Egg Fast Diet FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Egg Fast Diet FAQI have been an admin in a Facebook Egg Fast Diet group for a few months now.  With almost 5000 members I have seen many questions and this is a list of the most common or frequently asked questions about the Egg Fast Diet. So let’s get right to it!

Believe it or not,  the number one most frequently asked question is this:

Can I have HWC (Heavy Whipping Cream) while on the Egg Fast?

No. Nada.  But yet, people will still go ahead and do it anyway.  It’s a fast, you give things up when you are on a fast!  But HWC seems to be one of those things that causes the most distress for people when they try to imagine life without it.  Even though it’s not a lifetime, it’s just a few days. Could there possibly be an addictive component at work here?  Don’t send me hate mail on this one, and hear this:  You will not die if you spend a few days without HWC!  And this might help:  Blend 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter into your coffee (use a blender) and whip that thing up like a latte.  With a little stevia, you will have a new friend and no HWC!  Try it!  🙂

Will all these eggs give me tummy distress and ahem, bathroom issues?

No, this should not happen.  If you do suffer any digestive distress it is more likely to be coconut oil (many people find it has a laxative effect) or xylitol if you are using that.  The other reason you may feel ill is that you are not used to LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet and you are suffering from Keto Flu. It will pass in a few days.  This brings us to the opposite problem and another FAQ:

What if I get constipated?

The vast majority of people trying the egg fast do not have this problem, especially if they are following the recommended 1 tbsp fat per egg. Increase your coconut oil and/or supplement with Magnesium and that should get things moving along again.

What fats can I have?low carb egg fast

Butter (preferably grass fed if you can get it), coconut oil and sugar free or home made mayonnaise.

How much sweetener can I have?

Them Egg Fast calls for up to 3 servings a day in the form of diet soda.  Some don’t drink diet soda and can use those servings for something else. Use as little as possible and use a liquid stevia like this one instead of packets or powder. If you can get through this without any sweetener, even better.

Am I allowed to have ‘xyz’?

Ok, here it is and you’re not going to like this answer but it is the brutal reality.  It’s a fast, you give things up on a fast.  If your ‘xyz’ is not eggs, butter or cheese, then the answer is this.  ‘XYZ’ is not on the Egg Fast and so you better either not have it, or have as little as possible.  It’s only 3 to 5 days, the cleaner you are, the better results you will have.  That said, you are an adult and can do whatever you choose.  Add what you feel is right to the egg fast and if you are happy with the results, then that is what counts in the end.

‘XYZ’ has zero carbs, why can’t I have it?

The goal of the egg fast is not zero carbs or even low carbs.  Here is where the rubber meets the road and if you get this point, you will succeed on your LCHF journey for the long term.  The egg fast works best as a low carb reality check and clean up.  Most people eventually stall out on low carb and if you are one of those people, check everything you think you know at the door.  I was very low carb and stalled for months but my food plan was filled with so called zero carb drinks, desserts, fat bombs, HWC and nuts.  The egg fast cleaned all that out and THAT is what gets the weight loss moving again.  So if you end the egg fast and go back to your same old low carb plan, you will end up back where you started.  Sorry about that and don’t send me hate mail.  I know there is always that person who says ‘I eat tons of XYZ and I lost a lot of weight’. Congratulations!  But it doesn’t help the people who are stalled.

Can I do the Egg Fast even though I am not on a Low Carb Diet?

I’m going to say yes but with a lot of hesitation!  The egg fast is best suited to people who are already eating a low carb diet.   Going very low carb like the egg fast brings along some severe detox symptoms (called Keto Flu) as your body switches from burning glucose to burning fat.  That said, some people do use it as a way to jumpstart their new Low carb life!

How many Eggs can I eat in a day?

I think the real question is what is the minimum number of eggs and some people wonder how many eggs are too many?  The minimum way to do egg fast is 6 eggs plus 6 tbsp fat.  Too many eggs is if you feel stuffed and that number will be different for each person. Most people eat the most eggs on day 1 and 2 and might feel some hunger, then because of the nature of Low Carb/High Fat, their hunger is killed by the 3rd day and they will often have trouble getting in the 6 eggs plus 6 tbsp fat.

How long can I safely do the Egg Fast?

Most people do the egg fast because they have hit a weight loss plateau while doing LCHF or some other low carb plan of eating.  Three to five days should be enough to break through that stall and then spend a few days on transitioning back to regular low carb.  That said, Jimmy Moore did follow it for 30 days.  Which brings me to another FAQ.

Won’t all these eggs give me high cholesterol?

No.  Do yourself and everyone else a favor and read Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore. You will be blown away by this information.

How do I go back to regular eating and not gain back the weight I lost?

By regular eating, hopefully you mean low carb of some kind.  If you go back to the Standard American Diet (SAD), you WILL gain back the weight.  The first time I did the egg fast routine for 4 weeks I didn’t really know how to transition properly and I still managed to lose 13 pounds in a month.  A transition period is very important and is the most successful and easy way to leave the egg fast behind, in fact I follow the egg fast transition most days now because I like it.  Read how to transition here.

Is there a menu plan I can follow?

Yes, we have many recipes and sample food plans on the Egg Fast Group page.

Also see some ideas here:

Day 1 Sample menu

Day 2 Sample menu

Day 3 sample menu

Keeping Track of your Eggs on the Egg Fast

I love My Fitness Pal and use it a lot, but that said it was a tedious way to keep track during the egg fast.  Plus many people in the group who use it get all hung up on macros and calories and so on.  The Egg Fast Diet is a Keep it Simple program.  Enter the Egg Fast Tracker app!  It is completely free and you can install it on your Android phone or tablet.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, then click this link for your Egg Fast Tracker app.

I will be updating this FAQ from time to time as new things come up.  Thanks for visiting and if you have a question that is not answered here, by all means feel free to leave a comment and ask your question.







Crack Slaw Recipe : Spicy Chorizo Crack Slaw

crack slaw recipeWell I seem to be on a crack slaw kick this week so I have another crack slaw recipe to share with you.

Just in case you don’t know, Crack Slaw is a term used in the low carb world for any recipe that makes use of the bagged slaw mixes out there.

I think I’ve been using a lot of crack slaw mixes because last week I was off work for the week and now it feels super busy.  That is the beauty of crack slaw, it’s so fast and easy and you can have a very different meal every night in minutes.  This one might become one of my favorites and it was completely spur of the moment, made up with what I had on hand.  Some of the best recipes happen that way don’t they?

I found the chorizo in the grocery store where my son works.  It was hand made locally with no gluten, fillers, wheat, nitrates, nothing but meat and spice.  It was outrageously expensive and I practically dropped the package when I read the price.  But I do get an employee’s family discount when I shop in this store, so I decided to go ahead and buy it.

And bless my soul, it was worth every cent.  I might have to put a Donate Button on this blog so I can buy it again!  :-).  It really was the most delicious thing I have eaten in awhile and the spicing was absolutely perfect and divine. It made the recipe even easier, nothing else to add folks!

For the Spicy Chorizo Crack Slaw Recipe


  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 spicy chorizo sausage link (3-4 ounces) cut into small pieces with scissors
  • 2 cups basic coleslaw mix
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste or low carb ketchup or salsa


  • Melt coconut oil in a non stick pan.  I now exclusively use the green ceramic pans
    after reading up on the carcinogenic effects of teflon.
  • Fry up the sausage pieces until they start to brown a bit
  • Once the sausage starts to brown add the coleslaw mix to the pan and keep stir frying until the cabbage is soft and the sausage is completely cooked
  • Add in the tablespoon tomato paste or ketchup and stir until all the stuff in the pan is nicely coated with it.
  • That’s it, nothing more to do except eat it!

It’s important to note that tomato paste has about 3 carbs per tablespoon, so if this does not fit into your daily low carb crack slawallowances then use the Heinz Reduced Sugar Tomato Ketchup.  It has only 1 carb per tablespoon and I really like the taste of it.  My kids can’t tell the difference when they accidently use ‘mom’s ketchup’.

Let me know if you like it and if you are a crack slaw addict as well!

Crack Slaw Recipe : 5 Minute Bacon Broccoli Crack Slaw

low carb crack slaw recipes

I feel silly to even call this concoction a recipe but since it’s been a lifesaver for me I thought I should share my Bacon Broccoli Crack Slaw recipe.

If you don’t know what crack slaw is, it is a kind of slang term for low carb dishes made with coleslaw mix. They are fast, easy and perhaps somewhat addicting, and so the name is fitting. I love using coleslaw mixes for the speed and convenience, and I have several go to low carb crack slaw recipes.

This particular recipe has been a savior when I have come home late from work and there is nothing to eat because I forgot to take something out of the freezer.  If you are a working mom then you know what I’m talking about and you can relate to those last minute calls for pizza.  Well that’s fine for the kids.  Luckily there are 3 things you can always find in my fridge:  Eggs, bacon and some kind of coleslaw mix.   And while the kids are waiting for their pizza, I can be eating this dinner in minutes.

My local grocery carries 3 kinds of slaw mix: Angel Hair coleslaw (very long thin strands), regular coleslaw (a mix crack slaw recipeof green cabbage, purple cabbage and carrots) and broccoli slaw.  I love all three, but this recipe makes use of the broccoli slaw.

How to make 5 Minute Bacon Broccoli Crack Slaw

Tools you will need:


  • 2-3 slices bacon
  • 2 cups of broccoli slaw mix
  • 1 tbsp kerrygold butter (optional but I love it!)
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce

low carb crack slaw recipesInstructions:

  • Cut bacon into small pieces (I use scissors)
  • fry bacon until done to your liking
  • Add butter and 2 cups broccoli slaw to the pan
  • Stir fry until the broccoli sticks soften
  • Add 1 tbsp soy sauce, stir fry another minute or so.  The soy sauce will cause everything to brown up.

Put in a bowl and eat up!  Fast, easy, delicious!

I hope you like this.  I’ll come back to add the nutrition values some time this week!


Egg Fast Recipe: Lemon Filled Danish

egg fast recipe lemon filled danishMany long time low carbers are very familiar with the Mock Danish.  It’s an old standard and almost every low carb blog out there has this recipe in their files.  I don’t know where it originated, but I do know that I did not come up with this recipe and that it is also a great egg fast recipe! (More info about the Egg Fast at the bottom of this article)

You know those danishes that have that little centre of lemony stuff in the middle?  No, I’m sure you don’t!  🙂  All I’ve done to the original mock danish is add my own little lemon twist to it while still keeping it egg fast friendly!

If you are tired of boiled, scrambled, poached and deviled eggs and need a boost to your egg fast, this egg fast recipe will perk you up for sure!

I do prefer to avoid sweeteners as much as possible, but with this Lemon Filled Danish I used stevia to taste. On the egg fast it is better to use a liquid stevia like this one.

Items you will need:

Ingredients for Danish (makes 2)

  • 4 tbsp (or 2 ounces) cream cheese (full fat and brick type like Philadelphia Cream Cheese)
  • 2 eggs
  • Stevia to equal 2 teaspoons sugar (or to taste)
  • cinnamon

Filling ingredients

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp Kerrygold butter
  • lemon zest or 1 tsp Lemon Extract
  • Stevia to taste

Lemon Filled Danish Instructions

  1. In a small microwavable bowl, soften the cream cheese for 30 to 60 seconds depending on your microwave.
  2. Stir with fork until very creamy.
  3. Add eggs and beat well until well combined. Add stevia to taste.
  4. Divide between 2 large Silicone Baking Cups
  5. Sprinkle with cinnamon
  6. Put on plate and microwave, checking every 20-30 seconds until done.  While still warm, make a little well in the middle.  Place in the fridge to cool.

Make Filling

  1. In a small glass dish combine coconut oil and butter
  2. Microwave for 30 seconds
  3. Stir until everything melted
  4. Add lemon extract and stevia to taste.
  5. Put in fridge to cool

Once the lemon filling cools down (it will no longer be clear, it will start to look yellow) spoon it into the centre of the 2 danishes.  Put back in the fridge until cooled.


For the purposes of the egg fast, each Danish will count as 1 egg, 1 cheese and 1 fat.  egg fast danish recipe

If you have not used up all your fat for the day, you could do what I did in this photo, which is double the topping recipe and spoon 1/2 in the centre and the other half of the buttery lemon sauce over the Danish and really make this a decadent egg fast recipe!

Let me know if you like it!

Learn more about the Egg Fast Stall Breaker in this article.

See my 4 week Egg Fast Diet results in this article.

Egg Fast Tracker App:  This is a free app for Android that helps you keep track of your Egg to Fats ratios, plus your water and cheese consumption.  Install the Egg Fast Tracker app here.

For those not following the Egg Fast, here are the nutritional values from My Fitness Pal:  Calories 383, Fat 37g, Protein 10g, Carbs 3g








How to Transition from Egg Fast back to LCHF

transition from egg fastHow to Transition from Egg Fast back to LCHF

While the egg fast plan is great for breaking a stall, it seems that people really struggle with how to then carry on with their LCHF plan.  And they are scared and frustrated about immediate weight gain once they end the egg fast.

I am one of the admins in the Egg Fast Stall Breaker facebook group and with over 3000 members at the time of writing this, I have seen a lot of successes and failures in the transition from egg fast to lchf.

Some people will follow the egg fast for as long as they can, say anywhere from 5 days to about a month.  Others will cycle back and forth, following the egg fast during the week for example and going back to lchf on the weekends.  This is how I chose to do it and I recorded 4 weeks of egg fast cycling here.

Either way, I think there is a right way and a wrong way to transition from egg fast to LCHF. Now remember, everyone is different and I am simply sharing what I have seen in the group as well as my own experience.  Your mileage may vary!

One of the things that really helps your mind set with the transition is to treat it like you would an allergy elimination. If you are looking at the egg fast, it is likely because you have been following a low carb plan for awhile, lost weight in the beginning and now the scale has not budged in weeks or months.  The egg fast takes low carb down to the bare bones basics and eliminates all those things that might have contributed to your stall in the first place.  So once you have done the fast, broken through the stall, it makes sense to be careful and mindful of what you are allowing back into your daily eating.  Things like dairy (as in heavy cream), certain sweeteners, and certainly any highly processed low carb foods are well known to keep people from losing weight on LCHF.  You bring all those back in on Day one of your transition, then we can’t help you!

As you know all egg fast meals and snacks involve eggs, butter and cheese.  So here are my suggestions for transition based on what I have seen in the group:

  • First two days (minimum) after egg fast:  Eat regular egg fast breakfast, lunch and snacks. For dinner add a different protein.  Note:  I used to recommend veggies on Day 1 of transition and that is up to you.  If you have them, have maximum 1/2 cup.
  • Third day and maybe longer: Eat regular egg fast breakfast and snacks. For lunch and dinner have salad or veggies and protein and fat.  Keep it light and simple.  Again, keep the veggies at 1/2 cup max.
  • For best results, repeat Day 3 for however many days that you did the Egg Fast!
  • Join the transition group so that you can share what you are eating since you can’t do that in the regular group.  Other people who have transitioned successfully can help you spot pitfalls and problems.

Why am I now suggesting that you limit vegetables or even eliminate veggies on transition?  After experimenting on myself and from what others have written in the Egg Fast group, it’s the daily weight fluctuations that seem to drive people to think they have failed.  I have suggested to people that they don’t weight every day or if they do they should ignore daily weight fluctuations.  Of course, that never happens!  It is the vegetables that will add that bit of weight while you are transitioning.  It is not fat that you will gain, it is simply some water weight and will go away if you stay the course.  But this certainly messes with people’s minds.  So maybe try adding proteins first, then gradually add a bit of veggies to see where your carb threshold is.  For myself, I cannot do more than 10 carbs a day.  That’s almost no veggies and in fact I now aim for zero carbs every day.  You might be able to tolerate more carbs but you will have to find that number by experimenting.

If you have weighed yourself at this point, you may had stayed the same weight, lost weight, or even had a small gain.  If you continued to lose weight, then carry on with the transition by slowly introducing more meats and vegetables.

If you gained weight or stayed the same, stay on the transition days longer.  Some people have come to realize that if they want to keep losing weight, the simplicity and lack of ‘extras’  offered by the egg fast transition are what they need to continue to lose and so there is no reason why you cannot cycle on and off indefinitely.  In fact, I recently followed the egg fast transition for a week and lost another 3 pounds!

The wrong way to do the egg fast is to stay on the egg fast for a few days or even weeks, and then either go back to eating SAD (Standard American Diet) or even full blown LCHF right off the bat.  On Day one of transition, if you eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, BPC with heavy cream and make your self a low carb cheesecake and eat all the other LCHF goodies we love to have, well I hate to tell you this but you’re going to be in for a nasty surprise at the scale!

If you think of this as allergy elimination, and add your favorites back in one day at a time, you will be able to see exactly what stalled you in the first place.  And at least then you can make an informed decision as to what you allow back in and how much.

I hope this has been helpful and by all means if you need some extra support in this, come on by to our Egg Fast group on Facebook.

Low Carb Breakfast: Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich!

low carb BLT sandwichThat’s right, the title says Sandwich!

If you are following a low carb diet, LCHF, Ketogenic or even if you are simply gluten free, when was the last time you had a BLT? For me it was yesterday! I stumbled across this low carb bread recipe made with coconut flour. On it’s own, it’s not overly fantastic, but then I thought Bacon Makes Everything Better. Oh yeah, that is so true!

So off I went to make my low carb dream come true. This bread is net 2 carbs per slice if you are following an Atkins type program.

For those who have never had one of these (WHAT!? Really?) here is the how to:

Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich (Low Carb Version)

  • 2 slices low carb bread
  • 2 slices all natural bacon, crispy (mine had zero carbs)
  • 2 slices tomato
  • 2 slices lettuce
  • butter and mayonnaise to taste (If you are LCHF be generous with this!)
  • salt and pepper to taste

First of all this bread needs to be toasted or it is a bit crumbly.  In fact, I toasted it twice to make it nice and crispy.  Then it’s just a matter of Assemble and Eat!

If you don’t want to make your own bread, then you can order this Low Carb Bread .

Or if you just don’t want to eat bread, here is an even easier and lower carb version of this famous breakfast. This is also quite dreamy!

Low Carb BLT Lettuce Wraps

  • 2 leaf or romaine lettuce leaveslow carb BLT sandwich
  • 2 slices bacon, cooked to crispy
  • 2 slices tomato
  • 1 tbsp mayonnaise

Put mayo on the lettuce leaf and assemble as shown. Wrap and eat. This is really, really good and you actually get even more of that BLT flavor!

Well, I hope you enjoy your next LCHF or low carb breakfast!

Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs

Egg fast recipe : Egg puffsEgg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs

I tried this Egg Fast Recipe just this morning after seeing it posted in the Egg Fast Facebook group.  The original is called Eggs in Clouds and comes from this post on Framed Cooks.   PS: If you don’t know about the LCFH Egg fast Stall Breaker Diet you can read the instructions on this older post.

I switched out the parmesan cheese for grated KerryGold Dubliner cheese which is my absolute favorite cheese.  I would expect no less from KerryGold who also make my favorite butter!  Oh and no, this is NOT a sponsored post!  I don’t do them, I only recommend products I like and nobody sends me anything ‘free’ to review.

This was a very fast and simple recipe and the puffs were much bigger than I thought.  Eating 2 of them with Kerrygold butter was very satisfying and filling.

Items You Will Need:

  • Egg beater/mixer  (I’ve had mine since I was a teenager! They last forever)
  • Silicon sheet or parchment paper (I use this Wilton Silicone Mat.  It has paid for itself many times over because parchment paper adds up!)
  • Cookie Sheet
  • 4 small bowls and 1 large mixing bowl

My one tip would be that I thought the yolks were too runny so I popped them in for an extra couple minutes.  Next time I will simply put the yolks in at the start of baking.

Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs


  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 cup grated Dubliner Irish Cheddar (or parmesan, asiago, aged cheddar)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • KerryGold butter


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees
  2. Separate egg whites from yolks, putting the egg whites into a mixing bowl and the
    Egg Puffs Before Baking

    Egg Puffs Before Baking

    egg yolks each into a separate small bowl

  3. With electric mixer, beat egg whites until stiff peaks form (2 or 3 minutes)
  4. Gently fold in the grated cheese
  5. Form 4 puffs on the baking mat with an indent in each puff (see photo)
  6. Bake for 3 minutes. (You could put in the egg yolks now if you like them a little more cooked)
  7. Remove from oven, drop one egg yolk into each indented puff.
  8. Bake for 3 more minutes.
  9. Remove from baking sheet with a spatula, sprinkle with salt and pepper, add your butter on top and eat!

LCHF Egg FastI am glad that I tried them and will make them again.  Also because they are so pretty and easy, I would even make a platter of these for a party brunch sometime.

I will be posting more egg fast recipes, time permitting.  If you want to see my results from 4 weeks of egg fasting, read this post.

Update: These are fantastic with this easy blender hollandaise sauce.

Egg Fast Tracker App:  This is a free app for Android that helps you keep track of your Egg to Fats ratios, plus your water and cheese consumption.  Install the Egg Fast Tracker app here.

Thanks for stopping by!

My Egg Fast Diet RESULTS!

Egg Fast Diet ResultsThese are the results I got from following the LCHF Egg Fast Stall Breaker!

Keep in mind that I am an ultra slow loser and that I only followed this egg fast diet for 3-4 days a week and then regular LCHF for the rest of the week.

The bottom line is that following the egg fast diet did break my stall!

Update June 2017! This article was written after my 1st attempt at the Egg Fast in 2014.   I haveEgg Fast Diet gone on to lose another 50 pounds and I give all the thanks for that to the Egg Fast for teaching me what my own stalling foods are.  I’ve explained more below.

If you do not know what the Egg Fast Diet is all about,  read the egg fast guidelines here.

Egg Fast Tracker App:  This is a free app for Android that helps you keep track of your Egg to Fats ratios, plus your water and cheese consumption.  Install the Egg Fast Tracker app here.

Update: When I wrote this post I did not know how to properly transition from Egg Fast to regular LCHF.  After being an admin in the Egg Fast Stall Breaker group for a few months I am very clear now on how to make a successful Egg Fast transition.  In fact, I follow the transition plan now almost all the time.  It is a great tool for ongoing weight loss after the Egg Fast.

Week 1:

Tuesday morning after Easter weekend I weighed:  264.1


I followed the Egg fast diet Tues-Thursday.  Friday May 2 I weighted 254.4 for a total loss of 9.7 pounds!

Week 2:

After going back to regular LCHF from Friday to Sunday, I was back up 3 pounds to 257.4 pounds, which I was told was to be expected.

Followed Egg Fast Diet Monday to Thursday.  Friday May 9 weight 255.4.  Total net loss 8.7 pounds.

Week 3:

Followed LCHF from Friday May 9 to Sunday May 11.  Went back to Egg Fast Diet on Monday May 12. I decided to try it for a full 5 days, which for me turned out to be a tactical error.  Friday morning weight was 251.5 for a total loss of 12.6 pounds.  But I was so ‘egged out’ after 5 days and it was a long weekend here in Canada, and I ended up eating and drinking outside of LCHF and by Tuesday May 20 I was up 5 pounds to 256.5.  I went back on the egg fast diet for 3 days only and lost 6 pounds in that 3 days. Friday May 23 morning weight was 250.5 for a total net loss of 13.6 pounds.

Week 4:  I went back to LCHF over this past weekend and today is Monday May 26.  I am up one pound and am LCHF still today.  Tomorrow I will be going back on the egg fast diet for at least 3 days, maybe 4.

So after being stalled for almost 4 months, this egg fast diet has helped me lose again.  I really like being on it during the week and doing LCHF on the weekends.  It just makes it easier to do and I don’t mind the bit of weight gain because my weight fluctuates up and down on a daily basis anyways and I was only weighing this much so that I could see what was happening in order to track the pattern.  Now that I know, I am going back to just weighing once a week on Monday mornings.

What does my typical day look like on the Egg Fast Diet?bullet proof coffee on egg fast

Meal 1: Bullet Proof Coffee : 16 oz of coffee in the blender with 1 tbsp butter and 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 packet Sweet Leaf stevia

Meal 2: 2 eggs scrambled or fried in 1 tbsp butter

Meal 3: 3 hard boiled eggs mashed with 2 tbsp mayonnaise

Snack at work: 2 oz hard cheese (I like the natural Kerrygold Dubliner cheese)

Meal 4: omelette made with 2 eggs and 1 or 2 oz cheese.  Cooked in 1 tbsp butter and then I add another tbsp. butter on top when it’s done.

OR I eat Alternate Meal 4:  Cream cheese pancakes with 2 tbsp butter on top

Snack only if hungry ( 1 or 2 oz cheese)

Total for the day:  7 eggs, 7 tbsp fat (2 mayo, 1 coconut oil, 4 butter), 6 oz cheese but usually only 4 or 5.

And that is what my typical egg fast diet day looks like!

My Egg Fast Diet Results 3 Years Later

So 3 years later (June 2017) here is what I have learned about myself:

  • I ate too many fat bombs
  • HWC is not my friend
  • Cheese is not my friend but I can’t eliminate it completely and keep my sanity.  But it is now a once in awhile thing.
  • Sweeteners.  I used to rack up many a day, like more than a dozen packets.  Now they are for special occasions only.
  • Real whole foods really are the best things to eat, not shakes, bars and processed low carb foods

And the result of making these changes is that I am just a few pounds away from my teenager weight and I am in my late 50’s!  Total weight loss now is 110 pounds!

low carb egg fast



What is The Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast?

Egg Diet Weight Loss

Have you heard about the egg diet weight loss fast? This is the first one of a few articles where I will share my experience and recipes for this egg fast diet.

One of the frustrating things that has happened to me is that my weight on Keto/LCHF has just basically been stalled no matter what ratios I have tried.  Maybe it’s my age (mid 50’s), maybe it’s my activity level which is now so much less than before my knee injury.

Whatever the reason, I have been frustrated by slow and even non-existent weight loss.

Enter the low carb egg fast!  Also called Egg Fest or Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast, also called the LCHF Egg Fast Stall Breaker!

Now it was that last name that really caught my attention.

What is the Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast?

Here are the original rules as designed by Jimmy Moore for his own Egg Fest which he apparently followed for 30 days and lost 27 pounds in that 30 days.

1. Must eat eggs as the primary source of fat and protein.
2. 1 tablespoon of butter used per egg consumed.
3. I must eat an egg no later than 30 minutes after waking.
4. The egg meals ideally should be eaten every 3 hours, but not more than every 5 hours.
5. I will follow this schedule even if I’m not hungry, however I’ll only have 1 egg when that happens.
6. Cheese will be permitted up to one ounce per egg. (real cheese only)
7. A minimum of a half-dozen eggs must be consumed daily.
8. The eggs will be local pastured eggs loaded with healthy omega-3 fats and vitamin D. (this was his personal preference)
9. Egg consumption will cease three hours before bedtime
10. Diet soda will be allowed up to 3 cans daily with a goal of 1 or less.


Ok, so now you have HIS rules that he made for himself.  Here is how I reworked it for ME, still in keeping with the original plan:

  1.  Eggs are still the primary source of fat and protein.
  2. 1 tablespoon of the following fats PER EACH EGG consumed (in order of preference):  grass-fed butter (Kerrygold) or Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil or sugar-free mayonnaise, preferably home made or Trader Joe’s Mayo.  I limit my low carb egg fastmayo to 2 tbsp daily and try to do mostly the grass fed butter.
  3. Within 30 minutes of waking I make my BPC (bullet proof coffee).  I use 16 oz coffee, packet SweetLeaf Stevia, 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter.  It looks and tastes like a frothy latte.  This means that I omit 2 tbsp fat later in the day with some of my eggs.
  4. I do not go more than 5 hours between meals.
  5. I only eat if I am hungry, except that I stick to the 5 hour rule.
  6. Up to 1 oz of cheese per egg consumed (real cheese only)
  7. Eat a minimum of 6 eggs daily
  8. I try to get the best quality eggs that I can find and afford
  9. I do not eat within 3 hours of bedtime
  10. Diet soda?  No thanks!  I figure my morning coffee is my version of this rule.  However, we are finally seeing the Zevia Natural Soda here in Canada so I may have one of those now and then if I need something.

So there you have it, my very own custom tailored version of the egg diet weight loss fast!  In my next post I will share my own results of breaking my LCHF stall and then I will share some recipes!

Here are some menu ideas to get you started:

Need some Egg Fast support?  This is not my Facebook Group, but this is where I hang out to discuss everything Egg Cookers and PoachersLCHF Egg Fast!  If you are serious and can follow the directions, come and join us in the fun!

Egg Fast Tracker App:  This is a free app for Android that helps you keep track of your Egg to Fats ratios, plus your water and cheese consumption.  Install the Egg Fast Tracker app here.

Check out my new post of my favorite egg cooking utensils!



Low Carb Breakfast : Raspberry Crepes

low carb raspberry crepesLow Carb Raspberry Crepes  – Gluten Free

This is one of those lovely weekend morning brunch meals.  As much as I love bacon and eggs, which seems to be a staple on a Keto diet, these Low Carb Raspberry Crepes make a nice change and fit the LCHF profile very nicely.

The crepe part of this recipe is based on the Cream Cheese Pancake recipe from I Breathe, I’m Hungry, one of my favorite food blogs.  The only change I make to it for these crepes is the addition of a teaspoon of coconut flour and a little extra sweetener.

Tools required:

  • Blender such as a Magic Bullet , but any blender will do.
  • Non-stick pan that heats very evenly.  I highly recommend a ceramic pan like my Green Ceramic Pan, Teflon pans are making the news these days for their carcinogenic issues.
  • Electric Mixer to whip the cream.  You know, I just realized that I have had my Sunbeam Electric mixer for almost 40 years!

Cooking Tip of the Day:  Put a bowl and beaters into the freezer so they are nice and cold when you are ready to whip the cream.

Recipe: Low Carb Raspberry Crepes (serves 1 or 2)


  • 2 eggs
  • 2 oz cream cheese (use full fat hard like Philadelphia)
  • 1 tsp Swerve Sweetener
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Coconut Flour
  • 16 Fresh raspberries (you will need about 4 berries per crepe)
  • Whipped Heavy Cream (you will need 1 tbsp whipped cream per crepe)


Prepare the crepes by combining eggs, cream cheese, Swerve Sweetener, cinnamon and coconut flour in blender.  Blend until nice and frothy.

It is important to let the blender then sit for a few moments for the bubbles to disperse.  This is a perfect time to whip the cream.

Take your nice and frosty bowl and beaters out of the freezer and pour a cup of heavy whipping cream into the bowl.  I like to add a pinch of powdered vanilla, but that is optional.  Beat with your electric mixer until big and fluffy.  Place bowl in fridge.

Take your pan and put on medium heat.  You could add a bit of butter if low carb crepesyou like.  When the pan is hot, pour in a quarter of the egg mixture from the blender.  Once you see bubbles forming, carefully flip the crepe and cook the other side.  Repeat with the rest of the mixture.

Take each crepe and make a line of 1 tbsp whipped cream and 4 raspberries.  Roll it up and present to your loved one who will be very impressed.  Or eat them all yourself!

You could of course use strawberries or blueberries for this recipe instead of the raspberries.  Those would be just as delicious!

Don’t forget to also check out my other favorite brunch recipe for Keto Eggs Benedict!

Nutrition:  Calories 244,  Fat 20, Protein 9, Fibre 4 and only 4 net carbs.low carb raspberry crepes (for 2 crepes as shown)

What do you like to eat for a special brunch?