Keto Egg Fast Meal Plan Menu – Day 1

Keto Egg Fast Menu – Day 1

For some reason over the weekend, I was struck by the desire to do the Egg Fast again. 

The Keto Egg Fast Diet is very easy to follow and you get great results fast,  but you really need to be in the proper frame of mind to do it. And for me that day is today!

Because so many people in the group ask for examples I decided to document my Egg Fast meal plan here on my blog. 

I will try to be as detailed as possible and include pictures and the egg fast recipes. They won’t be fancy pictures, just quick snapshots with my phone!

This Egg Fast meal plan will also be compliant with the egg fast rules we go by in the Facebook group so there is no confusion! I will list every spice/sweetener/sauce thing I use.

For those that need a refresher, here are the Keto Egg Fast rules and here is the Egg Fast FAQ.
2 eggs with funny drawn faces

Remember, I am arranging this egg fast to fit my very busy working mom schedule! I am sharing a breakdown of times to give you ideas, not to tell you this is how it must be done.

For Day 1, I planned an egg fast meal plan of 8 eggs because I knew that I would be hungrier on the first day. And if 8 eggs are not enough, I will simply have an extra egg as a snack (with butter of course!).

Summary Menu for Egg Fast Day 1

Remember, this is just a sample of what I ate, adjust the menu for your own personal tastes! The details and number of eggs/fats are below.

Egg Fast Meal Plan –  Day 1 Details

5:30am:  16 ounces coffee with 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter. Put in the blender with a dash of cinnamon and a dash of pink himalayan salt. Blend until frothy.

Keto Egg Fast Coffee
Morning Latte

Cooked my breakfast and made my lunch, both of which I carry to work with me in my insulated lunch bag.

Note: Salt is extremely important on the egg fast! Use it liberally! I choose Pink Himalayan salt because it is abundant in minerals.

8:00am: 3 egg omelette with  2 ounces cream cheese and a squirt of sriracha sauce, salt and pepper. I used 1 tbsp butter for cooking in the pan. This is easily my favorite egg fast breakfast. I have this 2-3 times a week even when I am not egg fasting!

Keto Egg diet menu plan
Cream Cheese Omelette with Sriracha

11:00am: 1 cheese string with 1 tbsp mayo for dipping.

1:00pm: 3 chopped eggs with 2 tbsp mayo, salt, pepper. I normally also like a sprinkle of smoked paprika on this but I couldn’t find it this morning!

At this point in the day I have had 6 eggs, 6 tbsp fat and 3 ounces cheese.  I like to stay under 4 ounces cheese in a day for best results and for sure a maximum of 6 ounces.

Keto Egg Fast Meal Plan
Eating my Egg Salad at Work

5:00pm: Waffles. Yes, waffles! :-) Click here for the waffle instructions.  The waffles recipe normally equals 2 eggs and 2 ounces cheese.

But I whipped 1 tablespoon mayo into the batter so that I would not be short on my egg-fat ratio for the day and left out 1 ounce cream cheese. (Thanks fellow group admin Vee Henrick for that priceless tip!)

I made a butter sauce with 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp sugar free salted caramel syrup, my indulgence for the day’s hard work. :-)

I also highly recommend Skinny Syrups, they have so many flavors! Sometimes I mix the skinny syrup right into the waffle batter, yummy!

I doubled the waffle recipe because I will be making a Wafflewich for dinner tomorrow. You’ll see.

Egg Fast Waffles

Total for the day:  8 Eggs, 8 tbsp fat and 4 ounces cheese. And of course, throughout the day I am drinking water, water and more water!

See you tomorrow for Day 2!

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Keto Egg Fast Menu – Day 1

131 thoughts on “Keto Egg Fast Meal Plan Menu – Day 1”

  1. Do you count 1/2 egg waffle as 2 cheeses and 2 eggs no fats , add 1 T syrup s/f and 1 T butter. I did use cream cheese in this receipe, but I thought I read you count cream cheese as a allotment for your cheese per day. Is that right?sometimes I fry an egg and put on top of waffle, then I believe it’s a count of 3 eggs 2 cheese count for 1/2 waffle

    1. Cream cheese is counted as cheese for the egg fast. The waffles are made with 2 eggs and 2 ounces cream cheese, so if you made them that way and ate the whole thing then it is 2 eggs and 2 cheese. If you add butter on top, then count whatever you add. I’m not sure what you mean by 1/2 waffle? If you are eating half the recipe, then divide by 2. Hope that clarifies!

  2. Hi there. Can I modify this fast by eating the amount of equal fat to egg count but keeping it within the 1,200 calorie range?

    1. It’s not necessary to be that low for the few days the fast lasts. However if you are determined, 6 eggs plus 6 tablespoons of fat is approximately 1100 calories. That said, we hear from members of the egg fast FB group that they get best results from eating 7-8 eggs plus equal fats.

      1. What if you’re REALLY short and that’s just too many calories for your BMR? I intermittent fast and don’t eat until late afternoon.

        1. 6 eggs + 6 tbsp fat is approximately 1100 calories. You will just have to try it out within your own parameters and see if you can make it work. Lots of people do IF and egg fast.

  3. Blanca Balderas

    Hello. I really am interested in starting the Keto diet. I see a problem though. I don’t like cream cheese. I see a lot of ur recipes call for cream cheese or blue cheese or feta. I like mozzarella or provolone or melted yellow cheese. What can I do with that

    1. You are commenting on a post for the Egg Fast, so I’m hoping that you are not thinking that the Egg Fast is a typical ‘keto diet’ because it’s not! But that said, cheese is not a requirement on Keto and it’s not a requirement on the Egg Fast either. It’s just there to make the very limited Egg Fast menu more interesting. For Keto, focus on whole natural fats, proteins and veggies. Don’t even look at the egg fast until you have been following keto for awhile and have hit a weight loss plateau. Good luck!

    1. Yes, but keep in mind that sweeteners are often the reason people have stalled in their weight loss and so sweeteners are limited to 3 servings a day in total. You would have to count the Crystal Light accordingly. Good luck!

      1. What is considered a serving of sweetener? 1 oz? 1 Tbsp? I’m doing my 3rd egg fast right now. I am on day two and this is the first time that I have had a gain in the first day. 0.2 lb gain. Hoping for better results tomorrow morning after day 2.

        1. For the purposes of the eggfast you can consider a serving to be either 1 can of diet soda or other sugar free drink, or 1 packet artificial sweetener or 1 serving of an egg fast recipe that contains sweeteners. This represents a major cutback for most people, I know for myself this was very hard but I learned that I was consuming way more ‘sweets’ than I would have thought and I was completely dependent on them which is not good. Most people don’t realize that this pattern sets them up for that constant craving for something sweet and this makes a lifestyle change very hard. Good luck!

  4. I have been on the egg fast since last Monday today is Saturday I have lost 5 pounds in 5 days but do you have any suggestions 4 heartburn/ acid indigestion

    1. Hi mike I also get severe heart burn from eggs nothing helps like its to the point of throwing up and feeling like I am dying so decided to try something I see on line a lot and that is 2 tablespoons of braggs raw apple cider vinegar in 1/2 cup water within an hour it was gone it has helped alot taste like crap but if you just pound it .. Its worth it I can ger past the taste to feel better.I have been on so many different meds that havent helped this has really made a difference

    1. Avocado is a great keto food, one of my favorites. But the egg fast is super restrictive and avo is not on the list!

  5. Thank you for the idea of a keto-day. I did it today and the meals were delicious and so easy to make. I had a hard functional training session this morning but I feel great and satisfied.
    Thanks a lot from Germany ?

  6. Patti Sampson Steeno

    I am new to the EF and the keto diet. My question is, I drink coffee with a sugar free 1 g of fat,2 carbs French Vanilla coffee creamer, (off brand at Walmart, Great Value) is that something I can use, or should I just go to the butter, coconut oil and vanilla extract? and Stevia?, and if yes, should I just do that all the time after I am done with the EF?

    1. I would stay far away from those creamers (check out the list of unpronounceable ingredients on the label). At any rate, not allowed on the egg fast, not even regular keto worthy. Stick with real ingredients even on regular keto.

  7. Hi KetoWoman,

    Thank you for serving as such an “egg”-cellent resource. I have been eating very low carb and keto for some time now. While I understand that a minimum of 6 whole eggs/day should be consumed, is there an upper limit to this value if I am still interested in losing body fat? Thank you :)

    1. It seems that many people in the egg fast facebook group feel that 8 eggs/8 fats area better number for weight loss and getting enough protein. For myself 7-8 eggs were always my average as well. But that said, there is no upper limit as long as you eat only until satisfied and not stuffed.

  8. Hi I’m just a bit confused about the fat part. I don’t like mayo but if I have hard boiled eggs .what’s another fat I can possibly eat. I though cheese was considered a fat. Thank you

    1. On regular low carb, cheese is a fat. For the purpose of the egg fast, cheese is considered a cheese. It is optional and should be severely limited because most people lose better without it. My first choice of fat on the egg fast is butter and second is coconut oil. So those are 2 other options besides mayo.

      1. I’m 73 and my son got me started on keto. I did real good at the beginning lost 19lbs even over holidays but now I’m having a really hard time losing. I have really learned a lot by reading all these questions and answers. Going to try Egg fast am learning what to do here so thank you. Going to use your recipes for it also.

      1. It depends on what else is in it! If it contains egg fast protocol ingredients only, then yes!

  9. I’m so excited that I have found your website! You have great information and great recipes! I’m new to Keto eating…about three months. I’m not 100% faithful as I end up doing mostly LCHF. I lost 6 lb but now at a standstill. I’m going to attempt your egg fast to restart my wt loss. Thanks!! The waffles look yummy!

  10. Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I was wondering if you can put a small amount of dill relish in the egg salad or just mayo?

    1. Personally I would hold off on as many extras as you can until you transition back. Goal #1 of the egg fast is to get the scale moving again after a stall, Goal#2 is to figure out what your stallers/triggers are. It’s like an allergy elimination, you start from ground zero (in this case mostly eggs and butter) and slowly add things back.

  11. Hi just wanted to ask about the cholesterol content. I’ve just started the low carb diet incorporating eggs. I think I will go on the strict eggs fast on alternating week. What is the maximum fat content one should be aiming for on low carbs or the egg diet

    1. The egg fast when followed correctly is 85% fat. That is higher than most low carb programs out there, but this is only for a few days and still lower than the Atkins Fat fast which is in the 90+ % fat range. It really is almost like doing a fat fast. Not worried about cholesterol, mine is fantastic. Those myths about food cholesterol cause high cholesterol have all been debunked, it’s sugar and carbs that you need to worry about.

      1. Regarding Cholesterol in the egg… I never fell for that because years ago, before the egg got such a bashing for Cholesterol and egg white products hit the market, I read an article on eggs. The truth is, there is high cholesterol in the egg yolk. On the other hand, there is tons of lecithin in the egg white. Turns out that lecithin is what attaches to cholesterol and pulls it out of the body … simply said… they had a more scientific way of telling it… but gosh that was about 35 yr. ago when I read that. Anyway, seems the egg is a perfect food!

  12. Hi, KetoWoman.

    I saw that you use Sriracha sauce on your egg fast. I love this sauce! But, it definitely has carbs and sugar. Do you think it’s okay for a fast (or even keto)? Thanks!

  13. Hi, I’m starting the egg fast today but I don’t like mayo or butter and definitely no coffee. I had 1 boiled egg immediately I woke up, fried eggs for breakfast and 2 boiled eggs for lunch. I’ll have 2 boiled eggs spiced with chili pepper for dinner. Is this fine? Maybe I’ll use the butter to fry the eggs

    1. Yes, sounds good. The most important thing is to get 1 tbsp of fat for every egg. So you can fry in it, put it on top, put it in your coffee, anything as long as you get it! Good luck :-)

    1. Yes, of course you can! Stevia is a great sweetener. For the egg fast it is recommended to not have more than 3 a day.

      1. Thanks so much! My first day I lost 1.7 lbs. Do you have a workout regiment? Also, I premade the cream cheese muffins. That were so delicious. Oopsie! But I messed up on the recipe, I put 1Tablespoon of Splenda sweetener instead of 1 tsp to grease muffin tins I also used coconut oil spray. Your thoughts?

        1. Awww, you’ll be ok! I am trying to give up my dependancy on sweet things so adjust accordingly. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. Hi KetoWoman, thankyou for all the great info, I’m wondering is the Coffee or Tea for the caffeine hit to kick start the body? as I don’t drink and don’t like either, I have in the past drank Coke by the bottles each day, I have gone a whole month with out any at all, just plain old water for me.

  15. if i ate hard boiled eggs, how do i get my fat in there? do i need to make up in fat all the ones i missed with my HB eggs?

    1. yes, you want to end the day with an equal amount of eggs to fats. You can have butter or mayo on your hb eggs, you can put the fat in a coffee in a blender, that is quite delicious!

        1. No the egg fast calls for the real actual tablespoon of fat , 1 tbsp per egg. You can take the supplements in addition but not instead of.

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