Egg Fast Diet FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Keto Egg Fast FAQ. All your questions answered plus egg fast menu plans and recipes.

Keto Egg Fast Diet FAQ and Rules

I have been an admin in a Facebook Egg Fast Diet group for a few months now. With almost 5000 members I have seen many questions and this is a list of the most common or frequently asked questions about the Egg Fast Diet. So let’s get right to it! (Updated Dec 2018 There are over 35,000 members!)

Believe it or not,  the number one most frequently asked question is this:

Can I have HWC (Heavy Whipping Cream) while on the Egg Fast?

No. Nada. But yet, people will still go ahead and do it anyway. It’s a fast, you give things up when you are on a fast! Keto Egg Fast Coffee - So easy and delicious way to start your keto morning! But HWC seems to be one of those things that causes the most distress for people when they try to imagine life without it.

Even though it’s not a lifetime, it’s just a few days. Could there possibly be an addictive component at work here?  Hmmm, just saying.

Part 2 of this question is Butter is made from cream, so they are the same thing and so why can’t I have it? No, they are not the same thing! When you make butter (try it in a jar), all that liquid that is left over once you finally have butter, is in fact buttermilk.

Don’t send me hate mail on this one, and hear this:  You will not die if you spend a few days without heavy cream! 

And this might help, I call it Egg Fast Coffee

  • Blend 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter into your coffee (use a blender)
  • Whip that thing up like a latte.
  • Maybe add  a little stevia, you will have a new friend and no dairy! Try it! :-)

How many Eggs can I eat in a day?

I think the real question is what is the minimum number of eggs and some people wonder how many eggs are too many?

  • The minimum way to do egg fast is 6 eggs plus 6 tbsp fat.  This will ensure you are getting the minimum amount of protein for good health. Any less than this and you are not doing your body any good.
  • In the Egg Fast support group, the sweet spot seems to be 7-8 eggs with corresponding fats and a minimal amount of cheese.
  • There is no official maximum number of eggs you can have but too many eggs is when you feel stuffed and that number will be different for each person.
  • Most people eat the most eggs on day 1 and 2 and might feel some hunger. Then because the egg fast is approximately 85% fat, their hunger is killed by the 3rd day and they will often have trouble getting in the 6 eggs plus 6 tbsp fat.

Can I do Intermittent Fasting with the Egg Fast?

Absolutely! Just follow whatever eating schedule you currently use. Be sure to still get your minimum of 6 eggs and 6 fats.

Is the Egg Fast Diet Safe? How long can I do the Egg Fast?

These 2 questions are really the same, people worry about eating too many eggs for too long. It just shows how great a job the government did to brainwash us! The core of the concern seems to be that people are afraid of cholesterol.

Eggs have cholesterol and so therefore they must be bad! These concerns are based on science that is 50 years old!

I have been eating eggs daily for several years (4 or more every day!) and my cholesterol numbers are excellent! Please read this informative article to start your re-education.

Most people do the egg fast because they have hit a weight loss plateau while doing Keto or some other low carb plan of eating. Three to five days should be enough to break through that stall and then spend a few days on transitioning back to regular low carb. 

That said, Jimmy Moore did follow it for 30 days and lost 27 pounds! You can also read his book about cholesterol called  Cholesterol ClarityEgg fast menu and rules frequently asked questions.  You will be blown away by this information.

Will all these eggs give me tummy distress and ahem, bathroom issues?

No, this should not happen. If you do suffer any digestive distress it is more likely to be MCT oil and/or coconut oil (many people find it has a laxative effect) or xylitol if you are using that. 

The other reason you may feel ill is that you are not used to the Keto (Low Carb High Fat) diet and you are suffering from Keto Flu. It will pass in a few days.

This brings us to the opposite problem and another FAQ:

Will I get constipated on the egg fast?

  • The vast majority of people trying the egg fast do not have this problem, especially if they are following the recommended 1 tbsp fat per egg.
  • Increase your coconut oil and/or supplement with Magnesium Egg fast menu and rules frequently asked questions. and that should get things moving along again.
  • Another thing that works really well is Smooth Move tea!

What Fats Do You Eat on the Egg Fast?low carb egg fast

Can You Have Sweeteners on the Egg Fast?

The original Egg Fast calls for up to 3 servings a day in the form of diet soda. Some don’t drink diet soda and can use those servings for something else.

Use as little as possible and use a liquid stevia like this oneEgg fast menu and rules frequently asked questions. or try out some of those new sweeteners that use a blend of stevia and erythritol such as So Nourished sweetener. If you can get through this without any sweetener, even better because you will lose your taste for sweetness.

Can I Chew Gum on the Egg Fast?

Yes you can. BUT! (You saw that coming right?!) Each serving of gum will counts towards your 3 servings of sweetener per day.

Unless you are using absolutely no other sweeteners on the egg fast then consider saving the gum for emergency situations.

Am I allowed to have ‘__________’ food? (Fill in the blank!)

Ok, here it is and you’re not going to like this answer but it is the brutal reality.

It’s a fast, you give things up on a fast. If your ‘_________’ is not eggs, butter or cheese, then the answer is this:  ‘_______’ is not on the Egg Fast and so you better either not have it, or have as little as possible.  And no point in asking others if it’s ok to have this blankety blank item on the egg fast, you need to make that decision for yourself.

It’s only 3 to 5 days, the cleaner you are, the better results you will have. That said, you are an adult and can do whatever you choose. You don’t need to ask me for permission. Add what you feel is right to the egg fast and if you are happy with the results, then that is what counts in the end.

But please, if you do add something non compliant to your egg fast, do not go into the egg fast support group and ask people for permission to do it or tell others to do the same! Make you own decision and be accountable to yourself.

‘________’ food has zero carbs, why can’t I have it?

The goal of the egg fast is not zero carbs or even low carbs. Here is where the rubber meets the road and if you get this point, you will succeed on your Keto journey for the long term. 

The egg fast works best as a low carb reality check and clean up. Most people eventually stall out on low carb and if you are one of those people, check everything you think you know at the door.

I was very low carb and stalled for months but my food plan was filled with so called zero carb drinks, desserts, fat bombs, heavy cream and nuts. 

The egg fast cleaned all that out and *THAT* is what gets the weight loss moving again.

So if you end the egg fast and go back to your same old low carb plan, you will end up back where you started.

Sorry about that and don’t send me hate mail. I know there is always that person who says ‘But I eat tons of ‘_______’ and I lost a lot of weight’. Congratulations! But it doesn’t help the people who are stalled.

Can I do the Egg Fast even though I am not on a Low Carb Diet?

I’m going to say yes but with a lot of hesitation!

The egg fast is best suited to people who are already eating a low carb diet. Going very low carb like the egg fast brings along some severe detox symptoms (called Keto Flu) as your body switches from burning glucose to burning fat.

That said, some people do use it as a way to jumpstart their new Low carb life! And if that is why you are doing it, I support you in that!

How do I transition back to regular eating and not gain back the weight I lost?

By regular eating, hopefully you mean Keto or low carb of some kind.

If you go back to the Standard American Diet (SAD), you WILL gain back the weight. The first time I did the egg fast routine for 4 weeks I didn’t really know how to transition properly and I still managed to lose 13 pounds in a month. 

A transition period is very important and is the most successful and easy way to leave the egg fast behind, in fact I follow the egg fast transition most days now because I like it. Read how to transition from egg fast to keto here.

Is there an Egg Fast menu plan I can follow?

Yes, I have many free recipes and sample food plans on this page.  I have also developed an Egg Fast Mix and Match Menu pack that includes a 5 Day Plan, a 5 Day Dairy free plan and a 5 Day Transition plan.  You can check that out right here:

egg fast plan book cover page

Also see free egg fast menu planning ideas here:

Egg Fast Three Day Sample Menu

Three days of Keto Egg Fast menu and recipe ideas.

Keto Egg Fast Recipes

  1. Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites for the Egg Fastimage of printables
  2. Egg Fast Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs
  3. Egg Fast Cloud Bread
  4. Keto Mini Egg Fast Pizzas
  5. Egg Fast Lemon Filled Danish
  6. Egg Puffs Recipe
  7. Mascarpone Hazelnut Low Carb Cheesecake Muffins
  8. Egg Fast Waffles
  9. Recipe to make your own mayo!

If you are on Pinterest you can follow me at  KetogenicWoman for everything Egg Fast and Keto related.

Keeping Track of your Eggs and Fats on the Egg Fast

The free Egg Fast Tracker App for iPhone and Android. Helps with Egg Fast tracking!
The Egg Fast Tracker App

I love My Fitness Pal and use it a lot, but that said it was a tedious way to keep track during the egg fast. Plus many people in the group who use it get all hung up on macros and calories and so on. The Egg Fast Diet is a Keep it Simple program. Enter the Egg Fast Tracker app! It is completely free and you can install it on your Android phone or tablet.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then click this link for your Egg Fast Tracker app.

I will be updating this FAQ from time to time as new things come up. Thanks for visiting and if you have a question that is not answered here, by all means feel free to leave a comment and ask your question.

Keto Egg Fast FAQ. All your questions answered plus egg fast menu plans and recipes.

Egg Fast Days 1-3

224 thoughts on “Egg Fast Diet FAQ Frequently Asked Questions”

    1. It’s not part of the egg fast so you’ll have to assess the ingredients and macros and make that call on whether to include it or live without it for a few days.

      1. Eric Nicholas Bridges

        Can you take a fiber supplement while on an egg fast? I haven’t seen anything about this anywhere.

        1. I wouldn’t unless you actually need it! Many people assume they will be constipated on the egg fast but my experience is that it’s usually the opposite due to the high fat (85%!) nature of the egg fast. So if you are doing longer than the typical 5 days maybe just wait and see how your body responds.

  1. Hi there,
    Will continuing to take my supplements have an affect? I use pre workout when going to the gym as well as an appetite suppressant/energy booster (2x tablets 3 times a day) and then at the end of the day I take a night time magnesium based shred powder. Should I stop these while I do this fast? I also take various vitamins too such as Vit D, Calcium, a Multivitamin etc, will these affect my end result too?
    Thanks in advance 🙏

    1. I honestly don’t think supplements will have a negative effect, BUT I would definitely check the labels and make sure there isn’t sugar or anything that will add carbs.

  2. Hi, is there any reason not to use Ghee instead of butter? It’s not on the fat list but it’s such a better option if sensitive to dairy.

    1. well, first using vinegar is completely optional, I normally don’t even use it. If you do want to add it, I would think that any vinegar will be fine, but white vinegar would have the most neutral flavor.

  3. Butter is dairy and buttermilk, the real stuff, not the stuff in the carton at the grocery store, is water with a little bit of protein.

    1. That’s a personal choice! I can never make it past 4-5 days but I’ve heard of people doing 30 days! As far as how often, I would do it whenever you feel like you’ve hit a plateau on regular keto and need to reset again.

      1. The creator of the fast did it for 30 days, this is entirely up to you as to how long. As far as how often, again, up to you. I tend to do it only when I feel really stuck, or have been on vacation and enjoyed a little too much carb creep!

  4. Bullet proof coffee?
    (All mixed in a blender)
    3/4 cup Cold Decaf coffee (my choice i prefer not to have the stimulant
    3 eggs
    2tbs mct oil
    2tbs kerrigold
    1tsp stevia
    3 ice cubes
    3 frozen black coffee ice cubes
    1/2 cup ph balanced electrolyte enhanced water

    Then on non egg fast days I add:
    (1 scoop bone broth protein powder
    2 packets of monk fruit (instead of stevia)
    Splash of HWC
    3/4cup of Caffeinated Joe (caffeine water)

    1. Yes, you can certainly do that and add an egg somewhere else in the day. Also no carbs in that electrolyte water(I’m not sure what the ingredients are for what you are using).For people who are new to Keto though, I would recommend not starting out with that much fat in your drink unless you can be beside a toilet for the day! Newbies start with 1 egg, 1 tbsp fat blended in your coffee and then go from there.

  5. Should I really not worry about calories? I have been using Carb Manager with great success and it tells me I should have 1145 kCal per day. I am about to start my first egg fast, and even at the minimum of 6 eggs per day (plus 3 tbsp butter and 3 oz cheese) I would be on 1364 kCal per day. I’m nervous…especially as I highly doubt 6 eggs will be enough!

    1. It’s really only for a few days and after having been an admin in the Egg Fast Stall Breaker group for the last few years, it appears that most people get best results with 7-8 eggs, 7-8 fats and no cheese. I don’t know why that is for sure but I suspect their body is getting the protein they need. I also have to ask, if what you are already doing is working for you then why do the egg fast at all? It’s here for keto/low carb people that are stuck. And sometimes when we get stuck, doing something radically different even if the calories are a lot higher, will push us past a stall.

    2. Kindly advise if I can use a modified Egg Salad recipe to add variety. This could in life Green Onion, Celery, and some spices such as Curry. I would add Trader Joe Real Mayonnaise for fat

      1. The Egg Fast is fasting from everything except for eggs and fats for 3-5 days. So you will have to make that call on your own.

      1. No, those are technically not on the fast. You are much better off to boil some hot water and add himalayan salt or redmond salt and some of your egg fast butter to make a broth that way. It’s quite tasty!

  6. Is it necessary to eat minimum of 6 eggs? I am not able to eat anything and i ate only 3 eggs with 2 tbsp butter is it fine?

    1. No I don’t think that is fine simply because it’s not enough protein for your body. There are so many recipes that can help you get those 6 eggs down, please try!

  7. I’m wondering – have you ever experimented with just egg fasting every other day, alternating keto days and egg fast days?

    If so, what were the results? I am on week 3, about to start another 3-day egg fast, and the idea of eating eggs for 3 days is making me sick to my stomach ? I am having great results so far, though.

    Thanks for your help!

      1. Your egg fast waffles are helping me get through this! I look forward to eating them every morning ? thank you!

  8. Hi! I would be using duck eggs for my egg fast. Since a duck egg has double the fat of a chicken egg…

    What fat-to-duck egg ratio do you recommend? Would it be 1.5tbsp to an egg or 2tbsp? :)

    Oh! And can we use MCT oil for the egg fast?

    Thanks a bunch! :)

  9. Hi! If I’ll be using duck eggs, what’s the recommended egg-to-fat ratio? Since it’s double the amount of fat in a duck egg vs a chicken egg…
    Would the ratio be 1 duck egg to 1.5 Tbsp of Fat? Or 2 Tbsp?

    And.. Is MCT oil allowed for the egg fast?

    Thank you! :)

    1. It’s more about the protein and the duck egg only has a little more protein than a chicken egg. I would continue to stick to 1 tbsp fat per egg. The admins in the Egg Fast group are not big fans of MCT oil over coconut oil due to the MCT oil being more processed. But I think if that is your personal preference then it won’t affect results.

  10. Question regarding strength training and fasting. Not only am I starting an eggfast I want to intermittent fast like 12-18 hours. So eat all my eggs within a 12-6 hour window. My question is how vital is it that I eat my first meal of eggs after my workout? I will be working out at 4 AM and depending on my intermittent fast my first meal should be until 6AM-Noon.

    1. Many people do IF along with the egg fast with great results, so eating in the morning is not vital in my opinion. This is going to be more about how *you* feel after those early workout days. Good luck!

      1. Thank you so much. And just to clarify your recommendation is egg and fat only (butter or such) no cheese?

        1. well it’s just that cheese is so problematic for so many. I barely use it anymore on keto. When I do egg fast I use a max of 2 ounces a day or I would go insane. So it’s just something to be aware of.

          1. So I made a mistake on adding 1 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream in day 1 , did that throw my fast off and would I have to start over?

  11. I started the egg fast yesterday. I managed to eat 8 eggs and 8 tablespoons of butter and felt satisfied on that. I love cheese, but I know it messes with my weight loss, so I only ate 2 ounces. I woke this morning looking forward to day two. All going well so far. Thanks for your easy to follow instructions and menu ideas.

  12. Rhonda Heglas

    I just started this fast today! I had to make myself eat my final 2 eggs to make it 6 for the day… Do u have to eat 6 a day? I feel really stuffed now.. I drank my 100 0z of water too..

    1. 6 eggs is really the minimum in order to get enough protein. Try blending them in a coffee shake with coconut oil, very delicious and easier to get down.

  13. As a Mediterranean lady, I’m a bit offended you didn’t mention olive oil among the allowed fats. How dare you? ?

    Can you do the fast with no cheese? Just eggs and fat? I’m doing it but without the cheese. Just eggs, pink Himalayan salt, black pepper, oregano and olive oil.

    Also, is there a maximum number of eggs? I know 6 is the minimum, but I can eat A LOT, especially if they are medium-sized eggs. I usually buy large or extra large eggs.

    1. Olive oil is a great oil for salads and making mayo. For the egg fast we just didn’t want people cooking with it, the coconut oil and butter have a higher smoking point. Absolutely you can do this without cheese! There is no maximum number of eggs, eat eggs and fat until you are full but not stuffed. Good luck!

  14. I keep seeing suggestions throughout your site to use butter and coconut oil in coffee as a HWC substitute, but no mention anywhere of egg coffees. Maybe I missed it?

    I discovered years ago that eggs make a very palatable cream substitute for coffee, especially with a half tablespoon each of butter and coconut oil. Whipped in a tall mug with a stick blender, egg coffee looks and tastes like latte… perfect for an egg fast.

    With hot coffee, you do have to temper beaten egg(s) before adding coffee to avoid making scrambled-egg coffee (lol), but it’s not hard. It helps to have eggs at room temp before starting.

    I heat butter and coconut oil in the mug until nearly hot, then whip in one or two room-temp whole eggs or yolks (good for fat fasts) just before slowly adding hot coffee in a thin stream while zapping with a stick blender. When half-full, stop whipping, top up the mug with more coffee, and stir. It’s not as tricky as it sounds. Just takes a bit of practice. :)

    Iced egg coffee is even easier to make: Blend one or two yolks or whole eggs, a splash or two of vanilla or almond extract, 1 tbsp of MCT oil and cold coffee in a blender, then pour over ice or, better yet, coffee ice cubes. You can also throw in the cubes for egg-coffee slushies. I use MCT oil because butter and CO won’t blend when cold.

    However, two eggs or yolks per mug or glass is pretty much my maximum per mug or glass. I usually use one…. but experiment to find your maximum. :)

    1. We talk about it all the time in the Facebook group! It’s a staple for egg fasters! Thanks for sharing your methods.

        1. Just for the egg fast it is treated only as a cheese. The EF fats are butter, mayo or coconut oil (1 tbsp per egg).

          1. Do you ever weigh yourself at the end of a day of egg fast to see if you’ve gone up? I just did and I’m up 2.8 lbs. yikes

          2. Don’t ever do that! Every single person in the world weighs more at the end of the day than they do in the morning! I drink a ton of water and I *always* weigh 5 pounds more at night. You weigh yourself only once in a day and you do it at the same time. Otherwise it will never be a true gauge for how much you have lost.

  15. I’ve seen it said many time not to use HWC, I’m not a huge fan anyway but I have unsweetened vanilla almond milk or coconut milk in my coffee. bulletproof or regular. Is this okay on the egg fast?

    1. Well, no. The idea is to eliminate pretty much everything. I would follow the fast as is (eggs, fat and a little cheese ) for best results. Then you can slowly add in other things once your stall is broken.

  16. Ive been boiling my eggs, and been drinking the butter with chicken broth? but is it okay to have chicken broth on the egg fast?

    1. Well, the idea is to eliminate pretty much everything. I would follow the fast as is (eggs, fat and a little cheese ) for best results. Then you can slowly add in other things once your stall is broken.

  17. do you need to count calories on an egg fast? I’m a few days before my period and I’m usually crazy hungry beforehand, but seems 8 Eggs satisfied me best today. I’m afraid the calories are too high now and I ruined my egg fast.

    1. 8 eggs + 8 fats should not be too many calories unless you have been following a very low calorie restricted diet, in which case this won’t be right for you. Give it the 4-5 days it needs to work. Good luck!

  18. HI. I have read extensively and still cannot figure my micros. I work out every day so I need a high count proteins, but that will increase calories, and with a high count calories I do not lose weight. So I cannot increase one without increasing the other. I need at least 70 grams proteins a day. And I should eat around 1200 calories plus 100 in supplements (fish oil, glucomann, keto-drive) and matching the fat o my….cannot get the right number please help

    1. Well, hopefully someone who reads this can help you! If you work out every day I think 1200 is too low. But as a starting point 70 grams of protein is roughly 280 calories. So it from that point. There are several free apps that can help such as My Fitness Pal.

  19. I read through the questions and comments and I didn’t see any one ask if You could have more than one cup of coffee? 2 scrambled eggs with 2 tbsp of butter is too much for me, could I put that 2nd tbsp of butter in a second cup of coffee? My first cup of coffee had 1 tbsp of butter and 1 tbsp of MCT.

        1. Not really sure, I don’t know the product. If it has artificial sweeteners in it, then swap it out against 1 of the 3 servings of diet pop per day and see how you do.

  20. I’m planning on starting my first Egg Fast tomorrow, but I’m confused about MCT oil. Should I be using it during the fast or no? And how much?

    1. There are different versions of the egg fast out there, some allow MCT oil and some don’t. If you *do* use it, then each tbsp will count as 1 fat that needs to be matched up with 1 egg.

        1. Coconut oil is one of the preferred fats for the egg fast. It’s the same ratio as butter, 1 tbsp counts as 1 fat. End the day with equals fats to eggs. Good luck!

          1. I’m using large eggs and butter mostly and am on day 1 of my egg fast. I have already eaten over 1700 calories and have still not yet had dinner. This is due to the butter being so calorie dense. I feel like this is a lot of calories to be having in 1 day and I’m worried that the fast will not work based on calories alone. I am also pretty impatient as you can probably tell and I could just wait until morning to see if my weight has gone down but do you have any insight on this? Thank you!

          2. Are you also eating cheese? 6 eggs and 6 tbsp butter is approximately 1100 calories and most people are hungrier on the first and second day so might be eating a little more on the first 2 days. Try to give it 5 days before panicking! Remember that whatever the scale says tomorrow, you really have to eat an excess of 3500 calories to gain a pound of fat. So you have to give it time to all work itself out!

    1. Sometimes we have to make do with what is available to us. Don’t forget you can also use butter or ghee and I recommend making your own mayo with a good quality oil. (But not extra virgin olive oil as it tastes too strong!) Here is how to make mayo.

  21. I know this is old news and I could go searching elsewhere, and I have a but with no luck. Is there a reference to the “why’s” behind this? Like why are we eliminating fiber entirely? Not asking permission per se but just trying to wrap my overly-curious brain around things. And contemplating trying this and still eating my chia pudding lol. I know, that’s another diet. Thanks for all the info

  22. Hello everyone ! I’m doing my egg fast for a week now I may say I like it and lost few pounds . I decided to continue to doing it until I’ll reach my ideal weight before transitioning to keto. My question is has anyone had a health issues because of doing egg fast ?

  23. Thank you for for posting the egg fast info. My question is I am so used to intermittent fasting that I find it very difficult to eat an egg 30min after waking up. Pls is it ok to do the intermittent fasting and then start eating my eggs at noon?

  24. I am on day 4 of the egg fast and this morning I am up 1.5 lbs. I understand water retention but honestly don’t think I should be retaining any right now. Little confused. I’m pretty sure I should be losing. This morning I’m at the weight I started my first day of the egg fast. What’s going on? Tia

    1. Sorry, there is no information here to go on and make a guess. I would suggest that you join the egg fast group and share your daily menu there. Other than that, there are so many variables to weight loss including hormones, your current weight/height, what you were eating pre egg fast, medications, exercise, how close to goal …

  25. Okay, I hope you are still reading comments:D:D It seams that some think cream cheese is not okay, but you have it in your sample menu. Also, is tabasco okay in place of the siracha? And, I know for myself, I asked about heavy cream b/c I use it in my hot tea & had already had it that morning that I wanted to start.

    1. who are these people who don’t like cream cheese!? I don’t get them :-) Cream cheese counts as a cheese but all cheeses are best limited to under 4 ounces a day for best results. As far as hot sauces, sure just a few drops would be fine, a little goes a long way. There is no HWC on the egg fast. Good luck!

    1. There is no upper limit if coffee does not affect your weight loss. With the bullet proof coffee you do have to count the fats and make sure you consume an egg for every tbsp and you can only use egg fast ingredients, so no HWC.

  26. Hi Keto Woman,
    I feel cheese makes me stall. What can I use instead of cheese. Thought of bacon or do you have any better idea?
    How do I get potassium best in?

    1. Cheese actually makes a lot of people stall. On the egg fast it is completely optional, the only thing to add in place of cheese if you are still hungry is another egg and fat.
      Save the other stuff for transitioning off. For potassium some people use no salt or lo salt which has added potassium. Good luck!

  27. It says that you need to eat within 1/2 hour of waking. I wake up and immediately go to the gym so I usually don’t eat for at least a few hours after waking except for ketones. Will this hinder results?

    1. I don’t think it will hurt. But some people who go to the gym first thing in the morning say they have incredible energy when they drink a coffee on the way that is spiked with 2 of their fats for the day, say coconut oil or butter. Might want to give that a try and see.

  28. Hi! Just starting the egg fast and have 2 questions I don’t believe have been asked but if they have, I apologize in advance!
    First, are you including the water from your 16oz coffee in your daily water consumption?
    Second, the egg tracker app lists “butter” but not any other fats…do we track all fats under the butter icon as well?
    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi Betty! The egg tracker, yes just count all the fats under butter. It was an easy way to keep it all on one screen and the egg fast is pretty simple, only 4 things to track really. As far as the coffee water being counted I have heard both side of the argument on this one and I would go with whatever you feel comfortable with. The caveat being as long as not *all* your water is coffee if that makes sense? Have some plain water as well :-)

    1. You’ll have to decide that on your own. In the facebook group I have seen that people who are not already low carb get severe keto flu and the fast is not as effective for them because they gain it right back after. The idea is to go back to low carb/keto after but if you are not a low carber then it doesn’t work as well.

  29. I was just wondering, i kicked myself out of keto the other day should i wait till im back in it before i start my egg fast?

    1. That is completely up to you! It if was me, I’d do it, there’s no faster way that I know of to get back into ketosis.

  30. Hi, I am on day 6 of EF. 8 lbs lost so far. Stalled for several months on low carb diet. Lost 125 lbs doing that and have another 85 to go. Wondering if I can do 5 days on EF, 2 days LC or 12 days on, 2 days off. Your thoughts on cycles? And is it safe to continue doing for entire 85 lbs? Thanks for all the great info you have provided!

    1. I like doing the cycles and that’s how I did my first 4 egg fasts, 5 days on, 2 days off. Back then we didn’t know the best way to transition, so I always gained on my 2 days off, but I was still happy with how much I was down after a month. You can read about that here.

  31. Hi Keto Woman. Thanks for the info.
    Question: Must I have the 1:1 butter and eggs at the same time or must it match up by the end of the day? So If I just have bulletproof coffee (butter+mct) in the morning does that count against the fat I should be eating? Or should I then go 1:1 as the day goes on (eg: 6 eggs + 6 tbsp of butter)?

    1. You don’t need to ingest the fats and eggs at the same time, just be equal by the end of the day. And it doesn’t matter how you have them, if you swallow a fat, it counts as a fat. So be sure to measure what you are putting in the coffee.

    1. I guess you will have to see what happens! If you are happy with the results then maybe it’s ok for you!

    1. On this egg fast the fat is a requirement in a 1 tbsp fat to 1 egg ratio. It is what keeps you full. Of course, you can do whatever you like, but that is not this egg fast, that is some other diet. :-)

      1. Thanks. I’ve been keto for a month and started the egg fast on Tuesday. I’m not hungry and I am barely able to eat 6 eggs more less adding any fat.

    1. Did you read this FAQ? Of course, you can do whatever you like, but that is not this egg fast, that is some other diet. :-)

  32. Does not seem to work. Been eating keto for weeks!

    First, i started with 6 eggs, 6 fats. Gained weight. Then i thought- maybe increase the eggs and fats to 8:8. Gained some more weight. And i weigh 181 lbs, 5’00”.

    What am i doing wrong? Should i reduce eggs? I do really well lo cal. But, with keto and this egg fast, i seem to loose very little or nothing at all!

  33. How do you get the tbl of fat if you eat hard boiled eggs during the. For instance I work long shift at a restaurant so is have to bring a hard boiled egg with me since I can’t cook it at my work.

    1. Lots of options! You could use mayo as your fat and make devilled eggs or egg salad. You could make the egg muffins and take those to work, they have the fat built right in. You could put butter and/or coconut oil in your coffee and eat the egg plain. You could bring along the egg fast waffles and put butter and sugar free syrup on those. For more ideas check out Sample Day1, Sample Day 2, and Sample Day 3.

  34. I’m not sure if anyone asked this question.There are too many comments to read through, lol. Do you exercise while doing the egg fast?

    1. The rule of thumb is to continue doing whatever you were already doing, you may feel a little less energetic. But the egg fast is not the time to start something brand new as far as exercise, I would wait the few days until you are done.

  35. Hi I am kanchan. I am following egg diat nearly two weeks but lose only one kilo. I don’t know what went wrong. Meanwhile I do exercise.having more water. I have coffee with Palm sugar without milk.taking sweet corn,fruits, wholemeal bread2slice,veggies,boiled chicken. This is what my menu.if this is ok or not pls let me know proper diet plan that willbe great to me. Thanks looking for your answer. Bye.

    1. Sorry to tell you Kanchan that none of the food that you listed are on the Egg Fast. There is no sugar, no corn, no fruit, no bread, no veggies and no chicken on the egg fast. Only eggs, butter coconut oil and mayo. Please read the instructions here and you will likely do better. Here is a sample meal plan for the first day. Also the egg fast is for people who are doing keto or low carb, it sounds like you don’t do that? You might also want to check out the basics of keto first before you try the egg fast. Good luck!

  36. Hi, I was wondering if olive oil (or some cooking oil) can be used as the source of fat? I am thinking of using the tbsp of fat per egg by frying them in oil. Also, I’ve never been on a keto diet before- how long can I egg fast without having long-term health issues? Would a 5 day a week egg fast, with low carb diet (and eggs for two meals out of 3) the two other days, work long term? I personally love eggs and never had a particular psychological need for diet diversity, so while it seems restrictive to many, this diet wouldn’t inconvenience me at all and I really want it to work.

    1. Olive oil is not a good oil for cooking, you are better off using the coconut oil and /or butter. You can do the egg fast and on/off indefinitely and you would lose weight. Many people do that as their ongoing keto food plan. If you have not done keto/low carb before just be aware that the keto flu can be severe. Be sure to read my keto flu article to prepare yourself.

  37. Is there a safe amount of days to follow this? I did notice you had mentioned someone had followed it for 30 days! I have had great results following this fast for 3 days losing close to 7 lbs…makes me want to continue for a little while longer!!!

    1. It’s perfectly safe to keep going for a few more days if you want to. The most important piece of this whole thing is to transition properly back to low carb so that you don’t gain back what you lost and figure out how to move forward and keep losing.

    1. It’s definitely not egg fast protocol, so up to you! I would try blending your coffee with coconut oil and/or butter instead. Comes out nice and creamy and 100% on protocol.

    1. There actually is not a maximum, but be sure to get the fats in because that is what stops the hunger. I was never able to eat more than 8 eggs/fats anytime I have done the egg fast. Eat as many eggs and matching fats to be satisfied but never stuffed.

    1. You can have up to 3 servings of sweetener a day and crystal lite falls into that category. Although this is like a cleanse so I would probably go without it for a few days. One of the goals of the egg fast is to figure out what stalls you. Products like that are known to stall many people.

  38. I really appreciate the information you’ve put up for us all to learn from. I’ve been keto for nearly 2 months now and I just started my EF last night. I have had the runs all day, and I’m definitely not hungry enough to be eating every few hours. Is this digestive distress normal, and is it “against the rules” to eat fewer than 6 eggs per day? Thanks!

    1. I find that coconut oil can give me the runs, it has a natural laxative effect. And if I happen to have coconut oil and xylitol at the same time, watch out!
      The thing with the 6 eggs, it’s not so much about setting an arbitrary rule, it’s more about protecting your lean muscle. Fewer than 6 eggs is not only low calorie, it’s also low protein. And if your body has no carbs and no protein and you are eating so low in calories, it’s going to go hunting for other places to get energy and your organs can suffer. Please don’t think you will lose faster with less than 6 eggs/fats. The only thing you will lose faster are things you really want to keep!

      1. Thanks for the speedy reply! Not trying to cut calories, just suffering from an upset tummy and can’t stand the thought of cramming more eggs down my throat at the moment. I’ll stick to it and cross my fingers the upset dissipates. :)

  39. Hello KetoWoman =) I tried the egg fast last week for 3 days lost a total of 5lbs. Went off it Thurs to Sunday and gained 0.5 back which is still Great! I restarted this Monday again trying to complete 5 days. My question is how long can I do this eggfast for? Can I do this once a week say for 3 days a week then back to my paleo or clean eating until I get to my goal weight? Is it healthy to be doing this once a week? THANK YOU so much!

    1. Yes, as far as I’m concerned you can do it anytime you feel you need a cleanup in your plan. I did actually do it 4 weeks in a row once with weekends off for regular keto. I lost about 13 pounds total for the month. But now it’s just a once in awhile thing for me. Sometimes even just 1 day. Thanks for the question!

  40. can i have my whole wheat bread with avocado? and can i also chew bubble gum (sugar free)… and finally can have apple or banana as a snack during the day?

    1. ahhh, No , no, no and no. None of those things are on a low carb diet. This is a low carb site. Good luck :-)

    1. Did you really say *only* 3 kg!? That’s almost 7 pounds! To lose 7 pounds after stalling this is great news. Some people lose much less, some more, we are all different. COngratulations! Now be sure to transition very slowly back to low carb or it will come back.

  41. I’m on day 6 of EF.. I’ve lost 6 pounds. My problem is I’m having a lot of trouble getting all my fats in… For instance today I’m at 5 eggs, 4 fats… I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing keto flu.. I really want to keep going on this EF… I have some liquid coconut cooking oil… Would it count as my fats if I just take a tablespoon of it like Medicine?

  42. I also have not lost after 3 days. I am going to cut out mayo and stick to butter and coconut oil to see if mayo was the cause. Yes I do drink enough water and no I do not eat any cheese. Just simply 1 egg to 1 tbls. Of fat and BP tea, 1 tbl. Coconut oil and butter. I will keep going to see what happens.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear that but some people report getting a big whoosh at Day 4 or 5. Give it a couple more days if you can!

    2. Hi! what is the recipe you use for BPT? I have tried the BPC and just am not a fan of coffee flavor.

      Thank you!

  43. I’m ending day 2 of my egg fast & feel great! I really appreciated all the sharing of the information on this. I’ve only eaten eggs, butter, block cheese & on day 2 I had a BPC & a total of 7 eggs, 6T of butter & 4 oz of block cheese & Im over my macros of 1386 so I guess that’s okay during the fast? Day 1 I was under but I guess the BPC put me over. What’s your opinion? BTW I put in a request to join your FB egg fast group. Thanks!

  44. I have a 6 and half month old baby who is still nursing but I desperately need to shed some body fat. Will I continue to lactate if I go on the egg fast?

    I intend to nurse my baby until she’s at least one year old.

    1. I have no experience with Egg Fast and a nursing baby. Have you tried just keeping your carbs very low and eating protein, fat and veggies. In other words, just the regular low carb diet? It should work just as well and give you the range of nutrition you need. By the way. you don’t need dairy for a nursing baby, I raised 4 healthy children, all breastfed and I can tolerate very little dairy. Plenty of healthy veggies and protein will keep your nursing baby going. My doctor was totally on board.

  45. can i add salt to the eggs or drink chicken broth so I can avoid keto flu? Thanks by the way for this amazing blog. I found myself stuck into it for days on end Hahaha. Its just something that gives me hope esp now that im experiencing a plateau. Also, is it just me or even three scrambled or three boiled eggs doesnt fill me up? Or maybe its only during the first two to three days?

    1. Yes, do add salt, it will help. Be sure if you eat 2-3 eggs that you also eat 2-3 fats to match. The fat is what keeps you full on this and by about the third day, many people experience quite a decrease in hunger. Good luck!

      1. You didn’t specifically address the chicken broth question.

        I ask because I plan to start the EF tomorrow; but, I have a lovely batch of chicken based bone broth that seems to help greatly at keeping me from having muscle cramps & headaches. I was wondering if it was allowed/advisable on the EF? If not, I’ll freeze it for after the EF. If it is allowed, it makes a yum version of egg drop soup that would allow me a way to have a warm ‘comfort meal ‘ while still on the EF.

        Thank you in advance!

      2. Btw, if it matters, this batch of bone broth is a result of a long slow simmer using the drippings from a roasted chicken , any excess skin, fat, bones, the neck, livers, etc, that was then strained & stored. There is no added sugar, seasoning, etc in it.

  46. I have a question. Im just new to this LCHF thing and to be honest, ive always love my carbs (not good right?) so Im just trying to skip the extreme keto because its 2 months before summer break and by that time, my whole keto effort would be wasted. Im 18 years old by the way. 5ft in height (yes im too small) and 46 kgs. Ive tried so many diets just to freaking not see that 46 on the scale everytime I stepped into it. The fact that im a complete endomorph just makes keto the most ideal to me since Im very carb intolerant (carbs make me fat). But ive decided to try that next semester on my fourth year in college (after summer hell).

    So yeah, ive tried weight loss cereals and the likes but the 46 had not left the weighing scale. Also, i can only weigh myself in the school because i dont have my own ws at home. So everytime I drink my morning 30onz of water, I was 46. But when i dont drink water (oh god its killing me not to drink in the morning) I get 45. So I guess the latter was more.accurate..

    So here comes the question haha. Egg Fast would be my intro to Low Carb, so is it okay i lf I add salt to my eggs or drink chicken stock during the egg fast just so I could not have Keto Flu (because were in the middle of the second sem)?

    I reallyx10 want to get over this monthlong plateau. And im just so amazed and thankful that I found your blog. Its like im going over it everyday and it just really motivates me to try.

    1. Yes, absolutely add lots of salt to your eggs! It will help you. I would actually use some of that Lo Salt because it has potassium, which will help minimize your keto flu symptoms. Broth is not officially on the egg fast, but if you start suffering then have some. Some also swear by powerade zero, pickle juice (blech to me) I guess we all have our favorite tricks.

  47. 7.4 lbs in 2 days. Following pretty strictly… eggs 6 cheese 6 butter… some. Working great for me!

    Going to start a fitness challenge next week and incorporate exercise!

  48. Tanks Ketowoman for all the information. I am presently fasting as a Christian though and on LCHF diet but I will like to use the egg fast to break my fast every evening for the next three days . Is this ok?
    Will appreciate an answer want to start tomorrow. Thank you

    1. I am so sorry I missed your message. My message alerts for this blog stopped working and I didn’t realize until today. Still not fixed but at least now I know! I’m actually not sure what you mean by breaking your fast every night? Do you mean that you are fasting during the day and want to eat an egg fast meal at night?

  49. I seemed to have gained weight while on the egg fast. I’m on day 3, started at 160 and now 164. I eat about 6-7 eggs a day with a tablespoon of fat for each egg. I use mct oil and coconut oil only since I can’t have dairy.

    Do you have any advice?

    1. No, I can’t imagine why you didn’t lose anything. Some people who are coming from a low calorie or low fat diet do gain, it’s for people doing LCHF. Other things that can make this happen are medications, hormones and age. Other than that, it doesn’t work for everyone so try something else.

    2. Make sure to drink loads of water and eat little salt. Don’t eat cheese and what helps me is if instead of a tablespoon of actual fat, I have tub butter because it’s lower in fat but it’s still bitter. That just helps me

    1. Avocados are a great food to eat during regular LCHF/keto but they are not an egg fast food. 4-5 eggs with fats won’t give you enough calories. 6 eggs plus 6 tbsp fat is not even 1100 calories so shoot for that.

  50. I’m 128 lbs and have hit a platue. I would like to get to my original weight of 120. Do u think the egg fast would benifit someone who dosnt have a lot weight.

    I’ve worked really really hard to get down from 150 to 128. I’m just scared eating all these eggs and butter will make me gain weight. I would be devastated if that happens.

    1. I really can’t say if it will work for you not having much information to go on. You should join the Facebook group and ask in there as there are many people of varying sizes and weights who have done this.

    1. wow, that’s pretty amazing. Just be sure to ease slowly back into low carb though. You want your regular low carb to be nice and clean like the egg fast in order to keep losing the weight. Congrats!

  51. Hi! One more question how do people lose so much weight on this diet? I mean there are a lot of calories per day required so how do you lose weight so fast? Oh and can I exercise?

    1. Yes, you can exercise but if the egg fast is your first foray into a low carb diet you can expect to get keto flu symptoms which might make you too tired to exercise. The egg fast is an extreme version of low carb which is why the weight comes off so fast.

  52. Hi! I’m so excited to try this but will I lose the weight faster if I have one teaspoon of fat per egg instead? It would be difficult for me to have 1 tbsp of fat per egg

    1. No actually you won’t lose weight faster like that. The Egg Fast is a subset of the LCHF diet, Low Carb HIGH Fat. That fat will keep you full and kill your appetite after a couple days so you will be less likely to cave in.
      Maybe get your feet wet first by trying out regular low carb or keto for a few weeks to get used to eating higher fat. Ease into it, so to speak.
      Whatever you decide, good luck!

    1. I think it would be terribly boring but people have done it for extended periods. I can’t really say what would be safe for you to do, why not try it for a few days and see how that goes?

  53. Wondering why one has to have an egg within 30 minutes of waking? By the time I’ve showered, dressed and done whatever, it’s more than 30 minutes since waking.

    And define waking… as in the point your body has woken up from sleep, or the process of getting out of bed? I know, silly question, but I “wake” early for 10-15 minutes when my husband goes to work, but return to sleep for another hour or two.

    1. First, you don’t HAVE to do it! It’s a guideline that was set out by the original creator of the fast. It goes on the theory that you need to kick start your metabolism by eating early and then continue to eat small amounts throughout the day to keep your metabolism burning. Just do what works for your schedule. And define waking, ummm over thinking it a bit, I think! :-) Best of luck!

  54. hi my name is Ben from India. I’m really interested to start keto but I’m sure you know staple Indian cuisine consists of carbohydrates. so I have decided to go keto with 10 eggs per day with 100-120 g coconut oil. and sometimes chicken occasionnally. will it work for me? will I go into ketosis with this diet? I have never done keto diet before. I could really use some guidance in this. thank you.

    1. Hi Ben from India! Yes, you will definitely go into ketosis eating that way. You might feel a little sick for a few days (Keto Flu). Good luck!

  55. Hi, is it safe to do an egg fast awhile recovering from surgery or how long to wait after surgery to start? I have been Lchf for 2 years and have done ef a couple of times with good results. I want to do it again after gaining a couple of kgs while still eating good food but far too many hence gaining some weight. Is this safe? Also can I have homemade bone broth while on ef? Thanks

    1. I don’t feel comfortable at all advising you what to eat after surgery. I’m not a medical professional in any way, I would eat healthy low carb until your strength comes back. The Egg fast is very restrictive, really it’s just eggs, butter and cheese so no bone broth in that mix. With your surgery recovery going on, have some bone broth and try the egg fast later.

  56. Hi, my name is Dailly and today is my first day of the egg fast. I am anticipating that I will most likey go through severe carb withdrawl, being that it was my main consumption before starting haha. Anyways, I’m pretty good about sticking to my goals, so my question is can we substitute anything for the butter/oils or can we leave them out? For example, whenever I eat hard boiled eggs I would prefer not to have butter or oil with them.

    1. You can eat the butter separately, like in your coffee. But it really is 1 tbsp fat for each egg, that is the magic formula that makes it all work. I would suggest following low carb, high fat for awhile before attempting the egg fast. Good luck!

  57. sorry am confused are u suppose to have cheese and butter with each egg meal or only an oil like mayo or coconut or butter been trying to follow …. lost 3 pounds after first day. as long as i do not have something sweet even stevia i have no hunger or desire toeat

    1. The cheese is completely optional and most people lose better without it. For the eggs, just have 1 tbsp fat per egg (butter,mayo,coconut oil). That’s it! Good luck!

  58. I think the reason you get so many questions about HWC is because butter is allowed. It just doesn’t make sense and people have problems understanding things that don’t make sense. If you whip HWC with nothing else… it turns into butter

    1. The HWC you buy in the store is nothing like that! Think about it this way as well, if you take the amount of HWC people are using in their LCHF daily diets and compare it to the amount of butter used, I think you might see the problem. There is an overuse of it, period. Besides all that, they don’t need my permission, they can use all the HWC they want. Thanks for commenting!

      1. But it is the same..because I have done it before as a science experiment with my own children. heavy cream a marble and a glass jar…they walked around the house for an hour + shaking it and VIOLA! Butter. I’m not joking…so I do believe it is just quantity as you mentioned. :) Thanks for the great guide and hopefully people find what works (and doesn’t!) for them.

        1. You eliminate a lot of the natural sugars/carbs when you make the butter. It’s the remaining liquid you pour out. Definitely not the same even though the beginning product was the same

  59. I have to say I have been banting for quite some time and hit my plateau….stayed there for a long time. This egg fast (I’m on day 2 of the 7day meal plan by Melissa) and I have to say, I am feeling quite lethargic, I’m an avid egg lover, so its easy for me to eat, but sheesh no energy. I am trying to stay away from the scale for this week and I’m aiming to lose around 4kg. Love the Blog by the way.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to say Hello! A lot of people do feel that tiredness on the EF and it’s really just a bit of Keto Flu. Even people who are Banting or Low Carb or LCHF, or whatever still get it on the egg fast. I think you’ll feel great in a couple days!

  60. I’ve heard so much about Egg Fasts, but never really paid it much attention. I’ve hit the dreaded plateau recently though and have been giving it a lot of thought. I “get” LCHF because I’ve done it for so long (started many, many years ago on Sommersizing, though that was more of a gimmick to sell all her products…the LCHF side of it worked wonders) and I’ve tried enough of them, that I pretty much know what causes my gains and when.

    I also know that I can “wait out” my stall, but I’m impatient. I’m not a 23-year old anymore and I’ve got littles ones to chase now! I can tell you that it’s so much easier to do at 258.2 lbs (today’s weight) than it was at 305.6 lbs (my weight on April 20th 2015), I want to see what another 47 lbs off feels like! And another 70 or so after that, but one step at a time.

    Okay, long winded way to get to my question…where’s the iOS version of the app? It looks great, but we are an “Apple family” and I can’t use the android app. I even went looking for a “best replacement” and there are NO egg fast apps for iOS.

    Okay, back to my research before my kids wake up and distract me!

    1. Well, there is good news, bad news and more good news! The good news is that the app is coming! The bad new is the ios version of the app will be available hopefully by Christmas, but not sooner. But the really good news is that you don’t need the app to the egg fast! Everything you need is here on this blog and/or in the Facebook group. My son actually made the app as a favor to me, but the first couple times I egg fasted I just used a scratch pad. Low tech yes, but honestly, we are just tracking eggs, butter and cheese servings and that is all the app does as well. Good luck, you’ll be fine!

  61. Hi!
    I am planning to start the Egg fast tomorrow and I was wondering if coconut milk is allowed… I know that the rules call for coconut oil, but I would like to know if I could also try coconut milk with my morning coffee. I am planning to go half cup coconut milk with coffee in the mornings… Does that sound ok? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. Well, in the end, everything is up to you. But coconut milk is not on the egg fast. Sorry! Try the coffee blended with coconut oil and butter. You might be pleasantly surprised! :-)

  62. Made it to day 3 didnt plan and ate ham for lunch opened me up to lots of temptation gave in on watermelon holding out on thw kids doritos….

    1. Yes, a simple multivitamin is fine during the egg fast. Personally I only take magnesium but that is me.

  63. I have a dairy allergy, what can I use in place of the dairy cheese? Can I do goat cheese instead? Just want to make sure it’s acceptable for the egg fast! TIA, E

    1. Don’t forget the cheese is completely optional! I’m not really familiar with goat cheese, but I think as long as it is real, unprocessed cheese, it will be acceptable for the egg fast. Good luck!

  64. Thank you for posting this egg fast info. I was weak and the Halloween “sugar bender” came knocking at my door. I answered, wearing my naughty nurse outfit. We engaged in a torrid affair and I am now ketosis free

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