Keto Eggs Benedict with Super Easy Hollandaise Sauce

Keto Eggs BenedictKeto Eggs Benedict with Super Easy Hollandaise Sauce

On the few occasions that I do go out to eat for breakfast or brunch, I always order Eggs Benedict.  It is one of my all time favorites and in the past has been a source of guilt due to my incorrect perception of the whole cholesterol and fat issue. With a minor tweak this is a perfect meal on the Keto diet!

As an aside, to add to your research, please check out Jimmy Moore’s book on this matter,  Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?.

Back to Eggs Benny!  On one of the low carb forums that I frequent, there are several versions of Hollandaise sauce, so when I saw it, I immediately thought of a way to recreate my favorite breakfast and thus was born Keto Eggs Benedict!

The Hollandaise sauce is an easy blender version.  This takes nothing away from the taste, it turned out every bit as good as the picky ‘cook it in a double boiler’ version.  And the leftovers!  Oh my goodness, the leftover sauce hardened into a wonderful lemony butter that I spread on salmon, cooked broccoli, asparagus and so on for the rest of the week.

I didn’t even bother poaching the eggs!  I simply took a Silicone Muffin Pan and made little bacon cups, dropped a raw egg into each cup and baked until the egg was done to my liking.  (I like the whites hard and the yolk soft).

Easy Hollandaise Sauce (for the Keto Eggs Benedict)

Sauce part:

  • ½ cup butter (1 stick)
  • Juice of ½ lemon (2 tbsp)
  • Dash cayenne
  • 3 egg yolks


Eggs part: (for 2 servings)

  • 4 strips bacon
  • 4 eggs

Preheat oven to 350.  Line muffin cups with a strip of bacon.  I tried to cover the sides and as much of the bottom as I could, but it is not necessary to cover the whole thing. Break an egg into each bacon nest.  For even more authenticity you could use Canadian bacon instead of regular.

While the eggs are cooking in the oven make the sauce.  Melt butter in a cup in the microwave or in a cast iron sauce pot on the stove. In a blender, blend egg yolks, lemon and cayenne. With the blender going on the lowest speed, slowly drizzle melted butter into the blender until its all in there.  I am quite certain this method would also work well in a food processor. Tip: The variable speed on my Vitamix blender worked perfectly for this.

The timing of the eggs will depend on how you like them.  Also if you like your bacon more crispy than I do, you could bake the bacon cups in the oven for a few minutes first, then drop the eggs in and bake until they are done.  So you will just have to keep an eye on your eggs!

When done, drizzle sauce over the eggs and sprinkle with some fresh chopped parsley.  I ate mine with avocado slices.  Soooo good! I did not for a moment miss the English muffins underneath!

Save the leftover sauce to use during the week over veggies and protein.  It is really good!

Breakdown for this breakfast (each serving is 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, 2 tbsp sauce) turned out to be 80/17/3.

Calories 453, Fat 41, Protein 20, Carbs 4

If you want to use the sauce leftovers for veggies, each tablespoon contains 62 calories, 7 fat, 1 protein, zero carbs.

I hope you try this wonderful weekend breakfast!

Keto Eggs Benedict





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49 Responses to Keto Eggs Benedict with Super Easy Hollandaise Sauce

  1. Yahne says:

    I cant wait to make this!

  2. Erin says:

    So putting raw egg yolk into the blender with lemon juice and hot butter…what is cooking the yolk so they aren’t raw?

    • KetoWoman says:

      Don’t do it if you fear raw eggs. Bye the way, there are raw eggs in mayo and eggnog and ceasar salad dressing. I could go on. 🙂

    • Peta Dale says:

      When I make my sauce
      A) place butter and a pinch or 2 of salt in a small saucepan over medium heat
      B). Seperate your eggs, put yolks into a cup with a drizzle of water and the lemon juice. Blend with a fork
      C) once butter is melted I quickly pour in the egg mixture and beat with a whiz till it is nice and thick or the consistency you like

    • Jill says:

      Adding citrus juices to egg yolks actually “cooks” them.

  3. Tammiy Lynn says:

    Made this hollandaise sauce today and it was super easy and fabulous ! Thank you !
    I did pop it in the microwave for 15 seconds to make it thicker .

  4. Kayla says:

    Hi! My family loves this recipe, thank you! I am starting to track my nutrients and I like to have a little more sauce than you put in your serving size. Do you happen to know the carbs/calories/protein for the sauce alone? This would help, too, if I use the leftovers on a veggie.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Lovely! What’s underneath?

  6. Mandi says:

    Do you have to whir it in a blender? Can’t you just thoroughly mix it by hand?? The blender seems time consuming and a pain to have to get out, clean, etc. If I can just whip it by hand I’d be more likely to make. Just wondering… thanks 🙂

    • KetoWoman says:

      Well you could try a whisk and see. Or maybe one of those stick blenders? I have never tried it by hand so can’t guarantee it will work. My blender just stays out on the counter because I use it so much, so it doesn’t feel like any extra work. I also clean it right away by blending hot water in it when I am done and then one good rinse after that. Takes less than a minute!

    • Phyllis says:

      Mandi you can definitely use a whisk, put it in a metal bowl over a pot of simmering water on the stove, I use softened butter and add it to the egg mixture while whipping it very good, keep on adding butter till the consistency you want. Hope this helps.

    • Georgene says:

      I’ve been making my Hollondaise like this (my mother taught me) for more than 50 years. And what I have learned is that if you get the butter foamy-hot, along with the lemon and cayenne, then when you whisk (no blender needeed) the eggs in, they will cook enough not to be a concern. Just make sure to take the hot butter off the heat only seconds before whisking in the egg yolks.

      To my mind, this is the ONLY real Hollondaise sauce.

  7. Malainie says:

    I use two sticks of butter and three whole eggs to make Hollandaise Sauce. After I whir it in a blender, I stick it in the microwave for 30 secs. in medium, which is power 5 and then stir it with a fork. I do this in 30 second increments until it has thickened. Works really well and you can be assured the eggs are cooked. 😉

  8. Shelly says:

    I just made this and while it was good, it was just too lemony. I used the bottled lemon juice, could that be why? Any ideas?

    • KetoWoman says:

      Absolutely! That stuff is strong! You’d have to cut it to maybe a teaspoon or two I’m thinking. Hope it turns out better next time.

  9. Tera says:

    I make this regularly, heat the butter till hot but just barely bubbling and add 2 tbsp.’s of heavy cream at the end while blending slowly, it makes it thick and creamy! One of my faves!

  10. Marci says:

    I am a bit confused:

    “Breakdown for this breakfast (each serving is 2 eggs, 2 strips bacon, 2 tbsp sauce) turned out to be 80/17/3.”

    80/17/3 ??? 80 calories, 17 fat grams, 3 carbs? per serving?

    “Calories 453, Fat 41, Protein 20, Carbs 4” <— entire recipe? Doesn't add up.

    Please clarify?

    • KetoWoman says:

      Sorry for the confusion! The 80/17/3 refers to macros only (fat/protein/carbs). People following the Ketogenic diet or LCHF(Low Carb High Fat) are generally more concerned with macro ratios than with actual calorie counts.

  11. michele says:

    Careful at restaurants they some times use flour as a thickener .. if you only want one serving of this sauce , 1 yoke to 2 tablespoons 1/4 tsp lemon… will work also… lightly melt butter cool add egg yoke and blend in magic bullet or blender cup blend until creamy. add 1/2 tsp water pop in micro 1/2 second. or warm in sauce pan.. if it breaks
    add a little more water

  12. greenplanner says:

    I’ve been ordering eggs benedict from my favorite diner and subbing a tomato slice for the english muffin. It’s yummy, but expensive, and I can make this easily myself. Thanks!

  13. Stacy Sprouse says:

    These looks delicious! I think I will try them with Quick Paleo English Muffins from beauty and the Thanks for sharing

  14. Courtney Pies says:

    This looks and sounds absolutely delicious! I definitely want to try this!

  15. Rachee says:

    I never had Eggs Benny (<—love!) but would definitely try them like this.

  16. I’m not really a fan of Egg Benedict but hubby is. I will have to show him this recipe and see if he would like to make it. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never tried Hollandaise anything. You sure make this look worth giving a go!

  18. ashj3nt says:

    This looks delicious!! I’m not allowed to eat eggs anymore, but oh man how I want to break that rule to try this!

  19. Theresa says:

    This looks like a delicious and hearty recipe for breakfast. I like that it’s not too high in calories either!

  20. Yum!! Eggs Bennie is one of my faves!

  21. JadeLouise Designs says:

    Something i truly miss from when we lived in Germany, the Hollandaise sauce! yum! Gotta try this!

  22. Amanda MacMahon says:

    i’m a fan of eggs benedict – not a huge one, but this looks good enough to try!

  23. mail4rosey says:

    I’ve never thought to make them at home. THey sure look amazing!

  24. Terry My Journey With Candida says:

    Making Hollandaise sauce is kind of like making your own mayo. My sister makes it. I have never tried making it , but it looks easy enough.

  25. Jennifer Williams says:

    I have not heard of this, it looks amazing. I like that it does not look hard (hopefully since I want to try it!)

  26. Annie Wong says:

    Eggs benedict is my breakfast of choise as well! I love that this looks just as appetizing as it would at a breakfast place!

  27. I love that this is a healthier version of eggs benedict. I think people start to eat healthier when they can still enjoy healthier variations of their favorite dishes without having to give up the foods they love.

  28. Robin Rue says:

    This sounds absolutely amazing. I haven’t had anything like this in ages, but now I am hungry!

  29. Michele says:

    I am not much into sauces but this no carb Hollandaise has my interest-I am diabetic and have to watch those carbs! I love a buttery lemony taste and am certain I would love this sauce–I am not too much into bacon and prefer my eggs hard boiled.

    • anitabreeze says:

      I was actually thinking of doing a breakfast where I pour some of this sauce over hard boiled eggs. I think it would taste amazing!

  30. Teresa McCluskey says:

    talk about a 5 star meal! I so want to make this!

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