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My journey on the Ketogenic Diet actually began a few years ago when I had lunch with a woman whose son was an epileptic. This poor child had up to 400 seizures per day!

She told me an amazing story of struggle, heartache and pain that they endured going to doctor after doctor and even being advised to institutionalize this boy.

Then they found out about the Ketogenic Diet and he has been seizure free ever since. Sadly, he has some brain damage from all the seizures, but he functions enough to drive a car and have a job.

That story stuck in my brain for some time and I even wrote an article called The Ketogenic Diet Therapy on an info website.

But in my mind, this diet, with its very specific ratios, was a medical therapy and at the time, I didn’t think it applied to someone like me. Although, when she described it to me, I do remember thinking it sounded like a super low carb diet and perhaps someone could lose weight on it!

Fast forward to August 2013…

I had a knee injury that would change my life and not in a good way. Through all the doctors appointments, pain, being on waiting lists to see a knee surgeon, waiting list for an MRI, having surgery and then even more pain and now back on the waiting list to see the surgeon again, I developed a good dose of depression. And along with that depression came a significant weight gain.

When I topped out at my almost highest weight ever (see pictures below), I guess something clicked and I knew this was it. I started looking at low carb diets because they are the only thing that ever worked for me in the past. I am a middle aged, metabolically challenged woman. The weight does not come off easy! Plus with my knee still causing me great pain, my exercise options are limited and I am just not getting enough of it.

So I started off by following Atkins and Jorge Cruize. I think they are good diets, very low carb and I lost 6.5 pounds the first week. But it was while I searched for recipes on line that I came across blog posts and information about the Ketogenic Diet again.

Only not for epilepsy and cancer, but for weight loss. I was intrigued and read everything I could find. So then I switched gears and started on the Keto Diet road.

All of the articles I found were written by men and bodybuilders, and showed pictures of plate sized steaks and I wondered if this would turn away women like me. I don’t know, but I was inspired to document my journey here and hope it helps somebody. As a person who has struggled with weight issues all my life, sometimes we just need hope!

My plan is to not only document the journey, but to share recipes here that are both low carb and ketogenic friendly, as well as keep up with the latest news and science and share that here as well. I will also do book reviews as I get a chance to read and study what is out there.

Please check out my Keto Resources page as well as all my keto recipes!

So come along on my journey to lose weight on The Ketogenic Diet. (PS yes I did lose 100 pounds doing Keto!)

Here are my before and after (actually still-a-work-in progress) photos.

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  1. Hi Anita. I am going to try the egg fast this week, but this is my plan.
    Three times a day I am going to eat 2 boiled eggs, 50 gr avocado with 2 tbs of my home made salsa
    3 coffee per day
    I love this combo. Do you think it’s ok to do this for a week or 2 ?

    1. Well if you can eat that 3 times a week for a whole week you deserve to lose weight! You of course can do whatever makes it easiest for you to follow. The egg fast has no avocado but if this works for you then go for it! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Hello Anita!
    I’m so glad I found your channel on YouTube! I just started my keto journey a little over 1 month ago in a program called Virta. Its approved through my insurance company. I love your videos! I’m excited to try your recopies! I too being very overweight decided that it was time and with a little research discovered that I liked a lot of the food choices so I started, and its been difficult at times, but I’ve lost 18 pounds to date and I’m so excited for myself! Good continued luck with your success and I will be watching your videos for recopies and inspiration too!

    1. I’m so happy you found me Joanne! I think the thing that I want you to know the most is just to keep working on it! Even after starting keto there were days I crashed and burned but just kept going and it’s now added up to about 125 lbs. I still have that last 50 to go and I know it will be tough but even a pound a month I’m grateful for! Thanks for being part of my little tribe! Hugs to you!

    2. Kathleen Ann ROERING

      Hi Anita I have a recipe my mom use to make. Reminds me of the lemon curd recipe wondering if you could make a keto or psmf version? Where could I send the recipe?

  3. Terri Collymore

    I am doing a 7day water fast this week, want to follow with the egg fast next week. Can I do this or do I need to follow the water fast with a keto week? Thanks for any help you can give me. Your site is really informative.

    1. Hmmm, I think going from zero fat to 85% fat might be pretty tough. That alone tells me it would probably be better to do a very clean keto first and not attempt the egg fast until you hit a stall with keto. Good luck!

  4. Another thank you from someone who is grateful for your recipes and other supportive info. I am 67, and a little over a year ago, I too was at my highest weight ever, after two different surgeries and too many meals out!

    I have always been aware of diet and food, and watching my weight. Back in the mid 70s, I read Dr. Stillmans Quick Weight Loss Diet (basically, meat, eggs, and cottage cheese, and 8-10 glasses of water). Then, Dr. Atkins came along, and I adjusted to 2 salads and removing the cottage cheese. Lost my excess weight after children, and pretty much kept it off until I turned 50.

    I love low-carb rather than attempting to do low calorie and its always hungry and deprived feeling. LC is easy because once you get used to no bread or potatoes, it really is a fulfilling way to eat.

    Now, it appears that the low carb – high fat has become scientific, and lots of devotees, so I am taking advantage of your wonderful recipes. So far, in the last year, I have lost 28 lbs. It is not coming off as fast, but now – you have opened up a whole new area to discover: the egg fast, and the IF. So hope is rising again, for my continued weight loss, since my goal is 140 (not the 150 I now am).

    1. I remember Dr. Stillman’s diet! Thanks so much for stopping by and telling me about your success! My readers like you inspire me so much!

  5. Love your website, thanks for all the info and help.
    15 days into my Keto diet and have lost 5kgs (11lbs).
    I have at least another 30kgs (66lbs) to lose, but I feel so much better already; lively, energetic, and very motivated.

        1. There is absolutely zero chance that I can predict that accurately. I have seen everything from zero to 17lbs in a week. So somewhere in there!

  6. Hello Ketowoman, I’ve recommended your site since 2015 when I discovered it!! Today I came for recipes- and delighted to find the lemon cheesecake one! Back when i began LC I observed people were so impressed with your beginning a journey to lose 100lbs on keto- AND on your own, and were PUBLICLY saying so! I am older than you, already overweight, then a car accident in 09 AND a mild stroke 3 years later slowed me even further.
    I did use Dr. Adkin’s in my 20s and was dissuaded by everyone, DH, family, etc. but it was what my immigrant Polish mother fed me all along…quality meat and veggies, no ‘starch’, little dessert, ever. Everyone “KNEW” in the past that you don’t get fat if you avoid potatoes and pasta. …and it was whispered in the 1950s French women stayed slim on the fattest calorie laden foods in the world…all that cheese, cream. butter, foie gras, but by skipping the delicious bread entirely! Now I fast forward to almost age 70, wiser yes, but still fat from high ‘carb diets pushed by MDs, RDs, school nurses, etc etc for 40 years. DECEMBER 2018- I began again with stricter LC 20 days ago and added intermittent fasting–just eating in a 2 hour window each day, so 2/22. from 9am-11am Coffee with heavy cream, then eggs, or turkey soup, or steamed veggies with cheese, and cream cheese with macadamias…all the foods I love. I thought I could never fast even 12 hours, but I was determined as LC didn’t work for me anymore. And now, less than 3 weeks later, I have lost 16 pounds..and am stunned. Seriously stunned! almost a pound a day! Thanks to ALREADY being ‘adapted’ on a LCHF regimen -not Keto yet- I had a goal to get under my normal too high ‘set weight’ by Dec 31st..and I made it on Saturday the 22nd! While not eating for a stretch of hours is difficult, yes, to tolerable,as those hunger waves come and go, I sip tea with stevia, and with limited gardening for exercise. Just sharing a (LONG) story… but by delaying trying intermittent fasting for so darn long because I thought I couldn’t do it ?? Like you it’s hard to got past the doldrums of plain LCHF/keto and slowed results. Best wishes for the new year. PS-there is a lot of info on IF by Dr. Jason Fung, who helps obese and very ill diabetics to turn their health around, reverse diabetes and get off the many insulin drugs.

    1. What a wonderful Christmas gift your comment is! Thankyou so much for sharing your story. I too have been dabbling with IF and agree with you that it is so much easier than I thought it would be! You’ve given me an extra boost of inspiration to get through this holiday season! Best wishes to you for 2019!

  7. I need some help with the basics. What foods to eat, what foods not to eat. I want to loose 20 lbs but I do not eat carbs now, and i eat lots of fruits, veggies and protiens but no fats in my diet. I normally sustain my weight within 5 lbs. Every blog I look at says the basic and the recipes but I need the basics the heres the foods you can eat, heres the foods you cant kinda thing. I dont mind buying a book but which one? My email address is there if anyone wants to email me the basics or a book they recommend.

    1. If you are eating fruits then you are eating carbs. The basics of the keto diet are fats and proteins with greens. You will seldom see a keto person eating fruit and if they do it’s a rare treat of lower carb berries. If a book will be of help to you I have recently read The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel and I can see it becoming a reference bible for people starting keto, it is very complete! Good luck!

  8. I was wondering if anybody had any tips or suggestions I’ve been doing keto for 18 days so fairly new be reading up as much as I can find out everything about it so far it’s a lifestyle that I can adapt to the only thing I’m seeing is after 18 days I’ve only lost 7 lb I’ll be turning 50 in August so I’m just wondering if age has anything to do with that I read a lot about people losing 10 lbs in a week and it seems to just be melting off them but that doesn’t seem to be the case for me so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

    1. I am over 50 and reached my goal of 40 pounds sheds, without any serious exercise. I have been Ketogenic for close to a year. Don’t get discouraged, the scale will go up and down when fat converts to muscle. Use a calculator that will tell you exactly where your macros should be.

  9. Hello I’m new to the keto diet I started it because I will be turning 50 in a couple of weeks and trying to lose weight has been a challenge so I’ve been on it for about a week and a half and initially I lost 5 lb and now I can’t seem to get any farther than the 5 lb I originally lost in the first 4 days my weight has stayed the same and I’m just wondering if there’s any tips that you could offer thanks

  10. You inspired me to try keto and egg fasting! I’m only in week 3, but my clothes are definitely looser. I don’t have a scale to weigh myself, but I can tell this is something I need to keep doing! I want to lose about 50 lbs. and feel like I am on my way. Thank you so much for inspiring me to start this journey! <3

  11. I am so excited to find your website! I’ve been meaning to try this out for some time but never found the excuse to start. I have narcolepsy, but I also stress eat due to my psychiatric issues and being newly off my antidepressants (I didn’t need them anymore and wanted to eventually make the switch). I didn’t start actually gaining weight until I turned 26, and now I not only FEEL dumpy, but I look dumpy! Everyone in my support groups raves about keto for their narcolepsy symptoms and not only the weight loss, but HOW GOOD YOU FEEL. That’s what I’m chasing. Any weight loss would be a bonus. I’m looking forward to following your recipes and changing my life! I hope you’re doing well on yours too <3

    1. I am truly amazed at all the various conditions that going keto seems to help people solve! When I think back to visits to my Gramma’s farm in the Prairies, they ate much like I do today! And they were so healthy. Eggs, bacon, butter and veggies from the garden, no processed frankenfoods. Makes you wonder what we have all done to ourselves!

      1. So what’s a good creamer on this diet right now I’ve been using coffemate French vanilla? An I’m one of those people who have to have creamer.

        1. Mix your coffee in the blender with 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter and you will never need creamer again. :-)

        2. I can only drink coffee with creamer – and when I went Keto, I found that canned coconut cream is a good substitute. I refrigerate the can, and when it’s solidified I whip it with my mixer on high, adding in a Tbsp of vanilla extract and a 1/4 c. of powdered sweetener (monkfruit or erythritol). It’s a nice way to have a “vanilla” creamed coffee.
          Thanks KetoWoman for sharing your story and recipes!

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