s very kind of you. I am on day 2 of the egg fast and this information about transitioning back has helped a lot. I don’t think my morale could take the beating of gaining the weight back. Thank you!

  49. Definitely struggling on Day 5 and trying to decide what to do this weekend so I can enjoy some of my HFLC without undoing the work I’ve done this week. If I can make it through today and tonight…I can make it through anything lol. My boyfriend jokingly asked if I want eggs for breakfast tomorrow…I laughed and said yes…WANT THEM, no…but I will still have them!

  50. So if you transition back correctly, you shouldn’t gain ALL the weight back, is that right? Because I’d like to do this once or twice a month, and then take 2 days to ease back in, and eat my regular 1258 cal’s a day after. But I don’t think my morale can take gaining back any weight. I’m only like 15 pounds from my goal weight so I think this would really help :)

      1. Hello,
        I have just finished my first week of EF. It’s going well and I would love to find the recipe for the picture above in the cast iron skillet. The title says “transition from egg fast to keto without gaining all the weight back”. Would love to try it!

        1. oh boy, I have a computer full of food pictures all with unwritten recipes! It could be awhile before it shows up on the blog, but it’s basically a crustless quiche with tomatoes, basil, peppers and cheese. If you are on my email list, you’ll see it on a future update from me. Thanks for stopping by!

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