The Best Keto Poutine Ever!

You are about to try what I think is the best keto poutine recipe out there! It has the cheese curds. It has the savory gravy. And it has the crisp ‘fries’. It really has it all and you won’t be disappointed!

Best keto poutine chaffle sticks recipe

keto poutine chaffle

The Best Ever Keto Low Carb Poutine!

Ok, let’s be honest here. I have tried keto poutine recipes before. But I’m sorry, they may look like fries with gravy and cheese, but honestly, some of those fries are just plain old limp and lifeless.

But enter the chaffle! What is a chaffle and what does that have to do with the best keto poutine recipe?!

A chaffle is a crunchy waffle. You can check out my post about how to make basic keto chaffles here. But one day, as I munched on a chaffle, I realized that they could stand up to a sauce or gravy. I started to imagine how they might be made into fries.

The best keto poutine is made with crunchy chaffle sticks!

I tried just using extra cheese to make them crispier and then topped with a low carb gravy and cheese curds. They were ok but lacked something in the texture.

After bouncing some ideas back and forth with my friend (and fellow chafflevangelist) Shari Weiner, she mentioned using cauliflower rice to make something like a crispy tater tot. That was it! I knew it would work!

I basically made 4 tator tot like crunchy waffles, cut them into strips and we had an excellent substitute for fries!

Ingredients and tools you will need to make the best keto poutine recipe!

For the fries:

  • Cauliflower rice (cooked)
  • Egg
  • grated mozzarella cheese
  • seasoning salt (your favorite sugar free seasoning)

For the gravy:  (Recipe adapted from Trim Healthy Mama site)

Tools needed:

Best Keto Poutine Gravy Hack and other tips!

If you are a poutine lover, then you know the gravy is important. This gravy from Trim Healthy Mama has a nice flavor but I always have trouble using xantham gum so I put it together a little different from what they have on their website.

This gravy adds practically zero carbs and very few calories to the poutine recipe.

  • take 1/2 cup of broth and 1/2 teaspoon of xantham gum and put into a magic bullet or other small blender.
  • blend until you get a smooth clear gross looking thick liquid
  • You can put that aside while you do everything else. You will be stirring that into your gravy later.

Cheese curds:  I like to cut them into smaller pieces so that they melt more when the hot gravy goes on top

Yield: 2 servings

The Best Ever Keto Poutine!

Keto Chaffle Poutine with Gravy

This is the best keto poutine recipe ever because it has everything! Crispy chaffle sticks topped with cheese curds and smothered in a savory gravy!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes


Chaffle Stick Fries

  • 1 cup grated mozzarella cheese (or any cheese!)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup cooked cauliflower rice
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1/2 cup grated mozzarella cheese, reserved
  • seasoning salt to taste


  • 1 cup chicken broth
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp Braggs Liquid Seasoning
  • onion powder, salt and pepper to taste


  • 1/2 c chicken broth
  • 1/2 tsp xanthan gum

Poutine Topping

  • About 1/2 cup cheese curds


  1. Heat up waffle maker
  2. Combine all the chaffle ingredients into a bowl and mix well
  3. Sprinkle reserved grated cheese on hot waffle maker (1 tbsp for mini, 1/4 cup for full size)
  4. Spread cauliflower cheese mixture onto waffle iron and spread evenly with spatula. If using mini waffle maker, use 1/4 of the mixture for each waffle.
  5. Sprinkle top of waffle with remaining cheese
  6. Sprinkle seasoning salt
  7. Close lid and cook until very crispy!


1. Blend 1/2 cup broth and 1/2 tsp xantham gum in small blender and blend until you have a thick goopy liquid

2. In a pot, combine the rest of the gravy ingredients and heat until it simmers

3. Whisk in the contents of blender until you have a nice smooth gravy


1. Cut Chaffle into sticks and pile onto a plate

2. Layer cheese curds on top

3. Pour hot gravy on top

4. Eat them!


To cook cauliflower rice: You can cut place the bag of cauliflower rice on a plate and microwave on high for 2 minutes (but check YOUR brand for bag instructions).

If using homemade riced cauliflower then either saute it in a pan with a little olive oil for about 5 minutes or microwave it in a bowl covered with saran wrap for about 2 minutes.

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Nutrition Information:



Amount Per Serving: Calories: 398Total Fat: 20gCarbohydrates: 12gNet Carbohydrates: 8gFiber: 4gProtein: 44g

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Best Keto Poutine Chaffle Sticks

Best keto chaffle poutine reicpe

Best Keto Poutine Chaffle Recipe
Best Keto Poutine Chaffle Recipe
Best Keto Poutine Chaffle Recipe


19 thoughts on “The Best Keto Poutine Ever!”

    1. Gee, I have never used any of the konjac noodles or rice so I can’t really say with any certainty. It’s probably worth a try though!

  1. I wonder if you put the chaffle mixture in a bullet or blender and then broiled it in a single sheet in the oven and THEN cut it?

    I’m going to give it a go!

  2. I’m not Canadian, but I dream of visiting it one day and trying poutine! I decided, since we don’t have it here in the U.S, I’d try to make it at home and hope that some Canadian angel had found a way to ketofy it and you did! I can’t wait to give this a try! I don’t think we have cheese curds here, do you know of a good sub? maybe shredded mozz?

    1. I actually have used mozzarella before but I think if you can get white cheddar the taste is closer to cheese curds. Cut it in small chunks and the hot gravy will make it all melty. I’m getting hungry now!

  3. Using your gravy recipe as an inspiration. I’ll be swapping out the chicken stock for beef stock as it’s more traditionally used in Quebec. 🇨🇦

    1. ha, yes my son told me the same thing! He spent a year there and poutine was a staple for him! I pronounced it PouTEEN and he pronounces it PouTIN.

  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This was amazing. Truly amazing. Poutine is my life and I was so heartbroken not being able to have it.
    I accidentally forgot the extra cheese on the top and bottom of the first 2 I made. I found that the ones with the extra cheese just got crunchy in the “holes” and not as much on the main parts (I am still learning!)
    What really made this amazing (thanks to my husbands suggestion) was deep frying the chaffle strips after you make them in the waffle iron.
    The whole thing is a labour of love for sure (especially if you rice the cauliflower yourself) but it was well worth it. You’re my keto hero!

    1. well you just made my day. No you made my year! LOVE the idea of deep frying the strips! And yes, it’s a labor of love because poutine is life. Are you Canadian? :-) If not, we can make you an honorary Canadian since the love of poutine is a criteria!

      1. Yes! I am Canadian. My husband is American and we often wonder why poutine hasn’t taken off in America… MELTED CHEESE, FRIES AND GRAVY!!! That seems right up their alley! Thanks again – I went to work this morning bragging about your recipe.

    2. Adriana Gutierrez

      I will be making these in my churro maker. Can’t wait! (Some people have had good luck getting chaffles super crispy by putting them in the air fryer for a few m8nutes after cooking..)

    1. I guess that’s a completely fair question! The bags of riced cauliflower I buy have the instructions on the bag but I forgot about those that might have riced their own cauliflower! You can cut place the bag of cauliflower rice on a plate and microwave on high for 2 minutes (but check YOUR brand for bag instructions). If using homemade riced cauliflower then either saute it in a pan with a little olive oil for about 5 minutes or microwave it in a bowl covered with saran wrap for about 2 minutes.

  5. Adriana Gutierrez

    The chaffle recipe for poutine is missing the quantity of shredded cheese. Also it does not list eggs which are mentioned above. Please clarify how much of each is needed.

    1. Thankyou for pointing this out! The recipe card plugin had a hiccup and some of the ingredient parts were scrambled. I never would have noticed it if you had not pointed it out. It’s all fixed now! PS: It was 1 cup shredded cheese and 2 eggs.

  6. I had never heard of a Chaffee until I stumbled across this recipient – so exciting! Can’t wait to pull out my never used (I think mini) waffle maker and make lots of variations ?

    1. Chaffles are literally the best thing since sliced bread, only better because I can’t eat that sliced bread stuff! I also make them in my big waffle maker!

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