Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu – Day 2

Easy Keto egg fast diet plan menu for ketogenic dieters to lose weight fast.

Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu – Day 2

I made it to Day 2 of of my Egg Fast plan! And Holy Egg Diet Batman! I lost 1.5 pounds on this first day!

If you are just tuning in and want to see what I ate yesterday, here is my Egg Fast Menu Day 1 food list.

Egg Fast Menu Day 2 Summary

Egg Fast Menu – Day 2

egg diet menu plan coffee
Morning Latte

5:30am – same as yesterday, my version of Bullet Proof Coffee made with 2 cups (16 ounce) of coffee, 1 tbsp each of coconut oil and butter, dash cinnamon and dash pink salt. 

I throw it all in my Vitamix to make my morning latte.

I drank this while I answered a few emails and did a bit of moderating in the Egg Fast Facebook group.


Want some free printables to help you with the egg fast?

Get the rules, checklist, tracker, and grocery list here!!

Egg Fast Muffins (or Loaf)

egg diet menu plan cream cheese muffins
Egg Fast muffins!

8:30am 3 Egg fast Cream cheese muffins. I should do a whole separate post about these muffins because I have learned some tips and tricks. For now, here is the quick & dirty :

  • Melt 4 ounces cream cheese and 4 tbsp butter on medium heat in a glass measuring cup in the microwave until soft. (Mine took a couple minutes at 50% power).
  • Using a whisk,  whip 4 eggs and 2 tbsp any flavor Skinny Syrup or equivalent of 2 tbsp sweetener into the glass measuring cup.
  • Pour batter into 6 muffin tins or 1 loaf pan. ( I always double it so use more pans if needed).
  • Bake at 325 for about 30 minutes for muffins and about 45 minutes or longer if in a loaf pan. (I use silicone muffin tins because no cooking spray required)

Egg Diet Menu plan- devilled eggs12:30pm – Devilled Eggs. 3 eggs cut in half. Remove yolks and mash with 2 tbsp mayo. Salt and pepper. Easy, easy.

5:30pm.  Grilled Cheese Wafflewich. Oh this is sooo  delicious! If you recall, I made a double batch of egg fast waffles last night and saved 4 waffles for today.

I buy the sliced cheddar from Costco (each slice is about 3/4 ounce) and this is NOT those processed cheese slices.

Assembly of Grilled Cheese wafflewich

  • I measured out my tablespoon of butter  and put half in my green non-stick frying pan.
  • Put the cheese slice between 2 waffles and slap it down in the pan. 
  • Press it into the sizzling butter until browned, and then flip it over until I can see the cheese is melting.
  • Repeat this with the other 2 waffles, butter and another slice of cheese. Enjoy!

Egg Diet Menu Plan low carb waffle

So today on my second day I had a bit of a headache and NO hunger, however while putting the finishing touches on this post (by doublechecking my math!) I realized I had 1 tbsp fat too many!

Ooops. I am trying to train myself to not eat unless I am hungry, so I may or may not eat a boiled egg sometime this evening. But I just wanted to put it out there that I make mistakes with this too! :-)  

Just move on and do the next right thing!

Total for the day:  7 eggs, 8 tbsp fat and 4.5 ounces of cheese.

See you tomorrow for Day 3!

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Text and food closeups
Text and food closeups

Text and food closeups

Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu – Day 2


Text and food closeups
Text and food closeups
A close up of food, with Egg and Menu

70 thoughts on “Keto Egg Fast Diet Plan Menu – Day 2”

  1. So, the muffins turned out great with pumpkin pie spice and a few drops of orange extract. They got really high and then deflated. I used erythritol and a wee bit of stevia for sweetener.

    I always put a pan under my silicone muffin pans or the bottoms cook faster than the top. Glad I did that this time, too, as there was a fair amount of butter that dripped onto the lower pan. At least a tbs got away, I’d say.

    They are tastiest when cooled to room temperature, IMO.

      1. I am making some more tonight because they were so good. DH who is also LCHF will eat a few, too. I will put them in the fridge overnight.
        Tomorrow I planned to start transition, but may keep with this a few more days. Not burned out! Who knew.

  2. Please, oh please, direct me to your tips and tricks for the egg fast muffins. I would like to know your adds for the lemon ones, too.

    I have a trial batch of them in the oven presently. I went off the reservation and added some pumpkin pie spice and a few drops orange extract. We shall see. I am optimistic!

    Thank you for sharing all you learn and do with us.

  3. Maybe I did something wrong, but the muffins came out burnt. My apartment smells like burnt muffins now.

    I microwaved the cheese and butter for 2-3 minutes at 50%, then whipped in the sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla (I used extract), and eggs. Next I poured the batter into 6 muffin tins and bake at 325F for about 45 minutes

    1. The only thing that makes sense is that your oven is much hotter than mine. If you make them again, check them at 20 minutes to see where they are at, then keep checking them every few minutes. Maybe it will only take 30 minutes in your oven. I hope it works for you because they are really good!

  4. Did you ever do a whole post on the Cream cheese Muffins? I would love to read all about that! I love your blog and your recipes! Thanks so much! It makes doing this just a bit easier!?

    1. No but last weekend I made some egg fast compliant lemon cream cheese muffins and they were quite good. So I am working on that again and hope to have it done this weekend. Thanks for reading!

  5. I tried joining the Facebook egg fasting group today, but was denied. Not sure why. I’d really like to get in because I started the egg fast today. Any ideas?
    For breakfast I had 2 eggs, 2 tbsp butter, and sprinkled Bleu cheese and made a buffalo omelette with Frank’s hot sauce. Delicious!
    For lunch I hard boiled 2 eggs and mashed 2 tbsp of mayonnaise and a little more sprinkled Bleu cheese crumbles into a bowl and made sort of an egg salad.
    For dinner, another Bleu cheese buffalo omelette.
    I have been drinking black coffee several times a day with a little Stevia powder sprinkled in. I’m used to drinking a lot of coffee, so I wanted to wean down slowly. I wanted to make BPC, but I was worried I’d be consuming too much fat? I’m also drinking a lot of water.
    I tried the egg fast a couple of weeks ago and by the 2nd day I gained 2 pounds and had a terrible stomach/digestive reaction. I realized my body wasn’t keto adapted (the keto thing is new to me) so I took a couple of weeks to slowly introduce the keto foods. I hope by tomorrow, day 2, I don’t gain any weight and my stomach won’t revolt. I’m feeling great tonight, not hungry, no headaches, relaxed, not bloated. Wish I knew about keto years ago! Only challenge is I’m vegetarian, never liked the taste of any meat (shocking, huh?), but I can tolerate eggs and cheese. I have about 25 pounds to lose.
    How do I get into the egg fast FB group? Thanks.

    1. Sounds like you are off to a great start there! You can have BPC on the egg fast, you just have to count the fats and then have more eggs to match. If your facebook profile is not accessible to the admins they won’t let you in. We get daily spammers in there even when we screen profiles! Send me your name or contact one of the admins from the EF group and let them know you are a real person, they will let you in then! :-)

  6. Pls I just requested to be added on your FB page, I have been on lchf since 1st April, but have been stalled for over a month now. Pls I need serious help. NANCY OGBUJI

    1. Avocado isn’t part of the egg fast. Butter, coconut oil and mayo. You certainly don’t need my permission to eat what you want, but for just a few days why not follow it exactly? That will give the best results. Good luck!

  7. I was wondering if you ever did a whole post with the tips you figured out for the muffins. They are great! I substituted marscapone cheese once, but they were super hollow, lol, like balloons! My son and I laughed and laughed. Anyway, just wondering if this is the best place to get the recipe or if you’d broken it out a little more elsewhere. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. I always have great plans to expand on things but life gets in the way! I have tried the muffins a few different ways, like for example making them savory instead of sweet. You can put any herbs or spices in there and use sharp cheddar for more flavor. I have also used various flavors of sugar free surup like hazelnut. This recipe is the basic recipe, it’s really just changing up flavor. Thanks for reading my articles!

    1. I’m in Canada, here we have Armstrong and Kraft. I use either the bricks of cheddar cheese or the Philedelphia cream cheese that comes in a brick.

  8. phyllis mueller

    Hi I am interested in starting this way of eating did Atkins many years ago have always been high fat high protein eater drink lots of water, but cannot seem to stop sugar cravings and want to eat at night

    1. If you can get past those first few days the cravings will stop! I hope you make the decision to start again! Good luck!

    1. That will depend on the size of muffin tins you choose to use. If you can get it into 4 muffin tins, then it will be one egg and one cheese each. If it goes into 8 muffin tins, then you will eat 2 muffins to get one cheese and one egg. If you pour it into 6 muffin tins, then you will eat 1 1/2 muffins to get one egg and one cheese. And that’s all the math I am doing today! :-)

  9. I have been doing the egg fast for 5 days but the keto sticks are only showing a very light pink is this ok or might I be doing something wrong.
    My meals are
    Bullet proof tea 6AM
    1 hard boiled egg 930
    2 hard eggs plus hellmans mayo 1 tbs 1200 and 1oz cheese
    1 hard boiled egg 300
    2fried eggs in butter with 2 oz cheese on top at 500

    1. actually it is just fine! You are either in ketosis or you are not, kind of like those pregnancy tests. Dark purple could mean dehydration! From your eggs you have listed be sure that you also ate 6 full tablespoons of fat.

  10. I was afraid to make the muffins, Afraid they would be just cinnamon eggs. NOPE! They are amazing. I’m so glad I finally made them. In fact, they were so good that I made a second batch substituting one ounce of mozzarella and one ounce of parmesan for two of the cream cheeses. I added a pinch of garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Thank you so much for this recipe. It is just what I needed for those times when I know I won’t be able too cook something up.

    1. With deviled eggs you remove the yolk, and then mash the yolk with mayo, salt and pepper. Then you put that mashed up yolk back into the egg as in the picture I took! I hope that clears it up! :-)

    1. It’s probably close enough in fat profile to butter except that I seem to remember it is lower in Omega 3’s. It’s really up to you. In the EF group we do tend to keep the choices very restricted because limited choices make it easier for the new people to jump in and follow it. Thanks for visiting! :-)

  11. The waffle grilled cheese looks and sounds amazing…I think I´ll try this tonight! even though I´m not egg fasting today….

    1. Ya, I was pleasantly surprised! The secret is to crisp it on the outsides by pressing it down with a flipper in the sizzling butter. Ok, I want it again now! :-)

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