30 Day Keto Cleanup Challenge!

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Join me for 30 Days of Cleaning up my Keto program!

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What is the 30 day keto cleanup challenge?

I’ve had many of my readers email me to say they would like to have some accountability and support to either:

  • get started on keto or low carb
  • have some moral support with others doing the same
  • cleanup and tweak what they are already doing

So after some thought about how we could do this in some way that is inclusive and not too much pressure, I’ve come up with this 30 Day Keto Cleanup Challenge.

I’m going to run the first Challenge starting July 1st, 2020 and then run it every other month after that.  This will allow you to have an intensive month of tracking, reporting and accountability, then ease off a bit for the next month and get back to it!

For 2020, it will run in July, September and November.  Then I will reevaluate things for 2021 to see if people like doing it and if it’s helpful!

How Can I join the Challenge?

My readers are not all Social Media tuned in!  Some are on Facebook, some are on Instagram and some only communicate through my email list.

Here’s what it’s going to look like in July and we will see how it works!

  1. Download my 30 Day Keto Cleanup Progress Tracker sheet (scroll down to end of post).  This will put you on my ‘Joined the Challenge’ email list.  That way you will get only emails about the keto Challenge (unless you are on my general list)
  2. I will also be posting at least once a day on Instagram during the Challenge.  I’ll post examples of what I’m eating and I’ll be using this hashtag:  #30dayketocleanup   You can follow that hashtag on Instagram and you will be shown all my challenge posts!  You can also follow my account on Instagram here.
  3. If you are on Facebook you can also follow the Challenge progress on my Facebook Page here.
  4. If you are in my Facebook group for women I’ll be posting a daily thread in there as well that you can join in.

Do I have to follow a certain food plan?

No you don’t!

I will be working on a challenge plan for those that want it for the September Challenge, but generally speaking you will follow whatever plan suits your lifestyle, budget and needs.

But since this is a CLEANUP challenge, you might want to consider the following:

  • Track your food every day during the 30 day period using either a free tracker such as MyFitnessPal or CarbManager or use a paper tracker from my Free Resource Library or even just a sheet of paper.
  • Take your starting weight and measurements and write them on the 30 Day Progress Tracker (see below)
  • Choose at least one food or category of foods that you will eliminate for 30 days.  It could be nuts or heavy cream (a common weight loss staller) or it could be processed keto snacks or maybe alcohol.  If you are thinking to yourself, oh darn can I live without xxxxx for 30 days?  Then that’s probably the one you should try! 🙂 

If you have found me on Facebook or Instagram, watch for my #30dayketocleanup posts and join in!  I need the support and feedback too!

And remember this is brand new to me too!  Open to all of your comments and suggestions to make this work and be fun at the same time!

Join the 30 Day Keto Cleanup Challenge below!

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