Best Keto Diet Memes on the Internet!

The Best Keto Diet Memes on the Internet!

Best Keto Diet Memes on the Internet!

I don’t know if these are the best keto diet memes on the internet but they are ones that made me laugh!

I love memes! I’m not ashamed to admit it! 

I can’t help saving them and pulling them out when the situation calls for a good funny keto diet meme!

I’ve been saving these keto memes for awhile and thought why not share them with my readers!

Warning some may be offensive, although I left out the worst ones  :-)  But if you are delicate, maybe look at my recipes instead!

Let’s start with some new timely memes!

Best Chaffle Memes for the Keto Diet!

Chaffles hit the Keto world like a ton of bricks this year and of course that generated an impressive number of memes!

Here are my favorites:

keto diet meme chaffle

Credit: Reddit

Mini Waffle Maker Keto gift for Christmas

keto diet chaffle meme

Credit: Reddit

Best Keto Diet Bacon Memes 

Most people out there are pretty convinced that Keto dieters eat nothing but bacon that we are all going to die an agonizing cardiac related death.

Here’s some of the good bacon memes!

Keto Diet Bacon Meme


keto diet bacon meme


keto diet memes bacon


And I couldn’t resist including the family dogs on this post.  We were actually cooking bacon that day and they were waiting for their share!

keto diet bacon meme

Funny Memes for People New to Keto

You remember what it was like when you first started keto?

Keto flu and those hangry moments?

Maybe you can relate to these:

funny Keto Diet memes


keto diet meme for ketosis

Credit: Unknown

Keto Diet Meme when hangry

Credit: PopSugar

More funny Keto lifestyle memes!

These are random funny memes that made me laugh!

Because I love the Princess Bride movie!

keto diet memes snacks


keto diet meme

Well those are my favorites!  If one of these memes belongs to you please let me know so I can provide your link.  Most of them I saw in multiple places and I tried to credit where I could.


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