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Terms & Disclaimer for KetogenicWoman.com

Ok, so basically I’n going to paraphrase all the legal mumbo jumbo that I have to put in here.  It’s telling you that  I’m not actually recommending anything on my page, and it’s at your own risk to follow my advice.  I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, although I was known to play doctor as a child.

It is also telling you that if you buy any of those books from Amazon that I will receive a commission.  That part is true and it’s really a very tiny commission that helps to pay for my hosting and anything else to do with this website.  So your purchase is very much appreciated by me!

Ok, go ahead and read the legal stuff now!


Full Disclosure: This website and it’s webmaster does not recommend the use of any mentioned product, nor does it discourage the use of any mentioned product. The outgoing links on this website are affiliate links and the webmaster may receive some commission from their use.

If you do not agree with the rules contained herein, do not use the Web site. The following rules may be modified from time to time. Continued use of the Web sites by you will constitute your acceptance of any changes or revisions to this Agreement.

Your failure to follow the Web sites’ rules, whether listed below or in supplemental notices posted at various points in the Web sites, may result in termination of your access to the Web sites, without notice, in addition to other remedies.

The owner of this website is required by the FTC to inform you that there is a financial relationship between the owner and some of the products or services it reviews, recommends, or promotes.

Material Affiliation

Please assume that any time a product or service is mentioned on this site, the owner may be compensated. Any recommendations made by the owner of the site for any product or service have been made in good faith, based on either the owner’s own use of the product, or based on the merit of the product in public opinion.

Partiality Statement

Because the owner of this website may be paid, a bias for those products may exist. Every effort has been made to ensure that all reviews are accurate and true, but some bias can be assumed simply because of the material relationship between the owner and the companies involved.


The owner of this website may receive monetary compensation for the links on this website. If you purchase a product that you find on this site, the owner may be paid a commission, for example. This disclosure has been made to let you know that any link you may find on this website should be assumed to have some financial benefit for the owner of this website. While this may not always be true, it should be assumed that it is.



5 Responses to Terms and Disclaimer

  1. Sylvia says:

    Just started the keto diet, can’t wait for the fat loss! 🙂
    I’m stoked about your blog, but I can’t seem to be able to follow it anywhere. I like getting updates from blogs I follow any time there’s a new post, because otherwise I’d have to manually go and check all 100 of them in case they posted something I don’t want to miss 🙂 Have you considered adding your blog to Bloglovin, making a Facebook page or connecting your page to a RSS reader? Or having the blog automatically send e-mails to subscribers any time you post something new?

  2. A Flores says:

    I am trying the egg fast. Today is my first day. Is it normal to feel bloated, if so what do I do?

    • KetoWoman says:

      It’s so hard to answer this without knowing exactly what you ate today. For example, coconut oil causes tummy distress for many people who are not used to it. Also if you were not already fat adapted then eating a plan that is 85% fat can be hard on your tummy too.

  3. Virginia says:

    Going give this s try 👍🏾

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