The Ultimate Keto Egg Fast Recipe Collection!


Ultimate Keto Egg Fast Recipe Collection!

If you have wished that all the best keto Egg Fast recipes on the internet were in one easy to find list, then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve scoured the internet and Pinterest and found the most extensive list of egg fast recipes.

In this list you will find both sweet and savory egg fast recipes.  Are you dairy free?  We’ve got it!  Hot recipes, cold recipes, however you like to do your keto egg fast, we’ve got the recipe!

Whether you want to do a 3 day fast, a 5 day egg fast or go for a full blown 30 day egg fast, these recipes will have you covered!

What can you eat on an Egg Fast?

Basically the egg fast consists of eggs and healthy fats such as butter, olive oil, avocado oil,  coconut oil and MCT oil. You can add a little cheese and some low carb condiments like a bit of mustard or herbs and spices where needed.

Keto Egg Fast Diet Recipes


Here are the exact Egg Fast Rules:

  1. Eat a minimum of 6 Eggs (more is better, you need protein!)
  2. Eat 1 tbsp fat for each egg
  3. You may have a maximum of 4 ounces cheese daily
  4. Consume a maximum of 3 sweeteners daily
  5. Have black coffee and tea (or add your fats/eggs to it)
  6. Sparing use of herbs, spices, sugar free condiments

So in a nutshell (or should I say eggshell!), the Egg Fast Diet consists of ONLY Eggs, fats, a bit of cheese and a bit of seasonings.  (for complete details see What is the Egg Fast Diet)

Sounds impossible?  Wait until you see these Egg Fast Recipes!

Who would ever have imagined the creative ideas that people came up with to turn those few ingredients into such amazing recipes to make the egg fast so much easier to follow!

So buckle up and see what we have for Egg Fast breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!

Please note, that even though I have divided these recipes into traditional meal categories of breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is not a requirement at all!

On the Egg Fast all the recipes are interchangeable!  Eat breakfast for dinner!  Eat breakfast all day long!

Pick a few staple recipes that you love and mix it up with basic boiled or scrambled eggs to keep things interesting.

After the Egg Fast Recipes, we have also included some Egg Fast results from other Keto bloggers, as well as Egg fast menus and meal plans.

So grab yourself an egg fast shake or muffin and soak in all the information!

The Best Keto Egg Fast Recipes for Breakfast!

Egg Fast Breakfast Recipes

Start your busy day off with these great egg fast recipe choices!

Egg Fast Recipes for Main Meals

These egg fast recipes can be eaten for your main meal of the day or anytime!

Keto Egg Fast Recipes for Sweets, Treats and Desserts

I bet you thought you weren't going to see dessert on the egg fast! We have fat bombs, sweet muffins and custards and even ice cream!

Bloggers write about their Egg Fast Results!

These are some egg fast results from out there in the keto world for you to learn from!

Menu Plan Ideas for Doing the Keto Egg Fast

Here you will find even more ideas for an egg fast menu plan and how to end your egg fast without gaining back the weight you just lost!


Is there a printable Egg Fast menu plan I can follow?

Yes, I have many free recipes and sample food plans on this blog and in this post.  I have also developed an Egg Fast Mix and Match Menu pack that includes a 5 Day Plan, a 5 Day Dairy free plan and a 5 Day Transition plan.  You can check that out right here:

egg fast plan book cover page

Ultimate Egg Fast Recipes Meals and Ideas (2)

Ultimate Egg Fast Recipes Meals and Ideas

Ultimate Egg Fast recipes, meals and ideas</div

Ultimate Egg Fast recipes, meals and ideas
Ultimate Egg Fast recipes, meals and ideas
Ultimate Egg Fast Recipes Meals and Ideas

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  1. Hi, love all this info on the egg fast. Question, is there a book with all these recipes for egg fast? I would love to have all these recipes in a book to have on hand, so I don’t have to reach for them. Thank you Java

    1. No, it’s something that I have thought about, just need to find the time. I do have an egg fast mix and match menu plan with some of the simple recipes though. It’s more for people who are new to the egg fast and hate doing the math and ratios!

  2. Hi, I came over from the FB egg fast group to look up the egg shake and OMG, I fell in love with your site….so many recipes 😊💕
    Trying the egg fast pizza for dinner. Thanks for putting your work and heart into this blog !!!

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