What is The Keto Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast? Blast Through a Plateau With Eggs!


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What is the Keto Egg Fast Diet?

Have you heard about the egg diet weight loss fast? This is the first one of a few articles where I will share my experience and recipes for the Keto egg fast diet.

One of the frustrating things that have happened to me is that my weight doing keto and low carb has just basically been stalled no matter what ratios I have tried. 

Maybe it’s my age (mid 50’s), maybe it’s my activity level which is now so much less than before my knee injury.

Whatever the reason, I have been frustrated by slow and even non-existent weight loss.

Enter the low carb keto egg fast! Depending on where you look, it is also called Egg Fest or Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast, also called the LCHF Egg Fast Stall Breaker!

Now it was that last name that really caught my attention.

What are the Keto Egg Fast Rules?

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This is How I Fit the Egg Fast Into My Life

  1. I ate 7-8 eggs a day.
  2. 1 ate tablespoon of the following fats PER EACH EGG consumed (in order of my own preference):  Butter (grass-fed is nice but not necessary)A close up of coffee with fat,  Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilWhat is the Keto egg fast diet? What can I eat on the Keto egg fast? What can you drink on the egg fast diet? How do you get a Keto egg fast to work? How many eggs a day on an egg fast? Get all the answers you need here! , mayonnaise (any type that is zero carb). I limit my mayo to 2 tbsp daily and try to do mostly butter and coconut oil. But avocado oil is nice sometimes.
  3. In the morning I made my EFC (Keto Egg fast coffee). I used 16 oz coffee, 1 teaspoon So Nourished sweetenerWhat is the Keto egg fast diet? What can I eat on the Keto egg fast? What can you drink on the egg fast diet? How do you get a Keto egg fast to work? How many eggs a day on an egg fast? Get all the answers you need here!, 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter. I prefer to blend this in my blender. It looks and tastes like a frothy latte. This means that I omit 2 tbsp fat later in the day with some of my eggs but feel free to throw 2 eggs into that blender!
  4. I only eat if I am hungry.
  5. Cheese (real cheese, not processed) is allowed but  I find that I can only eat 4 ounces cheese max for the day or even this egg fast stalls me!
  6. I ate a minimum of 6 eggs daily to get enough protein
  7. I tried to get the best quality eggs that I could find and afford
  8. I tried to not eat within three hours of bedtime (or the heartburn is REAL!)
  9. I kept myself to 3 servings of sweeteners in a day MAX! This can be in the form of diet soda or those skinny syrups or drops of Stevia. I do like to use the Skinny Syrups because 2 tbsp is one serving and I can make 2 tbsp go a long way! Try out Jordon’s Skinny Syrups and see all the crazy amazing flavors they have!

So there you have it, my very own custom tailored version of the keto egg diet fast! In my next post, I will share my own results of breaking my Keto stall.

You can read about the effect this type of diet has on your health (the good and, in rare cases, the bad) here.  

Keep scrolling down to get some recipes!

What Do You Eat on the Keto Egg Fast Diet?

Here are some egg fast menu ideas and egg fast recipes to get you started:image of grocery list

  1. Instant Pot Sous Vide Egg Bites for the Egg Fast
  2. Egg Fast Lemon Cheesecake Fat Bombs
  3. Keto Egg Fast Cloud Bread
  4. Keto Mini Egg Fast Pizzas
  5. Egg Fast Lemon Filled Danish
  6. Egg Puffs Recipe
  7. Mascarpone Hazelnut Low Carb Cheesecake Muffins
  8. Egg Fast Waffles
  9. Recipe to make your own mayo!

Egg Fast Three Day Sample Menu

Three days of Keto Egg Fast menu and recipe ideas.

When you have done the Egg Fast and want to return to regular Keto or Low Carb, here are the Egg Fast Transition instructions.

Do You Need Some Egg Fast Help or Support?

This is not my Facebook Group, but this is where I hang out to discuss Image of egg fast tracker app

everything LCHF Egg Fast!  If you are serious and can follow the directions, come and join us in the fun!

Image of egg fast tracker

Egg Fast Tracker App:  This is a free app for Android and iPhone that helps you keep track of your Egg to Fats ratios, plus your water and cheese consumption. Install the Android Egg Fast Tracker app here.

Install the iPhone/iPad version of the egg fast tracker here.

These are my favorite egg fast resources and cooking utensils!

Check out my Keto Egg Fast Diet Results (with my 3 years later update!)


Keto Egg Fast Coffee - So easy and delicious way to start your keto morning!
Egg Fast Weight Loss Diet - read all the details right here!

More Egg Fast Recipes to Try

Want more Egg Fast recipes? You've come to the right place, we have the best ones here! Check them out!

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183 thoughts on “What is The Keto Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast? Blast Through a Plateau With Eggs!”

  1. I get up extremely early for work (3:30 a.m.) and eat lchf. I also do intermittent fasting daily. I don’t eat until around 1 pm. Would that be a problem while doing an egg fast?

    1. There are so many things that can affect this and it doesn’t work for 100% of people who try it. Things like medications, age, activity level, hormones, illnesses, how many pounds away from normal. And if people are following low fat or low calorie diets and try the egg fast, they will often not lose either. Sorry I can’t say why you didn’t lose but those are a few ideas.

  2. I followed LC since Feb 1, lost 26 pounds almost easily, then had a severe abdominal flu May 25th…have not lost since–9 weeks!! so today is the first day of the egg fast. Partly I am stuck due to ongoing long term pain(DrJ. Fung claims “non-diet” issues keep us from losing) AND I am at my former long time weight, so my body fights going lower. [Notice I separate” body” from “mind”, as I AM doing LC strictly..but my body is like a bratty kid!!!

    DAY 1—–
    I goofed already and had HWC in my 2 coffees..so am starting over tomorrow. Will try seeing if I can tolerate the BPC oil & butter version..if not I’ll just do tea. MCT oil is great, but coconut flavored coffee?ugh.

    I also did a 3 egg scramble with butter on top,3 tbl of shredded cheese was great and coconut oil in the fry pan.. ( I use measuring spoons for everything, easy to measure shredded cheese that way.

    i love string cheese, and keep a 24 pack on hand all the time. I tried using a tbl of mayo and dipping my string cheese into that, along with HB egg… I am certain I will be sick of them in 5 days..but as a stall breaker…I’m IN!

    1. I don’t get a coconut taste in my coffee, I am using Nutiva. I hear that some coconut oils have a stronger coconut taste than others. Good luck on Day 2 and thanks for checking in! :-)

    2. Refined will not taste like coconut. Unrefined will have a little coconut flavor. Unrefined/Virgin us better for you. I use unrefined Try it once. I have turned so many people on to bulletproof who have said “ew, coconut ok and butter? !” Who have thanked me after! It’s not for everyone but you will more likely be surprised at how yum it is. Be sure your grassfed butter is unsalted.

  3. Hi,

    I have stalled on keto, I am not overweight (54 kilos at 1.69m) but I am used to weighing around the 51 kilos. I think the weightgain comes from a combination of over -excercising (running) in the past 2 years and falling off the keto wagon 3 times in the past 6 months.

    I’d like to try the egg fast (I love eggs :-)) but I am also lactose intolerant. Would I be okay substituting the cheese with goat’s cheese and substituting the butter with coconut oil? I am already used to eating sugarless mayonaise.

    1. Oh yes absolutely! In fact, cheese is optional so you don’t have to eat it all. In the egg fast group we have been finding that people do best not having too much cheese, maybe 4 ounces a day max. As for the butter, a lot of lactose intolerant people seem to be able to tolerate Kerrygold. But coconut oil is just fine too. Good luck!

  4. question. This seems to be a lot of fat intake when you search nutrients on a daily meal plan of eggs and butter etc. and yet you still lose that weight. ??

    1. Yup! It’s the magic of Keto or LCHF (Low Carb High Fat). It’s not the fat that makes us fat, it’s the carbs. Even so called good ones.

  5. Why is the egg fast just considered a fast? When people eat only meat for years? Why can’t a person eat only eggs and an orange for the vitamin C and be fine till we lose 100 pounds?

    1. I have no idea! I’m sure one could survive on that just fine. We like to label things for simplicity I think, but at the same time it can complicate things. Thanks for your comment.

  6. So, we are allowed nothing else?! No fruits or even veggies? Just eggs, cheese, and butter and water basically?

    1. That is correct! It’s a short term fast and completely voluntary! If you are doing LCHF and still losing weight, then no need for the egg fast.

  7. The rules say I must eat an egg ,30 minutes after waking. But I take meds that I have take then wait an hour before eating. Would it still work if I waited the hour

  8. Hi, I’ve been following Keto for a while now. Can I do egg fast every other day for better results? Or can you only benefit from that if doing egg fast for more days in the row?

    1. I’m not really sure as I have never done that. A lot of people do 3-4 days on and then 3-4 days transition. Good luck!

    1. Yes, you could have too many eggs. Eat between 6 and 12 for best results. While technically you could have up to 3 sugar free drinks a day while on the fast, it might be a good time to evaluate all habits. The fast is designed to rid yourself of all but the basics, and get down to the most basic lowest level of low carb high fat eating. There are studies that show that even diet drinks cause us to crave more. Just something to consider. Good luck!

    1. oh gee, not really sure about that one. Some people in the group report good energy, but you would have to already be adapted to using fat as primary source of fuel instead of glucose. So it really depends.

  9. Cool. One question…How do you know how much an ounce of cheese is? I can measuree in tablespoons or cups. Grated or whole. Thanks.

    1. Hmmm, I use a small kitchen scale. So I’m not sure. Maybe google conversions from tbsp to ounces to see if you can find a conversion program.

    2. When you get a bar of cheese, say 8oz, try doing a hint of a score down the middle then three across. ..will give you the marks for 8-1oz servings.

  10. I am 64 and weigh 120kg and am 171.5cm.
    We are also going to New Zealand for 3 months so would like to continue on the plan while we are there, the transit time which is going to be a challenge is 34 hrs. I am diabetic so thats the menue they will give me in flight

    1. I would not try to do the egg fast while away from home, it’s only meant to break a weight loss plateau for people who are already following low carb or LCFH. I would recommend just sticking to basic low carb as best you can while away. Low carb is an excellent way to help with your diabetes.

  11. Hi there, I have been Banting for about 3 months now and am loosing cm not kg so have been told to try the egg fast.
    I have read up what I can, but need to know apart from the required number of eggs etc, and some cheese and butter, is there anything else I can have like veg or apples? I cant find the sugested list of foods permitted.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Erica. The egg fast is just that, a fast. It is basically eggs, butter and cheese (no fruits and veg) for 3 to 5 days and meant to break a plateau. Not really meant for ongoing weight loss. If you take a look at this ‘What is the Egg Fast’post, you can see what the parameters are.

    1. That is just impossible to say because everyone is different. In the Egg Fast FB group people lose everywhere from 1 pound to 10 pounds during the 3-5 day fast. But remember, this is not a regular way of eating, it’s simply meant as a short term shake up to break your stall when already following a low carb diet. So if you have been the same weight for several weeks or months on LCHF and this causes you to break that stall and lose even just a couple pounds, then it’s a win.

  12. Sounds very intriguing!Sounds like this is bringing you great results.. So nice of you to share Egg Diet Weight Loss journey with us :)

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