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Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs

Egg Fast Egg Puff

Keto Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs I tried this Egg Fast Recipe just this morning after seeing it posted in the Egg Fast Facebook group. The original is called Eggs in Clouds and comes from this post on Framed Cooks.   PS: You can find the instructions for doing the … Continue reading

My Keto Egg Fast Diet RESULTS!

My Egg Fast Diet Results

My Keto Egg Fast RESULTS! These are the results I got from following the Keto Egg Fast Diet! Keep in mind that I am an ultra slow loser and that I only followed this boiled egg fast diet for 3-4 days a week and then regular LCHF Keto for the … Continue reading

What is The Keto Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast? Blast Through a Plateau With Eggs!

What is the Keto egg fast diet? What can I eat on the Keto egg fast? What can you drink on the egg fast diet? How do you get a Keto egg fast to work? How many eggs a day on an egg fast? Get all the answers you need here!

What is the Keto Egg Fast Diet? Have you heard about the egg diet weight loss fast? This is the first one of a few articles where I will share my experience and recipes for the Keto egg fast diet. One of the frustrating things that have happened to me … Continue reading

Keto Spinach Feta Egg Muffins Grab & Go Breakfast!

Keto Spinach Feta Muffins

Keto Spinach Feta Egg Muffins Grab & Go Breakfast! Back in the days of my long commute to the office, my breakfast routine involved a stop at Starbucks. Along with the requisite Venti Americano, my favorite breakfast grab at Starbucks was the Feta Cheese Spinach Wrap. There was something about … Continue reading