Bacon Calories and Fat: Fact vs Fiction

bacon calories and fatBacon Calories and Fat: Fact vs Fiction

Today I am blowing off steam after yet another uninformed comment about eating bacon. Bacon calories and fat knowledge in the average person is almost non existent! Take my plate of 6 slices of baked folded bacon for example. It’s my go to breakfast, I even carry purse bacon! Read how I make it here.

People have zero idea that my plate of 6 slices of bacon have less fat and calories than almost anything they can come up with for their own breakfast. People! This plate of bacon is a 240 calorie breakfast!

Let’s compare this to what I see my co-workers and friends eating for breakfast:

My plate of bacon:  240 calories, 18g fat, 18g protein, 0g carbs

  • MacDonalds Bacon Egg MacMuffin: 310 calories, 14 g fat, 16g protein, 29g carbs
  • Tim Hortons Bagel B.E.L.T: 530 calories, 24g fat, 24g protein, 61g carbs
  • MacDonalds Bacon Hashbrown Wrap: 590 calories, 31g fat, 24g protein, 54g carbs
  • Tim Hortons Wholegrain Muffin: 350 calories, 11g fat, 6g protein, 60g carbs

Need I go on? Do you still want to tell me how bad my breakfast is now?

Here’s the problem. People are reading the nutritional information from a package of bacon. Raw bacon. To get the true bacon calories and fat for my favorite breakfast, check the chart below.

cooked bacon fat and calories

*NOTE*  Cooked bacon means cooked crisp with all fat drained off. Which is the best way to eat it anyways!

Bacon Power! Show your bacon pride!

 a fist full of bacon

I used the oven to bake my folded over bacon at 350 degrees. It turns out perfect and crisp every single time! You can follow the instructions here.

Next time someone tries to tell you that you are eating too much bacon, you can set them straight!

Now, go ahead and make yourself a plate of bacon and show some bacon pride!



Now I’ve gotten myself in a silly state and want bacon swag! Enjoy!

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