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Keto Appetizers for Entertaining

Keto AppetizersKeto Appetizers for Entertaining

This weekend in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving Weekend.  This means the holiday season has begun and that means I needed to experiment and come up with Keto Appetizers for entertaining.

Whether you call them tapas, finger foods, hor’s d’oeuvres or just plain Appies, these types of dishes are a staple of the holiday entertaining season.

While at first I thought it might be a challenge to be on the Keto diet , it is actually surprisingly easy to stay Keto compliant during holiday parties!  

All those dishes that I used to avoid for being too high in fat?  Well hello!  On Keto, not only are these finger foods yummy and tasty, they are the perfect Keto appetizers for entertaining!

I’m talking Guacamole, full fat dips, cheese balls, walnuts smothered in blue cheese, keto stuffed mushroomsjalapeno poppers, bacon wrapped scallops, do I need to go on!?  

Not only are these delicious, they are the most easy to prepare!  No trying to figure out low fat substitutions and fake versions of the real thing.  

Just make real food.  Simple.

Here are some simple and quick appies:

  • Make guacamole and have veggies and/or Bacon puffs for the keto and low carb people to dip
  • Make jalapeno poppers with or without a wrapping of bacon. (I say with!)
  • Take scallops and wrap with bacon and bake till done.
  • Make this Crab and artichoke dip from Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen
  • Take walnut halves and put a teaspoon of blue cheese on each one
  • Make this  Cauliflower Puree from I Breathe, I’m Hungry and use as a hot dip for veggies and Bacon puffs
  • Make this Creamy Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Make Walnut Pesto stuffed mushrooms
  • Make Jalapeno Devilled Eggs

Keto devilled eggsCheck out my Ketogenic Woman Pinterest Board for more ideas.

So, do I have your creative juices flowing?  Is there really any reason to go off your Keto or low carb food plan with these sorts of foods to fall back on?

I’m probably not going to think too much about weight loss during the holiday season.  

I will stay the course and keep out the sugar, flour, grains and all those ‘white’ carbs and try not to gain any holiday weight. That is good enough for me!

What about you?  Do you have any favorite appies for holiday entertaining?

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39 Responses to Keto Appetizers for Entertaining

  1. Robin Rue says:

    So many of these sound really good. I am a big app person, especially when I’m hosting get togethers!

  2. Motherbugs says:

    Oh I like these, I may have to make these for Thanksgiving! I know the deviled eggs would be a hit

  3. Kyle Wiley says:

    Great recipe. I agree with you not wanting to worry about weight during the holidays… its a losing battle!

  4. Healy Harpster says:

    Thanks for sharing those quick and easy appetizers.. I need them whenever we have some parties.

  5. Slap Dash Mom says:

    I love mushrooms! And eggs! I don’t know that I’d eat the top one while trying to lose weight (I’m 20 pounds down but I have a ways to go!), but the eggs would definitely make the cut! Yummy!

  6. Katherine Bartlett says:

    I already can’t believe it’s time for holiday cooking…

  7. Haha! Speaking of holidays – better be careful what I eat now than think what I might eat on holidays – it helps to not gain too much weight, lol.

    • anitabreeze says:

      ya, I hear what you are saying. Its that time of year again, one party after another!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. I don’t really have any appies that I do. Hubby usually does most of our Thanksgiving cooking at my house. 🙂

  9. Melanie Roberts says:

    YUMMM I love your appetizers.. soo many great ideas… sometimes I like to make many different appetizers and call that dinner… Thanks for sharing

    • anitabreeze says:

      Me too. We go to restaurants sometimes and just order a bunch of appies and share. A great way to try different things.

  10. Cynthia L says:

    At times I think I could survive on appetizers alone. The hot peppers look great and so do the eggs. I don’t really follow a special diet, I just know what I love and try to eat in moderation. Thanks for the great information.

  11. These look delicious. I love entertaining and am always looking for new healthy things to serve. I am sure my friends will thank you for giving me some new ideas. 🙂

  12. All of your appetizers look and sound fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing my Crab and Artichoke dip!!

  13. JadeLouise Designs says:

    Oh so many delicious foods! The jalapeno poppers with the bacon wrap is my absolute favorite!

  14. I didn’t know that Canada celebrated Thanksgiving too. These look like some delicious appetizers for any family gathering. Deviled eggs are one of my personal favorites and I remember my godmother making them for all family events when I was growing up.

    • anitabreeze says:

      Oh yes Canadians love family gatherings too! Our Thanksgiving is just a whole month earlier!

  15. Pam W says:

    Okay, now I am hungry! I love full fat anything and all of those sounded delicious.

  16. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    I am quite happy with most any appetizer one should choose to serve! I love them because you can taste lots of different things but they’re small so you don’t have to feel badly. I’ll bet my boyfriend would really love those jalapeno deviled eggs!

    • anitabreeze says:

      I always thought devilled eggs were just ok, then tried with jalapeno. Hello! Now they are awesome!

  17. Amberlee Cave says:

    I absolutely LOVE bacon wrapped jalapenos!!! I will have to try your recipe and the other ones of course too. They look amazing!

    • anitabreeze says:

      Ya, there’s not even really a recipe! Just stuff the jalapenos with cream cheese, put a little cheddar on top, wrap in bacon. Bake for 20 min then broil a bit. Enjoy!

  18. Pepper says:

    I followed your board and will be looking more into the Keto diet. I’m such a believer in healthy fats!!

    • anitabreeze says:

      Thanks for following the board! I will be posting more recipes and ideas as time goes on. Congrats on your weight loss as well!

  19. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    I love those fingers foods – they all look delish… My favorite holiday dish is my mother’s corn bread.

  20. Margaret says:

    I had never heard of this diet before. I will have to check out out by reading more on your blog.

  21. kayadeola says:

    these sound great i love the sound of the creamy cheesy stuffed mushrooms i love deep fried garlic mushrooms naughty but nice lol

  22. Terry My Journey With Candida says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!! We have another month or so before we celebrate our Thanksgiving. My Hubs would love your jalepeno peppers. I have quite a few left in my garden too.

    • anitabreeze says:

      Oh you are lucky! I should try to grow my own next season, I have become seriously addicted to jalapenos!

  23. Michele says:

    Those do sound like really good appetizers – I especially like stuffed mushrooms and will probably try the variations above. I also love to stuff mushrooms with crab meat–Yummy Yummy!! Will I worry about weight gain this holiday season-probably not -but I still will have to worry about sugar intake.

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