Make Ahead Keto Freezer Meals

Make Ahead Keto Freezer Meals

Have you ever started a new diet, got all excited, lost a few pounds and then BAM! You have to work late or you just remembered that appointment your kid had and all your dinner plans go out the window. This is where keto freezer meals can be a life saver!

People often ask me if this recipe or that recipe can be frozen.  I will say that most recipes can be frozen but some need might need a tweak or two for best results.

There’s no question that having some make ahead meals in your freezer can make a huge difference in your keto diet success.

So I’ve compiled a list here of recipes and ideas to make your hectic life easier with make ahead meal prep with low carb meals that are freezer friendly.

How to Freeze Those Keto Meals Best!

  • Use bags and containers that are designated for the freezer for best results! I prefer glass containers myself, but on the other hand bags are easier to squeeze out the excess air. So I use a mix of glass containers and Ziploc Freezer bags.
  • Allow the food to chill completely in the refrigerator before freezing. This makes for less ice crystals.
  • For small items (like meatballs, chicken wings, keto cookies and fat bombs) freeze while spread out on a baking sheet, then transfer to a freezer bag once solid. This prevents the pieces from clumping.
  • Try not to over crowd your freezer.  I know, I know! But the more air flow the better!
  • Label and date your food.
  • Freeze in smaller portions when possible. This makes foods freeze faster and reduces the need to thaw more food than needed.
  • Take a good look inside your freezer whenever you are about to go grocery shopping.  You will probably shorten your grocery list!

Keto Freezer Meals for Breakfast and Snacks

Freezer Meals for Keto Breakfast

For me mornings were often way more hectic than dinners, trying to get kids up and ready for school, get myself ready for work. Grab and go breakfasts were often the only way!

Keto Freezer Meals for Dinner

Keto Freezer Meals for Dinner

Making extra food to have during a busy work week is always a good idea! Doubling a recipe is never double the work and you are saving time on another night! Below is a list of ways to make your week nights easier!

Keto Sweets that can be Frozen

What is life without a little sweetness? I've been doing this a long time and trust me, there will be day when a true 'sweet' emergency arrives. Keep some backup in the freezer for when the need hits and you can stay true to your keto plan!

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Stack of freezer bags filled with food

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