Egg Fast Recipe: Lemon Filled Danish

Many long time low carbers are very familiar with the Mock Danish.  It’s an old standard and almost every low carb blog out there has this recipe in their files.  I don’t know where it originated, but I do know that I did not come up with this recipe and … Continue reading

How to Transition from Egg Fast back to LCHF

How to Transition from Egg Fast back to LCHF While the egg fast plan is great for breaking a stall, it seems that people really struggle with how to then carry on with their LCHF plan.  And they are scared and frustrated about immediate weight gain once they end the … Continue reading

Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs

Egg Fast Recipe: Egg Puffs I tried this Egg Fast Recipe just this morning after seeing it posted in the Egg Fast Facebook group.  The original is called Eggs in Clouds and comes from this post on Framed Cooks.   PS: If you don’t know about the LCFH Egg fast … Continue reading

What is The Egg Diet Weight Loss Fast?

Have you heard about the egg diet weight loss fast? This is the first one of a few articles where I will share my experience and recipes for this egg fast diet. One of the frustrating things that has happened to me is that my weight on Keto/LCHF has just … Continue reading