Easy Keto Jello Cream Cheese Fat Bomb Recipe

This Jello cream cheese fat bomb recipe has literally only 2 ingredients! The keto strawberry cheesecake is my favorite, but you can make this any flavor you want! Make jello cream cheese bites, balls and snacks! 

New in 2020: Non Sucralose version added!

cream cheese fat bombs recipe
Strawberry, Chocolate and Butterscotch Fat Bombs!

Strawberry Jello Fat bomb with toothpick on white plate

Cream Cheese Fat Bomb Recipe – Pudding and Jello Bites and Balls!

I think I just died and went to heaven. I just popped my first strawberry jello cheesecake ball from this cream cheese fat bomb recipe and it was sooo good!

I was browsing some of the low carb forums looking for high fat food ideas (still sounds wrong when I say it out loud!)

Jello Cream cheese balls

There was someone who talked about rolling cream cheese into sugar free jello powder and eating it and well, I just happened to have some cream cheese in the fridge and sugar free jello in the cupboard. Strawberry as a matter of fact.

Here in Canada, we have only 3 flavors in the stores but I can order my Sugar free Jello from Amazon and get more variety.

And then from there, of course, I had to try dipping them in sugar free jello pudding mix, and this also became a Jello Pudding Bites recipe!

But I do have to say, that after all the flavors that I have experimented with, I still like the tart flavor explosion of using the Jello Strawberry, Raspberry or Cherry. These cream cheese fat bombs are definitely The Bomb!

Is Sugar Free Jello and Pudding mix Keto?

First just have to say that there are no foods that are Keto or not Keto. Keto is a metabolic state and you go into ketosis through the lowering of carbs (really low!).

Now that that’s off my chest, there are foods that will help you stay keto and counting carbs is key.

ANY food is keto if you count the carbs and stay below whatever that carb count is that keeps you in ketosis.

Most keto peeps would consider this to be Dirty keto but hey I’ll be a dirty girl while maintaining my large weight loss and they can be judgey all they want.

But wait!  There is a non sucralose jello mix!

After having said all that, I just made this recipe with a new ‘Jel Dessert’ mix that does not contain any artificial sweeteners!

In fact, it is gluten free, non GMO, no preservatives, Vegan, natural colors, natural flavors.  And the same burst of flavor in this recipe! Check out the Simply Delish Jel Dessert here!

Here is a picture of the raspberry cheesecake balls which became a pretty pink instead of the vibrant red.  I guess that is the lack of red dye in them.

Pink Raspberry Jello Balls arranged on blue plate

So your choice!  Sugar free Jello might be all that is available to you, go get some!  Or get the non sucralose Jel Dessert.

Either way, let’s have some fun and make these jello cheesecake snacks without the guilt ok?

So here is the recipe:

Low Carb Jello Cream Cheese Fat Bomb Recipe

  1. 1  8oz package of Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese or any brand as long as long as it’s the solid brick type.
  2. 1 package (package size I used  is 10.1 grams or 4 Servings) of sugar free jello or pudding mix
  3. For the non sucralose version, the package size is 20g or 4 servings

Note: If you want to do a smaller amount, 1/2 tbsp of sugar free jello mix does about 6 cream cheese balls. Same with the non sucralose version.

  • Take the package of Cream cheese and cut into 16 squares.
  • Put the sugar free jello or pudding mix in a sandwich baggie.
  • Take each square and shake until covered with jello or pudding mix on all sides.
  • Then roll into a ball in your hands. (Tip: Use restaurant prep gloves like these to avoid red dye on your hands!)
  • Keep covered with plastic wrap in the fridge.

Serving size is 2 jello cheesecake snack balls.

Each serving of 2 jello cream cheese balls is 105 calories, 1 carb, 9 g fat and 3 g protein.

Jello Cream Cheese Fat Bombs in small blue and white bowl

These make a perfect sugar free and low carb snack for Keto, Atkins, LCHF or any other low carb diet. 

You could also make a plate of these jello pudding bites and balls as appies for a party. 

Put colorful toothpicks in them and you will have a plate of cherry bombs, lemon bombs, pudding bombs, etc  They will be a hit!

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Pinterest graphic for non sucralose jello balls

Strawberry Cheese Cake Cream Cheese Fat Bomb Pinterest Pin graphic


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Text with jello balls
A cake with jello balls on a plate, with Cream cheese
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Strawberry Cheese Cake Cream Cheese Fat Bomb Pinterest Pin graphic
Text with jello balls
Low Carb Jello Cream Cheese Fat Bombs. Easy no bake recipe with 2 ingredients! Keto dessert snack that tastes like cheesecake!

Jello Cream cheese balls recipe


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Sugar Free Jello Cream Cheese Balls Pinterest graphic

157 thoughts on “Easy Keto Jello Cream Cheese Fat Bomb Recipe”

  1. Awww…..I wish I had seen this 2 days ago when my daughter and I were doing Christmas treats. I would have done strawberry and lime – would be so cute for Christmas! I even have an ocean blue jello package (not even sure why I bought it a while back). I think even light blue would be pretty for Christmas. Also, this is such a great idea that I can see all sorts of possibilities of various things to add: a couple of keto chocolate chips in the middle of the cheese ball, finely ground nuts mixed with the jello, even maybe a tiny bit of a sugar free cherry (or whatever flavor) pie filling in the middle. Thanks for the super idea!!

  2. In the jello cream cheese fat bombs, it’s healthier to use organic, grass fed gelatin as opposed to sugar free jello as this is all chemicals. Sweeten with stevia or erythritol or monk fruit.

    1. I absolutely agree! And that is why there is a whole section about the new sucralose free Jel Dessert packages. They are natural, non GMO, sweetened with erythritol. Some people can only get the jello, but at least people do have options. Thanks for your comment!

  3. These are fantastic. Thank you for sharing. I had made these before and thought it was my own genius idea. I never thought about pudding mix….hmmmm. For those naysayers complaining about mess and such. I cut my cream cheese into cubes. About the size of sugar cubes. I just used my 2 fingers to dab the cubes into the powder mixture. Then I refrigerate for a day or 2 to let the powder be absorbed by the cheese. Delish!!! I have yet to find a good bullet proof coffee though. Different strokes for different folks!!! I subscribed…..looking forward to recipes!!!!

    1. Thank you! I completely agree! PS, I like the jello ones best, the pudding ones are sticky and don’t have the same flavor punch!


    1. I’m not sure if that would be less messy? You would still need a way to make the mixture into balls. It’s really not all that messy, some people just complained to me about getting the jello mix all over their hands. But wearing restaurant prep gloves solves that problem easily. But certainly, give that a try and report back what happened if you can!

        1. It’s definitely too many for some people but not others. This is not a one size fits all way of eating. I know many people who have 50 grams of carbs daily. Not everyone is doing keto for the same reasons or same goals or is at the same point in their journey.

  4. Michelle Tucker

    Used sf strawberry jello, and oh my my my. So Good! Thank you so much for this easy recipe. I struggle to get even half my fat count in, so this will help.

  5. These are DISGUSTING! Idk what you people are smoking, but they are tart and full of that nasty sugar free after taste!

  6. Just stumbled upon this site. It sounded so yummy I made some with sf strawberry. I didn’t roll them but I’m the only one going to enjoy them. Thanks for all of the ideas.

  7. Today is my first day on a Keto lifestyle! Everyone in the house were enjoying root beer floats! I through these together and they were delicious! Better than a float! ?

      1. I just made these and my Palms are red …. most came off with soap and water but it was very messy
        Any suggestions for rolling cream cheese into balls with the red jello mix?

        1. yes, I use gloves! I always have a box of those gloves they use in restaurants for food prep, they are fantastic! They look like these. I will add that to the tips in the post, it’s one of those things where you assume people know about them. I know what you mean about the red jello!

        2. J’ai coupé mes cubes de fromages avec un couteau mouillé.. cela aide à ne pas collé et pour ma pars j’ai roulé mes boules de fromages avant de les mettre fans la poudre à jello !! Aucun doigts rouge ici 🙌💁‍♀️

          1. Merci! She said she cut her cubes with a wet knife first and then rolled into balls before shaking them in the bag of powder. This way no red hands!

    1. There’s chocolate cream cheese? Sigh, I live in Canada and have never seen this! Somebody out there give it a try, I’m thinking chocolate cream cheese with sugar free orange jello might be a good combo!

          1. I can find Jello brand fat-free pudding but haven’t seen sugar free. Where would I find it before checking amazon?

    2. I’ve never seen or heard of chocolate cream cheese itself.
      Wouldn’t you just add cocoa to it to make it chocolate or how about sugar free chocolate syrup?

    1. There are 4 tablespoons in a 1/4 cup…the weight watchers point count is:
      1 point – 1 tbs low fat cream cheese
      2 points – 1 tablespoon full fat
      2 points – 1/4 cup fat free (4 balls)
      If cheese balls are 1tbs each.

  8. These comments really inspired me flavor wise! I’m going to try the jello ones and I love coffee so I’m thinking about rolling them in some sugar free French Vanilla Instant coffee could do that alone or in combo with cocoa little balls of energy hehe!

  9. I just made these using cheesecake flavoring (higher in carb I know but desperate) was kinda meh until i added a little unsweetened cocoa and cinnamon..delish!!! I cant wait to get some SF jello, cant get easier than this!!

  10. I love these. I made some rolled in sf orange jello and cocoa powder. Black Cherry is good too but I agree with you that raspberry is the best!

  11. Tweet birds Mommy

    I wanted to make these so bad, but didn’t have jello or pudding. I didn’t give up. I have those flavor packets you put in water that I get at Walmart. They are true lemon brand. One is raspberry lemonade and the other is peach lemonade. I like them because they have stevia in them instead of artificial sweeteners. I made half and half and let me tell you they are yummy! Thank you for sharing! My sweet tooth thanks you too!

  12. I just started Keto a couple days ago and looking for something sweet and this definitely fits my style.. yummmmm they are so good…

    1. Yes it would for sure. What I do is I key my whole recipe into My Fitness Pal and then divide the totals by the number of servings to get the macros and calories per serving. My Fitness Pal is free.

      1. Just made this using sugar free Raspberry jello, OH MY GOSH! SO DELICIOUS!!! I just want to try all different flavors now, my creative mind is flowing, plus all the other flavors mentioned in the comments! Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. Oh I eat a couple before they ever get to the fridge! You just need to store them in the fridge to keep them fresh, you can certainly eat them right as soon as you like.

  13. took some raspberry jello and pushed it into the centre of the cream cheese then rolled in coco powder!! Not bad!

  14. I love reading all the comments and recipe ideas. I think I may try rolling mine in my good flavored protien powder. Cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, or strawberry.

  15. So I used sf cheesecake pudding. Delicious! Next time I think I’ll mix sf strawberry jello and sf cheesecake…YUM

  16. Yummm….put Raspberry Sugar Free Jello into a 1 at zip lock bag…added the cut up cream cheese squares, closed the bag and shook it up…took them out and rolled them round then transferred them to a smaller bag and into the fridge….

  17. Hello! I am fairly new to the keto woe. Still looking for new recipes to try so I do not get board with my menu. I see all kind of fat bomb recipes. What do they do for you to help lose weight and how many are allowed as a serving daily? Thank you.

    1. Because the Keto WOE is higher fat than other eating plans it can be a challenge to keep up the fat ratio so this is why people use fat bombs. That said, I feel that many people get stuck on their weight loss goals because they eat too many fat bombs and too much dairy. So the answer to your question is to eat just enough to satisfy the macros you are trying to maintain.

    1. No, I don’t think freezing cream cheese would be a good idea, but who knows, I’ve never actually tried it! They are usually gone within a few days so no need to freeze.

        1. Are you eating them right from the freezer. only out for a short time, or set out for people to nibble on (for 15 min or so)?

      1. DON’T FREEZE THEM! It ruined mine. When they thaw out they fall apart and are kind of crumbly. They still taste great but hard to eat.

  18. Oh my friends, the recipe sounds incredible but your comments are spawning all kinds of ideas. Maybe the white chocolate sugar free pudding with pumpkin spice for fall, Cocoa powder with cinnamon and a touch of stevia. Maybe a combo of strawberry jello and a dusting of cocoa? So many ideas. Maybe mix a little coconut oil in with the cream cheese and add the lime…hmmmm

  19. um…i wanted to experiment with this and just tossed in the whole packet of pudding mix, but it turned out like a dough ball. jello packets are smaller…are they easier to work with and taste better? i hear pudding mix gives people tummy aches…

    1. lol, yes I can imagine it! I do find the jello mix easier to work with, it’s nowhere near as sticky. And I love the sweet and tart taste of the jello balls. The pudding balls taste completely different, more of a cheesecake feel.

    2. I just made this. DELISH!! I just put the heavy whipping cream in the chilled bowl of my stand mixer, I then speinkled the pudding mix over the entire top surface of HC. This prevented the pudding from solidifying into a lump. If you like sweeter desserts you may want to add some sweetner to taste.

    1. I actually really like xylitol as well as the fact that it’s made from birch trees. My only warning would be to try it cautiously the first time. If I have a xylitol packet with coconut oil in a coffee, I am glued to the bathroom for hours. Apparently, only a small % of people are affected this way. But there are times that this laxative effect is a good thing!

        1. I’ve never actually tried that but sure, I think it would work. They would look different but still taste amazing.

  20. Are your measurements right? It took me 1tbsp to make 18. Do I mix the jello in the cheese or just coat it?

    1. You are just going to coat the balls. SO you used 1 tbsp jello mix for all 18 balls? I’ll have to do it again this weekend, maybe it’s a taespoon then. I don’t usually do it that way, I usually use the entire package for 1 brick of cream cheese.

      1. When you say you use the entire package of sugar free Jell-O, what size was that package? My grocery store here has a small and a large package of the sugar free Jell-O. When I first saw your recipe I wondered about the size of the package that you use. So I started reading the comments thinking I might find it somewhere in the comments. But so far no luck. I think the difference in the two sizes is the small makes four servings and the large makes six servings.

        1. Sorry, I did not realize you could get larger packages! I have never seen them here. The package I use says 4 Servings. Thanks for pointing this out, I will make note in the recipe for others.

  21. I figured something this simple couldn’t possibly be great tasting, but boy was I wrong! I tried strawberry first and it was amazing. I’ll try other gelatin and pudding flavors, and if they are half as good I’ll be one happy keto’er. Thanks!

  22. Can you mix some Stevia or carb free sweetener in the cream cheese before making these? Also, how would the consistency be if I left them in the freezer?

    1. I have never frozen cream cheese before so I can’t answer that question. You could probably sprinkle some sweetener onto the cream cheese balls but try first without, they might already be sweet enough.

    2. When I make them I put them in the freezer for an hour and put 3 in a bag an then keep them in the fridge the taste better to me.

    3. I have to second the recommendation to try without sweetener first. Just using plain cream cheese with sugar free strawberry gelatin ended up being sweeter than I expected, and made my “sweet tooth” very happy.

    4. I read recently Stevia does not work well in chocolate treats. The “off-taste” is accentuated. With whipped cream or fruit Jello products, Stevia appears to taste better.

  23. I made these with sugar free cheese cake pudding mix and they are pretty good but found they get sticky even when left in the refrigerator. I was thinking about rolling them in chopped pecans!!! I will let you know how they come out! By the way… Thank you for these :)

    1. Yes, I know what you mean about them being sticky. I only make a small amount. The Jello ones don’t get like that so I try to make a plate of those. The kids like them too.

    1. That is a personal choice that everyone can make for themselves. You certainly don’t want to overdo them. When that sweet tooth hits I think it’s better than eating the junk food out there.

  24. I’m new to keto and froze a cream cheese bomb made with pumpkin, PPS and stevia. It was a big batch so it lasted about 3 weeks. It got just a titch dry but was still very good. Maybe I should have covered with wrap to stay fresher. I think the pumpkin help it stay ok.

    1. oh yes, I keep mine in the back of the fridge for a few days. I try not to have more than 2 in a day.

  25. OMG!! Just made some using sugar free pistachio pudding mix and tasted like ice cream! thank you so much for such a good idea!

    I tried it with a ziploc and got too much on it first, and then figured it out :)

  26. You could also mix cocoa powder with Swerve and maybe a little vanilla, instant coffee, and cinnamon! OMG my mouth is watering! Thanks for the recipe!

  27. …or for less mess, maybe put jello powder in a bowl, cut the cheese into squares, drop two or three squares at a time into the bowl, toss with fork or spoon and transfer coated squares to a plate? Maybe not as much fun, but less work and mess…

  28. just made these using SF cherry jello, and they are so yummy! love the tartness. i didnt bother rolling the cream cheese, just coated the cubes in the jello. quicker into my mouth that way! ;P

  29. Jeanette Hernandez

    just made some with the 1/3 fat cream cheese and sugar free strawberry banana. I used my small pamper chef cookie scoop to make them easier. Just scoop and drop . They are yummy……

    1. Jeanette, do you know that manufacturers of low-fat and fat-free products add starch to their mixtures, to replace fat? They do. Check the carb count in comparable products. If you’re on low-carb or keto for the weight loss, they both specify full-fat dairy.

  30. I love this idea. Been trying to come up with some recipes that will go with my little sister’s baby shower theme. We’re doing a Little Monsters theme and I’ve seen the small cheese balls they made that look like little monsters but they’re only the color of the cheese. I love the idea of this because not only can you vary the colors … it varies the flavors too. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  31. I made these jello cream cheese balls and the key is to sprinkle only a tiny bit of jello into a bowl and coat one ball very lightly. Then sprinkle more and do a second one. The dry jello mix is VERY strong and it really is too sweet and strong if you coat it a lot. Also I found that smaller balls are better because you get a good balance of sweet jello and cream cheese. Awesome emergency treat for sure. Thanks for sharing:) I used cherry-YUM! But I’m also going to use orange for a “creamsicle” treat!

    1. you definitely develop a technique after doing this a few times. I like your creamsicle idea, that is taste blast from the past! Yum! :-)

    1. I like the distinct separate tastes when biting into a coated one. Have you tried it all mixed in? How was it? (Not sure how I missed your comment 2 months ago! Sorry!)

      1. I have not because we don’t have the sf pudding mixes here. I’m tempted to order from Amazon and see how that turns out.

    1. Hmmm, I’m not sure if cream cheese freezes well. Maybe someone who has tried that can chime in and let us know!

    1. No, actually the infinitesimal amount of dye in foods is not going to hurt you. I suppose some people might have a sensitivity to some dyes, but that is not common.

      The pudding sounds great, but it does have a few more carbs. If you really want low carb with the gelatins, go with the Walmart brand. It doesn’t even have maltodextrin in it (at least not in the black cherry flavor, haven’t checked others) that the brand name Jello does.

  32. Wow I cant wait to try this! I’m going to try chocolate covered cream cheese balls too. Using homemade chocolate!

    1. That sounds really great! I’ll be posting a recipe for Emergency Chocolate soon! The cream cheese balls are just so handy to have around for emergencies as well.

    2. Cream cheese freezes well. I always have a block in my freezer for when I want to Mae a recipe. And unwrap it when I take it out so I don’t loose so much to the wrapper when it comes to room temp. Suggest that you cut it into cubes before freezing

  33. Hello – I just started a keto diet a few days ago and found your site while looking for recipes. These jello balls look like fun treat. Are they messy?

    1. actually, I thought it would be really messy to make but was not too bad. I used the Philly cream cheese in a brick and made sure it was good a cold out of the fridge. By the end, there was for sure jello powder all over my hands but the cream cheese stayed intact. I just tried cherry today and that tastes a little strong, I want to try lemon next because I think that will taste like cheesecake!

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