The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Women

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Have you wondered if going carnivore or even just doing a 30 day Carnivore challenge has any benefits?  How exactly does going Carnivore benefit women?

The Benefits of the Carnivore Diet for Women

When I first started low carb and then keto about 10 years ago, keto was mostly about men and body builders.  It was the reason I started this blog!  I wanted women to hear and see the benefits for women.

Now it’s the same with Carnivore.  It’s not all about the men, we women can derive great benefits from going carnivore!

Here are some of the great benefits of reducing  all the things that are eliminated on a carnivore program!

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The elimination of sugars and sweeteners reduces cravings for sweet foods  

I listed this one first because it was the scariest one for me to actually implement.

I had already given up sugar of course, but giving up even natural keto sweeteners when I did my first carnivore challenge seemed impossible! 

By the time I had finished my first 30 days I was drinking my coffee black and sweeteners have been once in awhile treats and not every day items for me!

Read about the results of my first 30 day Carnivore Challenge here

Reduces Inflammation by eliminating grains, gluten, vegetable and seed oils. 

These items are linked to leaky gut and free radical damage, all of which lead to inflammation.

Read more about the dietary causes of inflammation here

Helps to improve insulin resistance

Losing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass is one of the best natural ways to reverse insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is linked to conditions such as excema, obesity, gum disease, brittle bones, all of these things are of concern to women!

Have a listen to this video:

Nutrients are more bio-available

Animal proteins are very nutrient dense and they are more bioavailable which just means that our bodies do a better job of absorbing those nutrients!

Many people worry about missing out on the nutrients from vegetables when doing carnivore. Well guess what?! The carnivore diet provides all the vitamins and minerals your body needs!

That said, I do make sure to keep my electrolytes up by taking a magnesium supplement and being super liberal with my sea salt!

Collagen is another supplement that is of great benefit to women, carnivore or otherwise.  If you are not able to get bone broth every day, then by all means supplement with a daily scoop of collagen.

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Collagen for women has these benefits:

  • prevents hair loss and strengthens your hair and nails
  • prevents bone loss, a huge benefit to mid life women!
  • improves joint health for flexibility
  • helps with skin elasticity which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin aging.
  • helps with the appearance of cellulite

So go make that bone broth, or buy it or take collagen!

Simplifies our lives

This one is big for me.  As a working Mom, I remember all the rushed dinners, all the last minute takeout, the planning and the recipes.

What if for 30 days all you did was eat meat?  How would that simplify your life?  We are talking one pan, one pot meal prep!

I know some of you are cooking for a family.  They can eat the other stuff while you eat your fill of meat.  What I have done in the past is make large pots of chili and casseroles for other family members so they can help themselves to those meals.

The other thing that makes it easier is that on carnivore there is no tracking of macros necessary.  If you are eating only animal products, you are eating pretty close to zero carbs!  Eggs and dairy will have some carbs but pure fats and protein are zero carbs.  

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Weight Loss on Carnivore

Yes, women lose weight on Carnivore!  The very first time I ever did a carnivore challenge I lost 12 lbs the first week and 25 lbs for the 30 days!

I was much heavier back then. If I do a Carnivore challenge now I can expect to lose 5-10lbs.  But for me I see it as a reset of my keto plan when I go off the rails or maybe feeling that inflammation after being on vacation.

Each time I do a Carnivore Challenge, my regular keto program becomes cleaner and tighter. I can see a time where I might just naturally evolve to all or mostly carnivore.

I hope I have given you something to think about and maybe a few reasons to give Carnivore a try!

Here are some Carnivore Meal Ideas

Recipes and Meal Ideas for Carnivore and Zero Carb

These recipes can all be used if you are considering trying zero carb or carnivore. Keep in mind that Carnivores focus on food from the animal kingdom. Some of these are relaxed Carnivore plan so feel free to omit any non animal ingredients.

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