Egg White Bread – Keto and PSMF

Egg White Bread has been a gamechanger for me not only for incorporating on PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) days, but also on my regular keto days!  Use this as the basis for keto loaves, buns, pizza crust and more!

Egg White Bread – Keto and PSMF

This recipe has been adapted from Maria Emmerich’s original protein sparing egg white bread recipe which you can check out right here!

I have added a few simple ingredients to make it work for me.  I lowered the amount of egg white powder and lowered the cooking temperature and time and I found it is less dry for me that way.  Not to mention saving on the cost of the egg white powder!

Adding nutritional yeast and allulose gives the bread more flavor and texture and results in a nice brown crust!

Note to Canada and other countries:  I get my allulose from these 2 places (depends on who has stock!)

  • iHerb Choose Global Landmark for cheap cheaping (I paid $2.52 to ship to Canada!) They also have egg white protein powder for a good price.
  • WholesomeYumSHop:  Check out their allulose blends and powdered allulose as well! Use my code KETOGENICWOMAN to get a discount!

See what else you can do with this recipe (hint: sweet cinnamon bread and pizza buns!) and watch me make those recipes here!

egg white bread displayed on wooden board

Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Making the PSMF Bread!


Why won’t my egg whites stiffen and whip up?

The egg whites have to be whipped until very stiff!  This takes about 8 minutes with both electric beaters as well as a stand mixer.  Here are some tips:

  • The bowl MUST be completely clean and dry and free of any oil or fat, water and anything else.
  • Not even a drop of yolk (which is fat) can get into the whites or they will fail to whip.
  • Excess humidity can prevent egg whites from whipping
  • Use cream of tartar.  It is an acidic powder that adds no flavor but can help the egg white molecules bond together.
  • Always start with room temperature eggs

Do You Need a Stand Mixer to Make the PSMF Bread?

No absolutely not!

Even though I am using this one now (affectionately called Big Red!), I used only my electric beaters for over 40 years! Including on my youtube channel where I have made this egg white bread recipe!

If using a hand mixer then cut the recipe in half.  Bake at 325 for 25 minutes or so, then let rest in the oven for 10 minutes with oven turned off.

Use Fresh Eggs or Carton Egg Whites for the Egg White Bread?

This is entirely personal preference!

However, if you are having trouble getting your egg whites to stiffen and you have looked at all the tips under that heading, then maybe this switch will do it for you!  Some people do say they get better results with fresh egg whites.

  • One caution though is that if you are cracking your own egg whites, be very careful about the egg yolks! You cannot get any into the mixture!
  • If using the carton egg whites, measure out how much you need and bring to room temperature for best results.
  • Carton Egg whites can be frozen and then thawed out the day before using.
  • You can also trying using a combination of 1/2 carton egg whites to 1/2 fresh egg whites.

Do You Have to Use Allulose?

I like to use the allulose because in baking it has wonderful browning properties.  The bread baked with allulose has a nice smooth brown crust, while the bread without allulose has a crust without color and a dry texture.

That said, if you can’t get allulose then omit it and you will still get a loaf of bread with incredible macros! Also the browning doesn’t matter anyways if you are using the recipe to make pizza crust or some of the other recipes like cinnamon bread.

Note to Canada and other countries:  I get my allulose from these 2 places (depends on who has stock!)

  • iHerb Choose Global Landmark for cheap cheaping (I paid $2.52 to ship to Canada!) They also have egg white protein powder for a good price.
  • WholesomeYumSHop:  Check out their allulose blends (the brown sugar allulose!) and powdered allulose as well! Use my code KETOGENICWOMAN to get a discount!
Bread Storage Container
My Storage Container for PSMF Bread!

How do you store the PSMF Bread?

  • The bread will keep several days on the counter in a ziploc bag or bread keeper like the one I own in the picture!
  • Be sure to allow the bread to cool completely 100% before bagging it up or putting it into an air tight container.
  • You can freeze the bread, slice it first and then freeze
  • Storing the bread in the fridge will make it turn quite soft and even sticky, so the counter is better.

Watch me turn this bread into a Hearty Italian Loaf here:

Printable Recipe Card for the Egg White Bread

egg white bread closeup shot

Egg White Bread - Keto and PSMF

Yield: 20 slices
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes

Egg White Bread has been a gamechanger for me not only for incorporating on PSMF (Protein Sparing Modified Fast) days, but also on my regular keto days!  Use this as the basis for keto loaves, buns, pizza crust and more! Makes 2 loaves (3x8pan or 1 large 5x8 loaf pan)

Cut recipe in half if using hand mixer.

Modified recipe from Maria Emmerich, please check out her awesome PSMF recipes at


  • 1 1/2 cup egg whites (carton or fresh)
  • 1/2 tsp redmond real salt
  • 1/2 tsp cream of tartar
  • 2-4 tbsp allulose
  • 1-2 tbsp nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1/2 tsp active dry yeast (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp xantham gum (optional)
  • 2/3 cup 100% egg white protein powder


  1. Beat egg whites, cream of tartar, salt and allulose in a stand mixer at maximum whip until very stiff. This will take several minutes! If you do not have a stand mixer, you can use an electric mixer but I would recommend just making half the recipe in that case.
  2. Add in the nutritional yeast and egg white powder.
  3. Stir in at the lowest mixer setting until just combined.
  4. Spoon batter into 2 silicone loaf pans or make buns or free form creations! (watch my video!)
  5. Bake at 325 for 30 minutes if using smaller loaf pan (or 25 minutes for buns) or 45 minutes for full recipe in a large loaf pan.
  6. When timer goes off, turn off the oven and leave for another 10-15 minutes. This is for loaves only to prevent fast cooling and the bread caving in too much.
  7. Allow to cool completely before removing from pans and slicing.


If you use an electric knife you can get 16 slices per loaf! Adjust the macros accordingly.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 20 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 40Total Fat: 0gSaturated Fat: 0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 0gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 186mgCarbohydrates: 1gFiber: 0gSugar: 1gProtein: 8g

Nutritional information for the recipe is provided as a courtesy and is approximate only. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional information given for any recipe on this site. Erythritol carbs are not included in carb counts as it has been shown not to impact blood sugar.

Did you make this recipe?

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63 thoughts on “Egg White Bread – Keto and PSMF”

  1. Thank you so much! I’m 53 and starting this journey. Is there a difference between egg white powder and egg white protien powder? I think in video you said egg white powder but listed egg white protien powder. Can you use either one or the other in this recipe, and others or does it have to be the right one. Thanks!

    1. They are the exact same thing! Sometimes it’s labeled as egg white powder and sometimes they use the word protein in there.
      Best of luck on this life changing journey!

  2. I made the spread yesterday on my first try it came out fabulously, are used to 8 x 5 loaf pans and overfilled it I used the xanthan gum did not use the nutritional flakes or the active dry yeast, because I didn’t have them.

    Made French toast this morning with it. Absolutely love it.!

  3. Hello, I’m not doing Keto or PMSF, but I’m gluten free so I’m always on the look out for recipes of “bread”.
    Can this recipe be made without any kind of protein powder, or would omitting it make the entire recipe fail?

  4. Could you substitute Isopure Protein Powder for the egg white powder? I have egg yolk powder and Isopure, but no egg white powder.

  5. I want to try this recipe but the egg white powder I purchased has sweetener in it. Can I just leave out the Allulose since the egg white powder is sweetened? What do you suggest? Thank you!

    1. oh wow, I’ve never seen it sweetened before! The allulose helps it to brown, I guess whatever sweetener you have in there will hopefully do the same! Maybe try a half recipe just to test it out!

  6. Love the recipe.
    I had some better left. So I spooned it into a few silicone muffin forms. Then I softened some cream cheese with butter and spends and put it on top of the muffins. I pushed it in just a little.
    Makes wonderful cheesecake muffins.
    The bread does not rise perfectly every time, but it is super tasty. Especially as toast.

      1. Hey im a bit bummed. I was watching the bread rise beautifully in the oven and when i let it cool it shrivelled bad … is there any way to tell where i went wrong?

        1. The bread will definitely shrink in the oven no matter what, they all do shrink to some extent. You want to use low heat, and leave it in there for awhile after the oven is off to minimize the shrinking. Also a trick that I learned on facebook is to poke wooden skewers into the bread and let it bake like that, it shrinks less. Level of shrinkage will vary by the humidity in your kitchen, what kind of pan was used, using spray, etc I usually suggest people master the buns first and then move on to bread, the buns are easier to control IMO.

  7. Ive baked the bread until it burned on top, (used the basic recipe: 12 egg whites, cream of tarter, pink salt, egg white powder) but also used a monk fruit- allouse blend. Could that be why? I live in a place with high humidity but couls it really affect it that much when baking inside? Ive tried four time, could you help?

    1. You didn’t mention what kind and size of pan you are using as well as the time and temperature. Also oven placement. The egg white bread is quite finicky! And yes humidity is a big factor with egg whites!

      1. Briana Sanders

        I used a 9×5 nonstick pan and sometimes placed it in the middle of the ovwn and sometimes toward the front.
        Do you know of a way to get pass the himidity issue?
        Thank you so much!

        1. You can’t do much about the humidity. Have you tried making buns instead, they are a little easier to control because they are smaller, the big giant loaf of bread is the hardest one to master for sure. Maybe make 2 smaller loaves or one loaf and some buns. Also I often have humidity issues as well, have you looked at my BBBE bread? It seems to work in humidity for me, but I tend to stick with buns now.

          1. Ill practice on both buns and chexk out the other vid! Thanks so much for helping. I was getting really lost. Any tips for making sure the buns come out well, like lower heat? Either way thanks again!

          2. Sorry I was away on vacation. The buns come out best at 325 which is what I have in the video I recommended. If you print out the recipe card and follow that or watch the Buns video, you should be good to go! Buns video:

  8. Im having issues getting the bread to bake all the way thru, without burning the top. I tried to make sure the egg whites werent over or under whipped, and lightly mixed in the cup of dried egg whites, 325 degrees for 45 mins in a normal sized bread pan and when the hard top is tap tjw bread is still giggly underneath. Help please!

    1. Are you making the full recipe in a large loaf pan? I think this is the hardest to get right due to possible hot spots in ovens, etc. Try either mastering buns first or split the recipe between 2 smaller loaf pans, you might find you have success that way! The other thing you might want to try is to add a couple scoops of collagen or beef bone broth powder. It seems to make a softer more forgiving loaf of ‘bread’!

      1. Hi Anita! I finally tried the recipe from the Maria Emmerich’ site and saw your adaptations just after! My bread is in the oven and I had big issue with the egg whites that didn’t come to the « stiff » point… I used only cartoon egg whites, and it is a very humid day today… At that point, I tried to find a solution… So I let the stand mixer whip the whole thing with the egg white powder for 3 minutes and finally get stiff peaks! I drop the batter in a 9 X 5 dark metal pan and put 3 woodsticks on the top! I just turned off the oven and am waiting 15 minutes… In this moment, it looks just great… Let’s see what will happen!

  9. Carolyne Tinsley

    Hello Anita, I tried you recipe but as soon as I added the egg white powder at the end everything fell. I still formed the dough to make hotdog buns. I do not have a pan. They are a little flat. Disappointing, but they taste good. I did not use the xanthan gum but I used beef gelatin at the end. I have trouble with xanthan. I am hoping it is not the gelatin, but am going to use the xanthan the next time to see if the batter stays stiff. I enjoy your program. My next recipe I want to try is your pull apart pizza. God bless you.

    1. Try my other Protein bread recipe maybe? I now mostly that one especially for buns! It has no xanthan or sweeteners and I have used gelatin in it a few times.

    2. Sorry I missed this comment. I never use xanthan gum anymore but I have changed my methods a bit and I do sometimes add gelatin, collagen or bone brotyh powder to make the bread softer. The key is those items should not have any added fat because yes, they will make the egg white batter fall.

  10. Thanks for the recipe,I will like to try it but lay my hand on egg white protein powder.Any alternative for it?

    1. This recipe doesn’t work without the egg white protein powder. Have you tried iHerb? The link is in my recipe and they apparently deliver worldwide. Other than that, there’s other keto breads out there that have other ingredients that you can try.

  11. Hi. I just made this. I’m very impressed! I used all the ingredients. I also watched your YouTube video. It seems that you are advocating not to add the egg whites or add less as they are drying? It also seems you saying you prefer it without the xantham gum? And lastly, even though you listed active yeast, I did not see where to add it. Can you clarify this? Thank you.

    1. Hi, I’m just saying that I add less than most people because I find it too dry otherwise. I think that is probably going to be different for each person’s needs though. Xanthan gum is something I try to avoid as well mostly because of food sensitivities. When I use yeast I normally add it the same time as I add all the dry ingredients. By the way have you seen my newest keto loaf of bread? It’s soft and fluffy with way less ingredients!

  12. Hi Anita! I finally tried the egg white bread and I love it! I look forward to trying it again. I had difficulty with it falling flat and didn’t get the height I wanted. I was wondering if you ever tried it with a tube pan (angel food cake pan)? I may give that a go. I’ll definitely be giving it another go!

    1. No I don’t have a pan like that but it sounds like an interesting experiment! Some people find that placing bamboo skewers in the batter helps the bread stay higher. Glad you liked it!

  13. I tried making this bread and it came out very tough and chewy. It seemed difficult to combine the protein powder at the end, could I have overmixed it? Thank you!

    1. When I finish experimenting with it and have a good version I will publish those details! In the meantime, my latest cranberry bread experiment will be on youtube tomorrow morning.

  14. I am eager to try this bread, but I don’t know what size stand mix bowl I need for the egg whites. I am sure my mother’s old sunbeam bowl that is about 3 quart is not nearly large enough. What stand mixer do you use or recommend?

    1. For awhile I was using my old electric mixer with a much smaller bowl and so if you want to use the 3 qt bowl, then just make half the recipe which is what I did. Now I am using the Kitchenaid 5qt Artisan and I do love it!

    2. I used my 35 year old Sunbeam Mixmaster, and it worked perfectly. I broke the large glass bowl many years ago, but I have another large bowl that fits on the turntable. I had to keep turning it and scraping down the egg whites periodically, but it whipped them to stiff peaks in almost 8 minutes exactly. The bread is in the oven baking right now, and I can’t wait to try it. I didn’t have allulose (it’s on order) so I used monkfruit. My daughter used Swerve and said it came out fine, although the top was just tan, not dark. I really don’t care what it looks like, as long as it tastes good! I have high hopes! Timer just went off, so now just to let it sit in the oven for 15 minutes and then cool. Maybe grilled cheese for supper… or BLT… or toast and eggs… so many choices, so little time! LOL

  15. Anita, thank you! I tried this recipe after watching you on YouTube and made a loaf of bread. We had grilled cheese sandwiches for the first time in years! It was delicious! We used the rest of the loaf for toast. Again, haven’t had that in years and it was amazing! This is going into regular rotation because it’s so good. I like the super low carb count and how it’s not heavy like most keto breads that use almond or coconut flour. Pretty much pure protein.

  16. Thank you Anita for all you do for us, recipe development, researching where to purchase products, tweaks you’ve made to recipes and your transparency about your journey to lose weight. You are an inspiration.
    Over the past few months I’ve attempted to embrace the recipe for PSMF berad. I’ve used 2 types of protein powders to make it palatable. I’ve used nutritional yeast to make it tastier. I’ve stored it in the fridge, freezer & on the counter top. I have concluded that PSMF bread will fall by the way side as something I won’t use. Thanks for your tweaks & tips even though it didn’t work for me.
    BTW, I have started using an egg white based Chaffel with a tweak of 1 drop of liquid sweetener & 1/4 tsp instant yeast. It’s now my go to bread substitute. I got the recipe from Steve at Serious Keto. Check him out if you aren’t already a subscriber.

    1. I DO subscribe to Steve’s channel but I don’t think I’ve seen that chaffle! I will definitely try it out! Thanks so much for your comments and I feel your pain. Sometimes the bread is great and other times not so much!

  17. Hi Anita, I just made your Italian loaf with no seasoning on top, It looks really good Its cooling in pan now Thank you for recipe can’t wait to cut and taste it!! Also made cake with rest of dough in heart shape pan( only silicone pan I have) I’m going to make cr cheese frosting for it. Thanks for all your recipes!!

  18. Thanks so much for your variation of PSMF egg white bread! I first learned how to make it from Indigo Nili’s excellent channel but she hadn’t altered Maria’s recipe. I found it too dry and flavorless. I appreciate the reduction in egg white powder and/or allulose as well as what the yeast additives do for flavor/smell. My own experiments include adding adding a bit of turmeric for coloring, a tablespoon of erythritol/stevia (for a touch of sweetening that does not induce more browning), vanilla and pineapple extracts to the dry ingredients. With those adaptions I can approximate a Hawaiian bread as I am not an Italian Bread lover (crazy, I know) but love those a touch sweet like potato, brioche and challah. This bread is far better and cheaper than the zero carb high fiber breads out there! Please continue to tinker!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to tell me about your tweaks! I have a son who loves those sweet Hawaiian buns and so I like your ideas! And the turmeric for color, very nice! There’s always more tinkering to do!

      1. Thanks Anita! One caution when pursuing the Hawaiian, add the turmeric to the egg whites. I found if I added it early there were gas bubbles in the egg whites and they failed to stiffen. I know we can get more bold (Loving it on Keto) with what we throw in and when – but that actually had an impact.

  19. Hi! I’m a new viewer (really love your channel)! Can you tell me why my bread is constantly falling? I’m following your recipe but it’s not working for me. Does altitude matter? Thank you!! ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Yes there are some obscure reasons for egg whites falling such as altitude and humidity. What can help is to use fresh egg whites instead of carton, double the amount of cream of tartar and throw in a tsp of xantham gum. Read all the other reasons in the article as well! Once you figure out the magic formula for YOUR kitchen and ingredients it will be amazing! Thanks for watching my channel!

  20. Hi! I made Maria’s recipe and now found yours . Maria’s recipe called for 1 cup of egg white powder and my Poot bread came out very chewy. I’m wondering between that I maybe didn’t whip up enough ( not sure how to know if it is ready) I’m going to try yours next time . The powder eggs whites I used was the same one you do and I used the whole pkg 8oz. Very expensive fail lol

    1. It took me awhile to find the right combination and I almost gave up! This one works well for most people so I hope you give it a try! Also I now have an Italian Loaf version on youtube, I’ve gone through 5 loaves this week because my family loves it so much! So keep trying! Click here for the Italian Loaf!

  21. Dear Anita, could you please write down what one and a half cups of egg whites and two thirds of a cup of egg white powder are in grams? I’m from Germany and we don’t use cups or spoons to measure. Thank you very much – also for always including the macros and not forgetting the great videos on YouTube!
    Greetings from the Black Forest, Germany.

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