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6 Ways to Make Tasty Bulletproof and Keto Coffee

What can you put in your coffee on the Keto diet? These low carb coffee drinks keep you in ketosis and losing weight.

What Is Keto Coffee Made of? This depends on who you ask.  There are a number of ways to make Keto coffee.  The traditional way of making Keto coffee is called Bulletproof coffee.  Originally invented by Dave Asprey as part of his Bulletproof diet, this coffee drink quickly became popular … Continue reading

7 Reasons You Stopped Losing Weight and How to Fix a Keto Weight Loss Plateau Fast!

How do you break a weight loss plateau? Can you be in Ketosis and still not lose weight?

7 Reasons You Stopped Losing Weight on Keto and How to Fix it Fast! Few things are as frustrating as following a food plan and hitting that dreaded keto weight loss plateau. But now your weight loss has stalled while eating low carbs and you want answers!  Read on! Like … Continue reading

The Best Homemade Electrolyte Drink to Beat Keto Flu Fast

This recipe for the best and most delicious electrolyte drink will help you beat the Keto Flu FAST! This homemade recipe is sugar free, hydrating, and it will make you feel better fast. It's an all natural Keto electrolyte drink you won't regret learning!

The Best Homemade Electrolyte Drink to Beat Keto Flu Fast Using a Keto Electrolyte Drink for Keto Flu Symptoms As amazing as the keto diet is for losing weight fast, those first few days or weeks can be pretty rough! Or what happens if you go on vacation and in … Continue reading