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Have you been looking for some Carnivore Diet Resources to help you get started?

The Carnivore Diet is very simple and doesn’t need a lot of recipes and fancy ingredients to make you feel your best.   At the core of the Carnivore is the basic idea of eating meat and drinking water. 

As simple as eating meat and drinking water sounds, there still seems to be a learning curve and by having a few good books to fall back on it gives you the confidence to carry on and know that you are doing it right!  PS: I own every book that I am recommending on this page!

Now that I have been full carnivore for a few months there are some things I have in my kitchen that I use over and over again, so I’m sharing those items as well.

In addition, there are days when you might feel like making something different, so I’ve listed a few carnivore recipes below.

Carnivore Diet Books I Own and Recommend

Maria Emmerich Carnivore Cookbook

This is much more than a cookbook! I found the first few chapters explaining the whys behind the Carnivore diet to be engaging and easy to understand!

It was true bonus material along with all the different ways and ideas I got to make meals and cook various meats.

There’s even suggested protocols to follow depending on what your food sensitivities are, along with 4 weeks of suggested carnivore meal plans.


Judy Cho – The Carnivore Cure

The Carnivore Cure is an elimination protocol using the Carnivore diet to provide healing to your gut. Which is where all the action is!

This is like a reference manual that you will refer to over and over again.

It will help you figure out which of the plant based toxins you need to eliminate and which you can eventually bring back, should you choose to do that.


Dr. Shawn Baker – The Carnivore Diet

Nobody tells it like it is better than Dr. Shawn Baker! 

If you want to make that jump from Keto to Carnivore he’s the one that will push you over the edge!

The Carnivore Diet dismantles all the myths you’ve ever heard about veganism, saving the planet, needing fiber, needing vegetables and so on.

You will be shocked!

My Favorite (and most used) Kitchen Tools for the Carnivore Diet

Ok, this is always hard for me because I am known in my family as the Gadget Queen!  I LOVE my kitchen gadgets and tools and I have a LOT of them.

But things in my life are changing and I think in the next few years I will find myself in an apartment size kitchen and I will be forced to make some tough choices.

We are talking ‘If you were stranded on a desert island and only had one pan’ kind of decisions!  So I’m going to list these in order of what I plan to keep for my upcoming downsize!

Cast Iron Pan and Non Stick Pan

Ok, I really need to keep 2 pans (I’m embarrassed to say how many I actually do have!)–

A cast iron pan with a double handle. The extra handle is great for putting inside the oven and pulling it out again. Just more stability which you need with a heavy pan.

A lid is nice but I only use that once in awhile, so not a dealbreaker!

This is a 12 inch pan, but if you are just cooking for yourself a 10 inch pan would be fine!

I use the cast iron pan for steaks, burgers, cast iron casserole recipes in the oven.

Non Stick pan. As far as a non stick pan goes, I would take my stainless steel non stick pan because it’s versatile and a good pan should last forever.

This all clad  non stick pan is the one that I use for things like eggs, omelets, frying fish and shrimp and most other cooking needs.

Instant Pot and Air Fryer

Another hard decision would be to choose between my InstantPot and Air Fryer.  I would really want to keep them both!

But if I really only had room for one, for my cooking needs I would have to go with the InstantPot and hope like crazy that I really have room for both when I move!

The Instantpot is my choice because it can do soups, stews, ribs, it can also do slow cooking so it replaces that one too. I use it make bone broth, shredded pork and chicken, and even carnivore cheesecake!

My air fryer is a close second because I love chicken wings and nothing beats crispy air fryer chicken wings! Or crispy chunks of pork belly for that matter. You see my dilemma!

Other Tools for Carnivore Diet

These items are small and don’t take up a lot of room so they would be on my list for sure!  I use all of these a lot!

More Resources to get started on the Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Diet Video Resources

Carnivore videos to get you started on this new journey!

Recipes and Meal Ideas for Carnivore and Zero Carb

These recipes can all be used if you are considering trying zero carb or carnivore. Keep in mind that Carnivores focus on food from the animal kingdom. Some of these are relaxed Carnivore plan so feel free to omit any non animal ingredients.

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2 thoughts on “Carnivore Diet Resources”

  1. I’ve been on Ketovoir for about 8 weeks. Started looking for different things to eat and found your website. Like an answer to a prayer. I got so excited that my wife got me a KitchenAid mixer for Christmas. Mine bake goods looks a bit different than yours but I’m finally able to have bread again with my eggs. Thank You. I have a question about a flour sub. What else works as a thickener? I don’t like using flour for anything.

    1. Good for you guys, it’s all about making this work for you! For a thickener, the things I use would be xanthum gum, guar gum, arrowroot or sodium alginate. Those all share the great property of ‘a little goes a long way’ and are perfect to thicken a sauce or hold together baked goods. Good luck on your journey!

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