What is The Keto Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast? Blast Through a Plateau With Eggs!


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What is the Keto Egg Fast Diet?

Have you heard about the egg diet weight loss fast? This is the first one of a few articles where I will share my experience and recipes for the Keto egg fast diet.

One of the frustrating things that have happened to me is that my weight doing keto and low carb has just basically been stalled no matter what ratios I have tried. 

Maybe it’s my age (mid 50’s), maybe it’s my activity level which is now so much less than before my knee injury.

Whatever the reason, I have been frustrated by slow and even non-existent weight loss.

Enter the low carb keto egg fast! Depending on where you look, it is also called Egg Fest or Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast, also called the LCHF Egg Fast Stall Breaker!

Now it was that last name that really caught my attention.

What are the Keto Egg Fast Rules?

Save these Egg Fast Rules to Pinterest!

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This is How I Fit the Egg Fast Into My Life

  1. I ate 7-8 eggs a day.
  2. 1 ate tablespoon of the following fats PER EACH EGG consumed (in order of my own preference):  Butter (grass-fed is nice but not necessary)A close up of coffee with fat,  Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilWhat is the Keto egg fast diet? What can I eat on the Keto egg fast? What can you drink on the egg fast diet? How do you get a Keto egg fast to work? How many eggs a day on an egg fast? Get all the answers you need here! , mayonnaise (any type that is zero carb). I limit my mayo to 2 tbsp daily and try to do mostly butter and coconut oil. But avocado oil is nice sometimes.
  3. In the morning I made my EFC (Keto Egg fast coffee). I used 16 oz coffee, 1 teaspoon So Nourished sweetenerWhat is the Keto egg fast diet? What can I eat on the Keto egg fast? What can you drink on the egg fast diet? How do you get a Keto egg fast to work? How many eggs a day on an egg fast? Get all the answers you need here!, 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter. I prefer to blend this in my blender. It looks and tastes like a frothy latte. This means that I omit 2 tbsp fat later in the day with some of my eggs but feel free to throw 2 eggs into that blender!
  4. I only eat if I am hungry.
  5. Cheese (real cheese, not processed) is allowed but  I find that I can only eat 4 ounces cheese max for the day or even this egg fast stalls me!
  6. I ate a minimum of 6 eggs daily to get enough protein
  7. I tried to get the best quality eggs that I could find and afford
  8. I tried to not eat within three hours of bedtime (or the heartburn is REAL!)
  9. I kept myself to 3 servings of sweeteners in a day MAX! This can be in the form of diet soda or those skinny syrups or drops of Stevia. I do like to use the Skinny Syrups because 2 tbsp is one serving and I can make 2 tbsp go a long way! Try out Jordon’s Skinny Syrups and see all the crazy amazing flavors they have!

So there you have it, my very own custom tailored version of the keto egg diet fast! In my next post, I will share my own results of breaking my Keto stall.

You can read about the effect this type of diet has on your health (the good and, in rare cases, the bad) here.  

Keep scrolling down to get some recipes!

What Do You Eat on the Keto Egg Fast Diet?

Here are some egg fast menu ideas and egg fast recipes to get you started:image of grocery list

  1. Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites for the Egg Fast
  2. Egg Fast Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs
  3. Keto Egg Fast Cloud Bread
  4. Keto Mini Egg Fast Pizzas
  5. Egg Fast Lemon Filled Danish
  6. Egg Puffs Recipe
  7. Mascarpone Hazelnut Low Carb Cheesecake Muffins
  8. Egg Fast Waffles
  9. Recipe to make your own mayo!

Egg Fast Three Day Sample Menu

Three days of Keto Egg Fast menu and recipe ideas.

When you have done the Egg Fast and want to return to regular Keto or Low Carb, here are the Egg Fast Transition instructions.

Do You Need Some Egg Fast Help or Support?

This is not my Facebook Group, but this is where I hang out to discuss Image of egg fast tracker app

everything LCHF Egg Fast!  If you are serious and can follow the directions, come and join us in the fun!

Image of egg fast tracker

Egg Fast Tracker App:  This is a free app for Android and iPhone that helps you keep track of your Egg to Fats ratios, plus your water and cheese consumption. Install the Android Egg Fast Tracker app here.

Install the iPhone/iPad version of the egg fast tracker here.

These are my favorite egg fast resources and cooking utensils!

Check out my Keto Egg Fast Diet Results (with my 3 years later update!)


Keto Egg Fast Coffee - So easy and delicious way to start your keto morning!
Egg Fast Weight Loss Diet - read all the details right here!

More Egg Fast Recipes to Try

Want more Egg Fast recipes? You've come to the right place, we have the best ones here! Check them out!

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183 thoughts on “What is The Keto Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast? Blast Through a Plateau With Eggs!”

  1. I just found your blog and wanted to say thanks for all the great info. I too have struggled a lifetime with weight control. Currently 56year old, 220 pounds and 5’9″. I started your “Egg Diet” May 1, 2017 and have lost 4 ½ pounds so far. thank you! Question… Do you limit the bullet tea to so many a day? Would you recommend plain green tea in unlimited amounts. Thanks in advance

    1. That is entirely up to you and your level of tolerance to caffeine. Myself, I am sensitive to it so I can only have 2 coffees in the morning and herbal tea the rest of the day. Green tea is awesome and I do drink decaf green tea every day. Right now I am doing regular keto but the egg fast helped me to lose my cream habit and go dairy free. Since writing this article, I have lost another 40 pounds in addition, so I am happy with that!

    1. You will have to decide that for yourself. Olive oil is not the best oil for cooking, coconut oil is better because it has a higher smoking point. The admins in the egg fast group don’t recommend it. Good luck!

    1. There is no limit like that on mayo. If you eat 12 eggs you also eat 12 tbsp fat and that can be either mayo, butter, or coconut oil.

    2. Oh I see, you were referring to my own personal limit that I mentioned. Now that I make my own mayo I would not limit it, at the time I wrote this I was having trouble finding mayo at the store that looked healthy to me. Lots of them use soybean oils and have sugar. I’ll put a clarifying statement on that. Thanks for commenting! :-)

  2. Can you eat gelatin and bone broth on the egg fast diet.
    I find both help me with joint pain, especially in my knees.
    I am working on keto diet bit find my colon is plugging up with the fat intake.
    Hoping the egg fast can help me out
    Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. Hi! Oh how I WISH we had it here! I live very close to the border and so I buy my Kerrygold when I make runs to the Costco in Bellingham. Thanks for visiting my site!

    1. Okay I saw the post on most asked question and never mind on the maximum egg per day. But I still like to know about my second question on the calories. Thanks

      1. There is no counting calories. Two important things to count are #eggs/#fats, the ratio of 1 egg to 1 tbsp fat is important. The second thing is to not go over 4 ounces of cheese for most people. And there is one more thing, eat until satisfied but not stuffed. Good luck!

  3. Have you ever tried egg drop soup on the egg diet when you have the egg sickness? I was just wondering if it would be acceptable in general. Without the starch or soy sauce. thanks so much. Today is my first day on egg diet. I was going to start out on ketosis diet but really had no idea how to begin.

    1. Egg Sickness? Do you mean Keto Flu?
      At any rate, one of the members over in the egg fast group came up with an EF compliant egg drop soup.
      Boil 2 cups water with 2 tbsp butter, add lots of sea salt and pepper. When it gets to a rolling boil stir in 2 beaten eggs. Another member likes to add a couple tbsp cheese to that.
      It’s quite yummy, hope you try it!

  4. Hello.
    Im starting the egg fast today with lots of hope as i need to lose some kgs by next week. Gained some kilos post pregnancy but luckily healthy eating shed some of them without any diet and exercise. Now im stalled n want lose fat on precise areas. Can we need exercise during the egg fast?n how long a session n how many? Will i feel tired, dizzy n weak?? Exercise will lead to water, muscle or fat loss? Thank you.

    1. You are probably better off to find a low carb group on facebook where people exercise a lot. I just don’t have a lot of experience in trying to spot reduce specific areas, I’m not sure it can even be done. If you are not already keto and fat adapted, then yes you will feel tired, dizzy and weak while you detox from carbs. Hope you find your answers!

  5. I have been onnthe LCHF diet since april and my weight has stalled in the last 3 weeks, I will definitely be doing the egg fast…
    Kindly add me to your facebook group… I have already sent a request.. Thank you.

    1. I have also sent a request to join the egg fast stall breaker diet. I have been doing LCHF for 18 years. I have stalled in the last year and gained about 30 lbs. About to turn 50 and exercise level has dropped. I plan on dropping the weight and getting back on my exercise routine. Looking forward to gaining info and chatting on the FB page!

  6. Hi there. I have been off coffee for about 3 months now. I have replaced it with either hot water and lemon or Caf-lib coffee alternative. Are either of those options acceptable?

    1. I don’t know what that coffee alternative is, but the idea of the egg fast is complete elimination. Of course, you are an adult and can do what you like but I encourage people to wipe the slate clean and try the egg fast as is, in it’s simplest form for a few days to get best results. Good luck!

  7. What do you think about intermittent fasting and the egg fast? I seem to perform at work at my best if I only have 2 cups of BPC, then wait to eat when I get home from work.
    I’ve been keto for about a month, but I need a kickstart.

    1. My personal opinion is to work the egg fast into whatever schedule works for you and if you are not hungry don’t eat. So if IF works for you then do it.

  8. What weight are you losing on egg fast. I lost 4 pounds in one day without a bowl movement. What 4 pounds did I lose? I can’t find any info on what is actually lost.

    1. It depends on what you were doing before the egg fast. If you were doing the Standard American Diet (SAD) OR if you had a carb binge leading up to the Egg Fast, then those 4 pounds are likely water. But if you were already following LCHF/Keto and were using the Egg Fast as intended to break through a stubborn weight loss plateau, then there should be some fat loss there. People should always take their measurements before starting the Egg Fast. Hope you keep it going for a few days then transition very slowly back to LCHF.

  9. Vannessa Murillo

    Love your website, very informative please keep up the wonderful work! Would it be possible to join your FB group?

  10. Can you pls approve me to join the Facebook group page?My name is Bolanle Fajemirokun ,Thank you.Love your page btw..you are awesome

  11. Thank you for posting this I will be looking for the facebook page. I went of keto woe due to a number of things for about a month. Ended up with aches and pans and fogy head again so decided to restart and found egg fast. This is my second day and so far no keto flu. (say prayers please.) and I’ve lost 2 pounds thank you so much.

    One note I don’t really eat much salt so I have been adding some to my BPC it has gotten rid of the bitter taste so no sweetner needed and my leg cramps have disappeared.

  12. I have a couple of questions 1 is is it okay to substitute some of your whole eggs for something like egg beaters or anything like that and also I am one of those people who doesn’t do well on coffee. I tend to be wide open for two days and then crash on the third day and unable to get motivated to do anything. My question is will a cup of green tea the acceptable on this diet? It doesn’t seem to hype me up as much as coffee

    1. Coffee is completely optional, you can drink green tea or even just water. Whole real eggs are not optional. Egg beaters are not only not even real food, they don’t have the correct fat to protein ratio for the egg fast. There is no substitute for whole eggs.

  13. chinwe Nwaozuzu Muomalu

    Thanks so much for the information. Just stumbled on egg fast, and goggled it, and the face book page came up. I love eggs. Please can you add me to the group

    1. I just looked and I did not see your name on the waiting list, please request membership again. Also there are a few egg fast groups so maybe you requested another one?

  14. halima Shade shaba

    Please here is my name. I have requested to join the egg fast Facebook group without response. Halima Shade shaba l appreciate all your helpful tips and advice concerning sticking to this lifestyle. I begin my journey on Monday March 14th. Looking forward to this. Thank you.

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